Where Is IKEA Furniture Made? [Beds, Couches, Tables, Kitchenware + More]

IKEA prides itself on offering affordable furniture across their warehouse stores for their millions of everyday customers. This includes beds, sofas, and tables, for all sorts of rooms across houses and apartments.

However, you may be wondering where IKEA furniture is made. Here is everything I have managed to find out!

Where Is IKEA Furniture Made?

Although IKEA is a Swedish company, they do not make any of their furniture in Sweden. Instead, IKEA furniture, including beds, mattresses, lamps, desks, shelving, couches, tables, and kitchenware, is made in Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Myanmar, and European countries like Romania. 

To learn more about where IKEA makes their products and the country that manufactures the most amount of furniture for them, keep on reading!

How Many Of IKEA’s Products Are Made In China?

How Many Of IKEA’s Products Are Made In China?

IKEA stipulates that currently, over 22% of their entire product range is manufactured in China for sale in multiple other markets.

IKEA manufacturers are required to comply with the IWAY standards system which the company uses.

The IWAY standards system works in order to secure meaningful employment for workers and to promote positive impacts on the environment.

Is IKEA’s Furniture Bad For The Environment?

With IKEA making so much flat-pack furniture available to so many customers and with their own self-run distribution system, it would be easy to assume that IKEA is not environmentally friendly.

However, IKEA has been making strides toward environmental protection. As part of their IWAY system, IKEA stipulates that their manufacturers must use sustainable and renewable products for all items.

A large degree of Walmart furniture is constructed from wood and thus can easily be recycled when it is deconstructed, and the newest furniture can be made with recycled materials.

How Much Plastic Does IKEA Use?

As part of their efforts to lessen their environmental impact, IKEA has taken strides to carefully control the materials that their products are constructed from. IKEA is striving towards entirely recycled and renewable plastics.

Currently, over a third of IKEA’s plastic items come from renewable and recycled sources!

Is IKEA Furniture Bad Quality?

IKEA specializes in providing affordable products and furniture to its customers. This furniture mostly comes in flat packs and needs to be constructed by the customer at home.

Of course, this means that there may not be the same level of “workmanship” in the furniture, that might increase the value of it.

However, IKEA is highly popular, and this is for a reason. IKEA may offer low prices compared to high-end furniture stores, but they do not skimp on quality, and their furniture is sturdy and reliable.

And if furniture does not live up to expectations, there is a sizable 365 day returns policy across the store!

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Why Is IKEA So Popular?

Why Is IKEA So Popular?

IKEA is a popular brand all across the World, with warehouses across the US, the UK, and in countries all across Asia. Their popularity can largely be chalked up to their affordable prices.

IKEA’s furniture is also specially designed by Swedish designers, so the aesthetic of IKEA furniture has become rather popular, especially amongst younger demographics.

IKEA also has very popular food options, with popular restaurants within their stores, that attract customers every day.

Why Is IKEA Furniture So Cheap?

IKEA furniture is popular because of its affordable prices. IKEA is able to maintain these attractive prices for a number of reasons.

IKEA furniture is flat packed and made to be constructed by the customer, meaning they do not have to employ craftsmen to create every item of furniture.

As well as this, IKEA’s flat-pack furniture means that multiple furniture items can be shipped and delivered in one shipment, significantly ramping down distribution costs across the world.

IKEA’s furniture is also made of recycled materials, and most fancy designs that are made to emulate specific types of wood are actually made from condensed wood chips. This means IKEA do not have to pay to source precious resources.

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Conclusion – Where Is IKEA Furniture Made?

Although IKEA is a Swedish furniture brand, the majority of all items they sell are actually manufactured in Asia, and Eastern Europe. This includes beds, couches, tables, and kitchenware.

IKEA vows to reduce the amount of unsustainable materials in their products, cutting plastics, and recycling wood.

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