Where Is Rubbing Alcohol In Walmart + Other Grocery Stores? 

Walmart prides itself on being able to offer a wide array of products to its millions of everyday customers, but you may actually be wondering whether or not Walmart sells rubbing alcohol, and where it can be found in stores.

Here is everything I have managed to find out!

Where Is Rubbing Alcohol In Walmart?

At Walmart, customers can typically find 70% rubbing alcohol in the store’s health and beauty aisle. Additionally, some Walmarts stock Isopropyl rubbing alcohol in the first aid aisle next to the cotton pads. For 99% rubbing alcohol, this will be found behind the counter at Walmarts that have pharmacies.

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Use The Walmart+ App To Find Rubbing Alcohol 

If you are having trouble locating rubbing alcohol in your Walmart store, don’t panic! Simply download the Walmart+ app to your smartphone!

Once the app has been installed, simply find your Walmart store, and then make a search for rubbing alcohol.

The app will show you the exact location of rubbing alcohol, down to the section and shelf in the store. 

Where Is Rubbing Alcohol In Grocery Stores? 

In grocery stores and pharmacies such as Kroger, Meijer, CVS, Walgreens, Publix, and Safeway, 60-70% strength rubbing alcohol can be found in the health and beauty or the first aid aisle.

In some grocery stores and pharmacies, 99% strength rubbing alcohol will be found behind the pharmacy counter.

Walmart Rubbing Alcohol Products 

Walmart stocks rubbing alcohols of varying strengths, from 70% strength to 99.9% strength.

Walmart stocks a variety of bottle sizes, as well as different rubbing alcohol products such as Alcohol swabs!

Are There Any Substitutes For Rubbing Alcohol? 

Products such as hand sanitizer sold out at record speed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and so did rubbing alcohol.

If a similar situation were ever to occur again, you may need to look for alternatives. Here are a few: 

  • Hand sanitizer. If you were planning to use rubbing alcohol to clean your hands then you may be better off using basic hand sanitizer. Using plain rubbing alcohol can be very harmful to the skin. 
  • Soap and water. This applies equally to whether you want to clean your hands, or to clean a surface. Soap and water continue to be very effective cleaning solutions! 

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Rubbing Alcohol can be found very easily in most Walmart stores, around the health and beauty section of the store. In some stores you may need to ask for rubbing alcohol from behind the pharmacy counter, as the product could be potentially harmful. 

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