Where Is Tahini In Walmart + Other Grocery Stores?

Walmart is a billion-dollar wholesale retailer and one of America’s largest grocery suppliers. However, with such an extent of merchandise, searching for specific items can be tricky. 

Tahini is just one of Walmart’s many condiments, meaning it can be challenging to find. This guide will help you find it in no time!

Where Is Tahini In Walmart?

Walmart typically stocks tahini paste, tahini seeds, and tahini butter in the condiments aisle next to the gourmet oils and nut butter. Raw tahini, is often located in the refrigerated aisle in Walmart next to the humous and baba ghanoush. If you still have no luck, try the natural foods aisle next to the Mediterranean foods.

For information on how to locate Tahini with speed at Walmart, read on. 

Use The Walmart App To Find Tahini

If you’re shopping for specific recipe ingredients, the Walmart + App can save you plenty of time and hassle hunting for individual products.

The App is easily accessed via the App Store or Google Play, simply log into your account or make a new one.

All you need to do is type in your zip code to locate your local Walmart, and write “Tahini” into the search bar.

If your chosen Walmart has the correct stock, the App will tell you exactly which aisle and shelf the Tahini will be on.

Alternatively, if you prefer to shop traditionally, a Walmart associate will politely help you locate the Tahini.

Where Is Tahini In Grocery Stores?

In grocery stores including Kroger, Trader Joe’s, Publix, Meijer, Whole Foods, and Safeway, tahini can often be found in the condiments aisle next to the nut butter, olives, and specialty oils.

For raw tahini, grocery stores will stock this in the refrigerated aisle next to the baba ghanoush and humous.

Which Brands Of Tahini Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart stocks an extensive range of branded Tahini. Brands such as Tahim, Roland, Haddar, and Baron’s Kosher are all popular choices costing just $9-$15.

If you prefer to buy in bulk, Walmart offers large 8lb-9lb tubs of roasted, unsweetened, and organic Tahini costing $79-$123.

Additionally, you can purchase a collection of smaller Tahim tubs in packs of 12 for around $64.

Hop onto the Walmart website to view their entire selection of Tahini and have it delivered straight to your door.

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