Who Does Wayfair Use For Shipping? (All You Need To Know)

Wayfair operates a vast network of warehouses and distribution centers around the country and even abroad, in the UK, Ireland and Germany.

If you’ve never ordered from them before, you might not know what to expect. Do they use USPS? Do they have their own delivery trucks?

Who does Wayfair use for shipping? If this is the question on your mind, you’ve come to the right place, because I have the answer you seek.

Who Does Wayfair Use For Shipping In 2024?

For small item delivery, Wayfair uses UPS or FedEx to ship their goods, or for 31 percent of the time, depends on their own logistics system, CastleGate, to ship. For larger deliveries, Wayfair uses a combination of their own trucks (21 percent of the time) and local couriers, depending on the location.

To learn more about Wayfair shipping, including what companies Wayfair uses to ship if Wayfair has their own delivery trucks, if Wayfair delivery is reliable, and much, much more, keep going!

Does Wayfair Have Shipping?

Wayfair does offer shipping to its customers at just $4.99 for orders under $35 and free for orders above $35.

Here’s the catch, though: Did you know that 70 to 80 percent of the merchandise you order off Wayfair never touches Wayfair’s hands?

That’s because they operate using a drop ship model.

Basically, Wayfair is a digital storefront for its suppliers; when someone buys something, Wayfair in turn buys it from the supplier, and the supplier ships it out.

The suppliers ship out small items of less than 150 lbs., using UPS or FedEx.

However, Wayfair has built up its own logistics network, called CastleGate, as a way of controlling costs and ensuring quality.

They move 21 percent of their large items and 31 percent of their smaller items, then turn them over to the Wayfair Delivery Network (WDN) for last-mile delivery.

What Company Does Wayfair Use To Ship?

Wayfair uses FedEx and UPS to deliver smaller items, and customers can pick, in some cases, from expedited shipping options (though they will have to pay for it).

However, some smaller items offer two-day or even one-day shipping right off the bat – and free for orders over $35.

For larger items, like couches, they use “trusted carriers that specialize in handling large items.”

This could be regional or local couriers, or the item can move through the CastleGate logistics system to be delivered finally by the WDN.

Does Wayfair Have Their Own Delivery Trucks?

Does Wayfair Have Their Own Delivery Trucks?

Wayfair does have its own delivery trucks, which are part of the Wayfair Delivery Network, or WDN.

These trucks are part of Wayfair’s growing “last-mile” delivery system, bringing the goods you have ordered to your front door or even into the room of your choice.

A job posting for a delivery driver for Wayfair reads, “We are building the first-ever national supply chain to the consumer’s home for large parcel items…”

Truck drivers must be able to manage 300 lbs. with help and 150 lbs. alone.

Does Wayfair Deliver On Weekends?

Generally, Wayfair does not deliver on weekends, either Saturdays or Sundays.

One-Day and Two-Day shipping come with the caveat that items will be delivered “within one business day” or “within two business days.”

So if you see an item that says “Two-Day shipping,” but the delivery date isn’t until Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week, there are no deliveries on the weekend.

Where Do Wayfair Items Ship From?

Wayfair items can ship from a multitude of places around the U.S., or they can even originate in China.

As I mentioned above, Wayfair does 70 to 80 percent of its business using the drop ship model, so merchandise doesn’t even touch Wayfair’s hands.

Manufacturers, suppliers, and their warehouses can be located anywhere in the U.S., so there is no one place from which Wayfair’s items ship.

Is Wayfair Delivery Reliable?

I have found Wayfair’s delivery to be super reliable –, when I ordered a mattress with two-day shipping over a holiday (New Year’s Day), it arrived a day early.

But that is just my anecdotal story.

Unfortunately, because Wayfair uses a drop ship model for the bulk of their merchandise, they are one step removed from the delivery process.

As such, their customer service reps can’t do a lot on the spot to get more delivery information.

I have seen horror stories of people who had set delivery dates for larger items, only for the day to pass and nothing delivered.

And I have seen instances where people had estimated delivery dates, and then had it pushed back, and pushed back, and pushed back until it was months later.

If you can, try to purchase items that come with a One-Day Shipping or Two-Day Shipping designation – those are the most reliable.

Does Wayfair Really Deliver In 2 Days?

Unless the logistics network is hit by some unforeseen circumstances, yes, Wayfair does deliver in two days when it says Two-Day Shipping.

I think it’s likely that items with Two-Day shipping is most likely moving as part of Wayfair’s own logistics network, CastleGate, so they have more control over the delivery.

Bear in mind, though, that Two-Day means two business days – and Saturdays and Sundays are out, so if you order on a Thursday or Friday, you’re looking at the following week.

Why Is My Wayfair Order Delayed?

There are a number of reasons why your Wayfair order might be delayed; if your order is delayed, your status will read “Pending Shipment Confirmation.”

It could be issues with the supply chain, in which case your order status will read “Backordered.”

Or it could simply be an issue with the carrier; FedEx and UPS could be experiencing delays on their end.

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Wayfair uses a combination of FedEx and UPS, as well as their own logistics network, CastleGate, and their last-mile delivery service, WDN, to ship merchandise.

Currently, Wayfair moves 20 to 30 percent of items on their own, leaving the other 70 to 80 percent to FedEx, UPS and regional or local couriers.

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