Who Makes Glacier Bay Faucets For Home Depot? (Manufacturer, Made In USA + More) 

Home Depot offers a variety of in-house brands, such as Kohler and Glacier Bay, that allow customers to save money while purchasing top-quality products such as showers and faucets. 

Given the popularity of Glacier Bay products, you may be wondering – who makes Glacier Bay faucets for Home Depot? I’ve researched it, and here is what I’ve found out! 

Who Makes Glacier Bay Faucets For Home Depot?

Glacier Bay faucets are manufactured by several international suppliers in China, Israel, and Taiwan, under the umbrella of the Globe Union Industrial Corporation. Additionally, Glacier Bay is Home Depot’s in-house brand for kitchen and bath products and is owned by Home Depot.

If you want to learn more about the other products in the Glacier Bay brand, where Glacier Bay products are manufactured for Home Depot, and much more, keep reading! 

What Is The Glacier Bay Brand?

Glacier Bay is a brand of products exclusive to Home Depot and consisting of an in-house line of plumbing products and fixtures, including faucets, sinks, toilets, vanities, and more. 

Since Home Depot owns Glacier Bay exclusively, its products are only sold by Home Depot and are not available at other home improvement stores such as Lowes. 

Who Manufactures Glacier Bay Faucets For Home Depot?

Glacier Bay faucets are manufactured primarily under the umbrella of Globe Union Industrial Corporation.  

This corporation is a large Chinese manufacturing conglomerate responsible for supplying goods to various North American retailers. 

It exists in the U.S. as Globe Union USA and in Canada under the name Globe Union Canada, working to supply Home Depot stores in both countries with Glacier Bay products.  

Note that Globe Union Industrial Corporation has holdings in various manufacturing sectors and uses factories in other countries to create and supply products.  

These countries primarily include China, Israel, Taiwan, or India for manufacturing before products are shipped back to North America to be stocked by Home Depot. 

Are Glacier Bay Faucets Made In The USA?

Glacier Bay faucets are not manufactured in the United States since it is simply a brand name owned by Home Depot for a line of in-house kitchen and bathroom products. 

Instead, manufacturing companies make these goods overseas (in China, Israel, and Taiwan) and then shipped to Home Depot stores for stocking. 

While Home Depot does offer many products manufactured in the United States in its stores and online, Glacier Bay is not a brand with goods primarily made in the USA. 

Is Glacier Bay A Good Brand For Faucets At Home Depot?

Is Glacier Bay A Good Brand For Faucets At Home Depot?

Although Home Depot also stocks other brands of faucets and overall kitchen and bathroom fixtures, builders and home renovators alike have relied on Glacier Bay as a brand for years.  

Glacier Bay is known as a sound brand in terms of quality and as a cheaper alternative to more expensive fixtures.  

The sturdy and affordable pull-down models tend to be favored more than other faucets by Glacier Bay. 

However, some reviews do caution buyers when it comes to Glacier Bay, mentioning that you may need to put some extra work into the installation to get the most out of the fixture. 

What Other Glacier Bay Products Are Sold By Home Depot?

Glacier Bay not only offers faucets but a variety of other home goods for kitchen and bathroom installations as well, including: 

  • Backsplashes 
  • Bathroom Hardware Sets 
  • Bathroom Wall Cabinets 
  • Faucet Cartridges 
  • Kitchen Soap Dispensers 
  • Kitchen Spray Hoses 
  • Linen Cabinets 
  • Medicine Cabinets 
  • Mirrors 
  • Over-The-Toilet Storage Units 
  • Plumbing Supplies 
  • Pot Filters 
  • Shower Heads 
  • Shower Stalls 
  • Shower Doors 
  • Sink Strainers 
  • Sinks and Basins 
  • Toilet Paper Holders 
  • Toilet Seats 
  • Toilets 
  • Towel Bars 
  • Vanities 
  • Water Dispensers 
  • Water Filters 
  • Water Filtration Systems 

Are Glacier Bay And Pegasus The Same?

Although similar, Glacier Bay and Pegasus fixtures are not the same. Glacier Bay was not the only Home Depot-exclusive brand for kitchen and bathroom products.  

Pegasus used to be another in-store line of faucets and other fixtures, but the popularity of Glacier Bay caused the more expensive Pegasus fixtures to become more outdated.  

Additionally, Pegasus fixtures were marketed as the high-end option, with Glacier Bay initially being the mid-range or economical selection. 

However, as of now, Pegasus faucets seem to be unavailable online or in-store. 

There is also limited availability in other Pegasus-branded kitchen and bathroom products, and the company’s restocking timetables have not been shared at this time.

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While Home Depot owns the Glacier Bay brand as the exclusive in-store line of kitchen and bathroom products, various suppliers make these goods internationally.  

The main fabricator of Glacier Bay faucets is Globe Union Industrial Corporation, a large Chinese manufacturing company with several dealers in the United States and Canada, including Home Depot. 

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