Who Makes IKEA Appliances? (Fridges, Microwaves, Cooktops + More)

Not only does IKEA sell furniture, home goods, and even grocery imports, but you can also get new appliances for your house either in-store or online.

But you might be wondering, who makes IKEA appliances? I did some research into the subject, and here is everything that I could find out.

Who Makes IKEA Appliances?

Most of IKEA’s appliances are primarily manufactured through their partnership with Whirlpool, an American company that is based in Benton Harbor, Michigan. IKEA appliances purchased in the United States will be fulfilled with North American-made units by Whirlpool, including fridges, dishwashers, ovens, and more. 

If you want more information on a variety of IKEA appliances, including which companies manufacture them and more, keep reading!

Does IKEA Make Its Own Appliances?

No, as a company, IKEA does not manufacture any of its appliances.

While IKEA is known for making a variety of furnishings and even importing classic Swedish grocery goods, the appliances for sale in-store and online are not made by IKEA itself.

In fact, IKEA has partnered primarily with a single appliance manufacturing brand to supply all units for sale in order to maintain a sufficient level of quality and service for all IKEA customers.

IKEA and Whirlpool have joined together to design and produce a variety of IKEA kitchen and laundry room appliances, available in many models and at a range of prices to fit all customers’ needs.

Furthermore, anyone who needs their IKEA appliances fixed will be able to rely on Whirlpool’s warranty for excellent service, as well as part ordering and replacement.

Who Makes IKEA Fridges?

IKEA fridges are a great option for your kitchen, being both affordable and able to last for a long time.

These fridge units are also made by Whirlpool appliances and come with a five-year warranty that all buyers can enjoy.

Who Makes IKEA Freezers?

Like the refrigerators offered by IKEA, Whirlpool appliances also manufacture its freezers.

Furthermore, IKEA freezers come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty that is fulfilled through Whirlpool.

Who Makes IKEA Microwaves?

While IKEA does not have an extensive range of microwaves, the units offered in-store and online are all made by Whirlpool and enjoy the same warranty as larger IKEA kitchen appliances.

However, your IKEA microwave will likely not be North American-made because Whirlpool manufactures their microwave primarily in Asia and in Sweden—before the latter was closed.

This is not only valid for IKEA microwaves and also applies to other Whirlpool-manufactured tags, like Amana microwaves.

Who Makes IKEA Cooktops?

Who Makes IKEA Cooktops?

IKEA cooktops and ranges are a great option for any kitchen or budget.

They are also some of the most reliable, being manufactured right within America in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and come with steadfast warranties should anything go wrong.

Unfortunately, we do not know exactly who makes them.

Who Makes IKEA Dishwashers?

Whirlpool makes its dishwashers in Findlay, Ohio, supplying IKEA stores with the units from there.

All IKEA dishwashers have a five-year warranty through Whirlpool, with the exception of any units in the LAGAN line.

Who Makes IKEA Ovens?

Like all previous large units, IKEA ovens are also made by Whirlpool.

Entrust your roasting and baking needs to Whirlpool model ovens that come at IKEA prices for a great addition to your kitchen!

Who Makes IKEA Range hoods?

All IKEA range hoods are also manufactured by Whirlpool right in the USA and come with two-year warranties.

Cap your stovetop or range with a proper ventilation system and have the peace of mind that great quality units give.

Who Makes IKEA Washing Machines?

Because Whirlpool washing machines are extremely popular amongst homeowners, any customers who consider purchasing a washing machine from IKEA will be in good hands.

Whirlpool manufactures all IKEA washers, and as such, they come with the five-year warranty and service guarantee that Whirlpool is known for.

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IKEA’s range of appliances sold for use in the kitchen and laundry room are manufactured in partnership with Whirlpool.

They come with two or five years warranties that will also be fulfilled by Whirlpool and its service agents.

And because the Whirlpool company is based in Michigan, buyers will enjoy North American-made units when shopping for IKEA appliances.

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