Who Makes Kirkland Motor Oil? (All You Need to Know)

Most Americans depend on their vehicles to get them to where they need to go on a daily basis, and no doubt, car maintenance is extremely important. A big part of car maintenance is keeping an eye on your oil level, and changing it when necessary with quality oil.

Thankfully, Kirkland has an excellent quality motor oil that is perfect for your car’s essential maintenance. However, you may be wondering just how high quality its motor oil is, where you can buy it, and most importantly, who makes it? Keep reading to find out!

Who Makes Kirkland Motor Oil In 2024?

The Kirkland brand has proven to the world that it is a game-changer in the automotive lubricant industry in 2024. The company responsible for its success is none other than the Waren Oil Company, which is one of the largest private-label oil blenders in the United States.

If you are interested in learning more about where Kirkland gets its oil, if it’s the right fit for your car, and more, you’ll want to keep reading for more facts!

Where Is Kirkland Motor Oil Made?

Kirkland motor oil is made by Warren Distribution, which is based in the United States, with its headquarters in Omaha and Nebraska.

The company also has more than 2 million square feet of manufacturing and distribution facilities across the United States.

What Kinds of Oil Does Kirkland Have?

The Kirkland brand, which is owned and sold by Costco, has brought motor oil to its shelves, most of which are fully synthetic.

It has a few different types of motor oil of different viscosities, which are as follows:

  • SAE 5W-30, Full Synthetic Motor Oil
  • SAE 5W-20, Full Synthetic Motor Oil
  • SAE 0W-20, Full Synthetic Motor Oil
  • SAE 15W-40, Heavy Duty Diesel Motor Oil

Most different types of oil come in different size and quantity options such as 5-quart jugs and 1-quart jugs.

You can also buy the oil in different size cases such as 2, 3, 4, or 12, depending on the size of jugs you require.

Where Can You Buy Kirkland Motor Oil?

The Kirkland brand is almost exclusively sold at Costco locations because, as previously mentioned, Kirkland is owned by Costco.

This means you will be able to purchase Kirkland Motor Oil with ease at most Costco locations.

There is also a chance that you will be able to find Kirkland Motor Oil online at a place like Amazon, as it is possible to find other Kirkland products on its website.

What Are the Best Kinds of Kirkland Motor Oil?

What Are the Best Kinds of Kirkland Motor Oil?

Warren’s Kirkland brand will not let you down in the United States when it comes to full synthetic motor oil, as it is one of the best in the industry.

In fact, Kirkland 0W-20 is considered to be one of the best synthetic lubricants available from this company.

Next is Kirkland 5W-20, which has a consistency equivalent to Mobil One, and is less expensive.

Is It Worth Buying Kirkland Motor Oil?

When looking to buy motor oil, we expect it to be Dexos or API certified, which Kirkland claims to be able to obtain both certificates.

Also, Kirkland synthetic oil, like other oils, is designed to reduce engine wear, clean internal engine components, and maximize fuel efficiency.

It claims to be full synthetic which ensures enhanced engine protection and optimum performance.

Does Kirkland Motor Oil Have Any Benefits?

Kirkland motor oil has many qualities that benefit your car’s engine, starting with the fact that it prevents LSPI.

LSPI or low-speed pre-ignition can occur in your turbocharged or direct-injected engines and can cause damage.

The fuel and air mixture combusts before it’s supposed to and causes an unwanted build-up of air inside the cylinders.

Kirkland motor oil is also designed to reduce engine friction which can cause a lot of wear and tear.

High-temperature shearing reduces the efficiency of your engine’s motor oil.

Luckily, Kirkland’s motor oil protects against this by extending the life of the oil, so you don’t have to change it as much.

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As we know, the Kirkland brand does not have its own set of warehouses and factories where its products are manufactured and distributed. Instead, it gets its supplies from other well-known companies and adds its own label to the product in order to be sold on the shelves at Costco.

So, If your car requires an oil change soon or even just a top-up, you undoubtedly want to add in some great quality oil. Kirkland has just what you need, made by Waren Distribution, a company that is known as one of the best in the oil industry.

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  1. Kirkland motor oil is also called Costco motor oil because it is solely distributed by Costco. This motor oil product line consists of 3 types ideal for different engines: SAE 5W-30, 5W-20, and 0W-20.

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