Who Makes Kirkland Sheets? (All You Need to Know)

The Kirkland Signature brand is known for having an abundance of great value products for reasonable prices. The brand offers everything you could possibly need or want, ranging from alcohol to snacks and even bed sheets. 

So, if you are considering picking yourself up a set of Kirkland Signature bed sheets the next time you are at Costco, you’ll want to read this article first. It answers questions such as who makes them, what sizes they come in, and more, so keep reading!

Who Makes Kirkland Sheets in [currentyear]?

The Kirkland Signature brand doesn’t have its own factory where it makes the products that it sells within Costco in [currentyear]. Rather, the company outsources from other well-known companies across the world and insists on keeping the identities of its manufacturers a secret. As a result, currently, it is not possible to say who actually makes Kirkland Signature bed sheets. 

If you would like to learn more about Kirkland Signature bed sheets, like whether or not they are worth buying, and more, keep reading!

Which Company Actually Makes Kirkland Signature Bed Sheets?

The Kirkland Signature brand doesn’t have its own warehouse in which it makes the products that it has available. Instead, it outsources to other well-known companies across the world.

This makes it extremely difficult to decipher who is actually responsible for manufacturing and distributing Kirkland Signature products.

For the most part, the only way to find out for sure who makes these products is if there is a recall posted by the creator of the product of Costco itself, or if there is an insider leak.

Unfortunately, though, there hasn’t yet been any information released on where Kirkland Signature sheets come from or who makes them.

Are Kirkland Signature Bed Sheets Worth Buying?

There are many good reviews on Kirkland Signature’s Bed Sheets.

However, there are also reports on people who decided to return them, as the sheets were not up to the customer’s standards.

One customer says that these sheets are the best they’ve ever owned and have never bought another set of sheets that are non-Kirkland in more than a decade.

In contrast, another customer says that they decided to return the sheets, as they were too loud to sleep in, and sounded like you were crimpling up paper.

Being that the sheets are 680 threads per square inch and that a set of them costs approximately between $49.99 and $99.99, it doesn’t really hurt to try them.

This is especially because Costco has a great return policy.

In fact, Costco’s website states “If you’re not completely satisfied with this Kirkland Signature product, your money will be refunded.”

Do Kirkland Signature Bed Sheets Come in Different Colours?

Do Kirkland Signature Bed Sheets Come in Different Colours? Costco

Kirkland Signature Bed Sheets come in a variety of different colors to suit everyone’s specific needs and styles. The colors currently include the following:

  • Beige
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Tan
  • White
  • Blue
  • Dark Blue

What Bed Sizes Do Kirkland Signature Bed Sheets Come In?

The Kirkland Signature sheet set that Costco has to offer is available in many different sizes. These include the following:

  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • Split King
  • California King
  • Split California King

What Is Included in Kirkland Signature’s Sheet Set?

Included in the sheet set is everything you need to make the perfect bed, including the following:

  • 1 Flat Sheet
  • 1 Fitted Sheet (Split King and Split California King Include 2 Fitted Sheets)
  • 4 Pillow Cases (Twin Set Includes 2 Pillow Cases)

Where Can You Buy Kirkland Signature Bed Sheets?

Buying Kirkland Signature bed sheets will be a breeze, as you can pick them up at your nearest Costco location.

However, it’s also possible to purchase these sheets online, either through Costco.com or other third-party retailers such as Amazon.com.

As well, it may also be possible to find them on Instacart.com.

A great perk to ordering these sheets online is that you won’t be required to have a Costco membership.

However, it’s good to note, though, that if you are planning on purchasing sheets directly from Costco’s website, you will have to pay a surcharge of 5% if you’re not a Costco member.

Are Kirkland Signature Bed Sheets Easy to Wash?

The Kirkland Signature Bed Sheets are made with 100% Cotton, which makes these sheets extremely easy to care for.

Before your first use, you will want to wash them in a machine in warm water, making sure not to add any bleach. Next, you will want to tumble dry on a low setting.

Note that if you are looking to avoid wrinkles, you will want to remove them from the dryer as soon as they are done drying. However, you can use a warm iron on the fabric if necessary.

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Although we can’t be 100% certain of who actually makes Kirkland Signature Bed Sheets until someone comes forward and releases that information, we can be sure that they’re a great option when looking for a new set of sheets for anyone’s bed.

Not only do the sheets come in different sizes to cater to all beds, but they also come in different colors to suit everyone’s unique style tastes.

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