Who Makes Kroger’s Ice Cream? (All You Need To Know)

Ice cream is a common comfort food and treat for most people; therefore, it’s stocked in large quantities by most retailers. If you buy ice cream from Kroger, you might be wondering who makes it and whether it’s from another company or not.

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Who Makes Kroger’s Ice Cream In 2024?

Kroger ice cream is made by its factory, Springdale Ice Cream, and Beverage in 2024. This retailer stocks several ice cream options in its stores. However, Kroger also has its own Private Selection and Deluxe brands of ice cream products offered in different flavors. The store also introduced brands such as the Simple Truth vegan ice cream.

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What Ice Cream Flavors Does Kroger Have?

Kroger has several ice cream flavors in stock. While some of them have been in stock for years, some are new since the retailer keeps introducing new flavors.

Kroger’s website offers ice cream flavors such as Cookies N’ Cream, Vividly Vanilla, Artisan Vanilla Bean, Haagen-Dazs Coffee ice cream, and more.

Kroger also makes other flavors such as Maine Blueberry Cheesecake, Wildberry Lavender, Cherry Cordial, and Churro.

Furthermore, Strawberry champagne, Olive Oil, Orange Blossom, Butterscotch Blondie, and Cannoli flavors have also been recently introduced.

What is Kroger’s Ice Cream Made Of?

When you buy ice cream at Kroger, different flavors have different ingredients, however, all their main ingredients are the same.

Therefore, you are likely to find milk, cream, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, buttermilk, cellulose gel, locust bean gum, Polysorbate 80, artificial flavors, and annatto for color in them.

Is Kroger’s Ice Cream Dairy-Free?

Most of the ice cream flavors at Kroger have dairy in them; however, flavors from its private label brand Simple Truth have dairy-free vegan ice cream.

When shopping, you can search for dairy-free ice cream products on the website.

In 2020, Simple Truth introduced Oat Milk ice cream in different flavors, including Sea Salt Caramel, Strawberry Graham, Peanut Butter Chip, Maple Pecan, and Black Raspberry Chip.

Is Kroger’s Ice Cream Good Quality?

Is Kroger’s Ice Cream Good Quality?

Like most products, Kroger ice cream is of very good quality; therefore, it stands out among most brands.

However, before buying any of these brands, it’s advisable to check past customer reviews on what they think about the product.

Based on the Kroger Deluxe Churned Light Ice Cream reviews on SheSpeaks.com, the product has a 4.8/5 rating. Consumers on the site describe it as “delicious and tasty for an off-brand.”

A further review by offbrandguy.com on Kroger’s French Vanilla Ice describes the ice cream as rich and creamy and the best budget ice cream available in the market.

Where Can You Find Kroger Ice Cream?

When shopping in-store, you can find the different types of Kroger ice cream in the frozen foods section.

You can also consult the Kroger associates if you can’t find your preferred ice cream to confirm whether it’s in stock.

Can You Order Kroger Ice Cream Online?

If you need to buy ice cream from Kroger, you can purchase it either in-store or online. You’ll see the different options available on the Kroger website and checkout your preferred flavor.

Is Kroger Ice Cream Real?

Fortunately, Kroger makes its own ice cream from its factories, such as Springdale Ice Cream & Beverage plant in Ohio.

Kroger also operates several dairy plants, such as Vandervoort’s Dairy in Fort Worth, Texas, and Michigan Dairy, which are a source of the milk used to make the ice cream.

Therefore, when purchasing Kroger’s ice cream products, you can ensure that its products are authentic because they are exclusively made by the retailer’s divisions.

Can You Return Ice Cream To Kroger Stores?

If you purchase ice cream from Kroger and you need to return it to the store for some reason, you can do so within the return policy.

Just like fresh products, you can also return frozen items within 30 days if you need a refund or exchange as long as the product is unopened.

Therefore, if you have the receipt, Kroger will give you a refund. However, if you don’t have the receipt, you’ll just receive a merchandise gift card.

Additionally, you can return the ice cream to the nearest store if you order online. However, if you don’t live near one, you can contact Kroger customer support for details about what to do.

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Kroger ice cream is made by its factory, Springdale Ice Cream, and Beverage. This retailer stocks several ice cream options in its stores. However, Kroger also has its own Private Selection and Deluxe brands of ice cream products offered in different flavors.

Furthermore, brands such as the Simple Truth vegan ice cream has been introduced, therefore, if you prefer buying dairy-free ice cream, you can go for these options.

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