Who Makes Member’s Mark Cheese? (Full Guide)

Buying your groceries from Sam’s Club is a fantastic way to stock up on foods because they are sold in bulk, saving hundreds of dollars annually.  

Sam’s Club’s private label brand, Member’s Mark, produces popular grocery items, like cheese, comparable to name brands but sold at a lower price.  

But if you are wondering where Member’s Mark cheeses are made and what types of cheeses it produces, here is everything you need to know! 

Who Makes Member’s Mark Cheese?

Member’s Mark cheese products are rumored to be made by ConAgra. ConAgra is one of the country’s largest private label brand manufacturers and also supplies products for other stores nationwide. Additionally, most Member’s Mark cheeses, like Gouda, Parmesan, and Cheddar are made in the USA. 

To learn more about the quality of Member’s Mark cheeses and where you can buy them, keep on reading! 

Where Is Member’s Mark Cheese Manufactured?

Although Member’s Mark does not provide any explicit information about the company that manufactures and processes its cheese products, it is known that the cheese is made in the United States.  

However, after some digging, we concluded that ConAgra is the likely candidate for making the Member’s Mark range of Cheese.

While this has not been confirmed, ConAgra is a company specializing in making private label products for others, including Sam’s Club owner, Walmart.

Does Member’s Mark Produce Quality Cheese Products?

Yes, Member’s Mark takes pride in only producing food made from a quality, fresh ingredients.  

In fact, Member’s Mark announced recently that it was reinventing its brand to feature fresh, hand-picked ingredients to create premium grocery and general merchandise products. And its investment certainly paid off!  

According to Sam’s Club’s website, all Member’s Mark cheese products have received either 4.5 to 5-star ratings from customers who have previously bought the products.  

What Kinds Of Cheeses Does Member’s Mark Carry?

Member’s Mark carries several different cheese products to please any cheese-lover out there. For example, some flavors of cheese that Member’s Mark produces include: 

  • Parmesan  
  • Goat cheese  
  • Gouda  
  • Colby  
  • Pecorino Romano 
  • Muenster 
  • Cheddar  

Another great thing about Member’s Mark cheese products is that they come in several different forms. Member’s Mark produces cheese slices, blocks, cubes, imported cheese, and cheese sold by the pound.  

For example, Member’s Mark’s mozzarella cheese is sold in 30-pound cases for about $80.

Regarding the price of the other Member’s Mark cheeses, the cost can range from $7 to $15, depending on the flavor and form.  

How Does Member’s Mark Cheese Compare To Kirkland Cheese?

How Does Member's Mark Cheese Compare To Kirkland Cheese

One of Sam’s Club’s biggest competitors is Costco, which owns a private label company called Kirkland.  

Just like Member’s Mark is exclusively available at Sam’s Club, Kirkland brand products are only available at Costco and allow members to save money on groceries and general merchandise.  

When comparing Member’s Mark and Kirkland cheeses, Member’s Mark offers a much wider selection and diverse flavor options.  

Can You Buy Member’s Mark Cheese Online?

If you do not have time to pick up Member’s Mark cheeses in-store, there are a few different outlets where you can buy your favorite cheeses online.  

You can buy Member’s Mark cheeses online through the following stores: 

  • Sam’s Club  
  • Walmart’s online store  
  • Amazon  
  • Instacart  

When looking for Member’s Mark cheeses online, one thing to keep in mind is that the supply may be limited compared to the in-store selection.  

What Other Brands Of Cheese Does Sam’s Club Carry?

In addition to the Member’s Mark cheeses, Sam’s Club also offers a number of other brands to their members. The cheeses are sold in bulk, offering you the chance to save even more money on a popular item.  

Also, Sam’s Club often includes cheeses on their list of Instant Savings products, which are coupons automatically downloaded onto your Sam’s Club membership card. Some of the cheese brands available at Sam’s Club include: 

  • Kraft 
  • Babybel 
  • Tillamook 
  • Sargento  
  • President  
  • Arla  
  • Galbani  
  • Great Midwest  
  • Athenos  
  • El Viajero  

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There is little information about precisely where Member’s Mark gets their cheese from, but it is known that the cheese is manufactured in the United States.  

Member’s Mark cheese is made from high-quality ingredients and has received thousands of 4.5 and 5-star reviews by members who previously bought the products.  

Gouda, Parmesan, and cheddar are just a few types of cheese flavors produced by Member’s Mark and are available in slices, cubes, and blocks.  

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