Who Makes Nexgrill For Home Depot? (All You Need To Know) 

Home Depot sells a variety of grills from well-known brands to help you equip your outdoor space with top-quality cooking equipment to enjoy a tasty BBQ during the summer. 

Since Nexgrill is a famous brand of outdoor grills sold at Home Depot, you may be curious to know who makes Nexgrill for Home Depot. Here is what I’ve found out through my research! 

Who Makes Nexgrill For Home Depot? 

Nexgrill products are owned by Nexgrill Industries Inc, which sells a large portion of its products exclusively to Home Depot. Founded in 1993, Nexgrill has remained a US-owned company to this day; however, many of their grilling products are manufactured in China.

If you want to learn more about why Nexgrill products are manufactured in China, which Nexgrill products are available at Home Depot, and much more, keep on reading! 

Who Owns Nexgrill? 

Nexgrill was founded in California in 1993 by Sherman Lin, owner of Nexgrill Industries Inc. To this day, the organization’s headquarters are located in Chino, CA.  

Since its establishment, the company has gained popularity and grown into a well-known supplier of reliable, stainless steel gas grills for indoor and outdoor use. 

As Home Depot began expanding its spring and summer collections in 2015, Nexgrill partnered with the retailer.  

As part of that partnership, Nexgrill launched an exclusive range of grills to be sold at Home Depot. 

Where Is Nexgrill Manufactured? 

Although Nexgrill Industries Inc is a Californian, U.S.-based company, many of its grills and other outdoor products are manufactured in China.  

Nexgrill also develops similar products under various other brand names, such as Grillmaster, Jenn-Air, Member’s Mark, and KitchenAid. 

China is a favored manufacturing nation compared to the U.S. due to low manufacturing and labor costs.  

Additionally, production in China is highly efficient due to its massive population and companies’ ability to work around the clock. 

Developing products for less and selling at a regular price helps companies become more profitable.  

Other than that, Nexgrill ships internationally, meaning that they are not solely manufacturing for the American market. 

Alongside the production of grills (that you may find at Home Depot), the company also develops outdoor heating devices, patio furniture, and storage units in China. 

How Can You Know If Your Nexgrill Product Was Made In The USA? 

To work out where your Nexgrill product was made, you can look out for the ‘Made in…’ label commonly located on the packaging.  

Alternatively, these details may be engraved on the product or included in the instruction manual. 

Since most Nexgrill goods are not manufactured in the U.S., you should look out for a ‘Made in China’ sign or even the Chinese flag.  

However, if these details are not featured anywhere, it may mean that selected elements of your product were made in various locations. 

If you’d prefer to purchase grills that have been manufactured in the U.S., you can consider purchasing an Alfresco Grill 

The company offers a similar selection of outdoor grilling equipment for both home and specialty/artisan cooking. 

Is Nexgrill Sold Exclusively At Home Depot?

Is Nexgrill Sold Exclusively At Home Depot

Unlike many brands at Home Depot, Nexgrill is not sold exclusively at Home Depot. Despite this, Nexgrill often makes exclusive grill styles for Home Depot customers.  

Note that Nexgrill caters to a worldwide market and can be purchased in the following ways: 

  • Australia 
  • Canada 
  • Denmark 
  • France 
  • Germany 
  • Sweden 
  • Taiwan 
  • United Kingdom 
  • United States of America 

A complete catalog of Nexgrill products is available at Nexgrill.com 

You can also find them at Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Wayfair, and Best Buy, as well as in various local stores overseas. 

Which Nexgrill Products Are Available At Home Depot? 

Nexgrill has become one of Home Depot’s most reliable suppliers of outdoor entertainment products. 

You can check out Home Depot stores and online for an impressive range of quality stainless steel grills. 

These products are equipped with internal features such as side burners, condiment racks, infrared technology, and searing ceramic sides. 

In particular, you may consider the tabletop Nexgrill 2-burner portable stainless steel grill powered by Propane Gas for cooking smaller meals. 

This is one of the most affordable options at Home Depot, costing $109. For more substantial grills, customers can expect prices to range from $199-$500. 

Home Depot also sells additional Nexgrill features, such as the Nexgrill grill tool set. 

This contains a large fork, heavy-duty tongs, a grill brush for easier cleaning, and a serrated edge spatula to avoid burning and cutting meat with ease, costing $14.98. 

Additionally, customers can buy grill covers, grill grates, and interior accessories such as different shelving styles.  

Is Nexgrill A Good Brand? 

Most Nexgrill customers agree that it is a good brand, particularly considering its ability to enter several international markets. 

Nexgrill cookers and accessories are predominately rated four or five out of five stars.  

Also, many customers expressed their satisfaction with the various elements of the grills, such as the space of several shelves, condiment space, and an area allocated to cooking pots. 

However, a few comments suggested that they believe the warranty should be longer to cover regular wear and tear. 

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Nexgrill products located in Home Depot are produced in China by outsourced manufacturing companies. Home Depot does not own Nexgrill; it is owned by its parent company, Nexgrill Industries Inc. 

Although Nexgrill products are not solely made for Home Depot, the retailer often sells grills exclusive to the store. 

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