Who Makes Stainmaster Carpet for Lowe’s? (All You Need to Know)

As one of the leading hardware retailers within the United States, Lowe’s sells a range of improvement products for both homes and businesses. One of the best-loved products that Lowe’s sells is Stainmaster carpet, available in a range of styles.

Visitors to Lowe’s may be wondering who makes Stainmaster carpet for Lowe’s, including if they’re made in the USA and who owns the company. I’ve looked into it, and here is what I have learned!

Who Makes Stainmaster Carpet for Lowe’s?

Stainmaster carpet is made for Lowe’s by companies including Carpet Mills, Dixie, Mohawk, Phenix, and Shaw, many of which are located within the USA. Additionally, Lowe’s owns Stainmaster carpet, having purchased it from the company Invista after being the brand’s exclusive retailer. 

For more information about who makes Stainmaster carpets for Lowe’s, including who manufactures the carpet and where, if Stainmaster carpet is good and what Stainmaster carpet Lowe’s sells, then keep reading!

Does Lowe’s Own Stainmaster Carpet?

Stainmaster is now officially owned by Lowe’s, making it one of their house brands. In 2021, Lowe’s purchased the intellectual rights from Invista to Stainmaster carpets, including any trademarks and sub-brands.

Lowe’s previously was the exclusive retailer for Stainmaster, carrying the brand and products within stores for over a decade.

Stainmaster has joined other house brands at Lowe’s, including Allen + Roth, Project Source, and Harbor Breeze, specializing in interior design products, services, and accessories.

Who is the Manufacturer of Stainmaster Carpet?

Who is the Manufacturer of Stainmaster Carpet?

Stainmaster carpet has been manufactured since 1986, originally by the company Invista, and is now manufactured for Lowe’s by a variety of carpet mills under contract. 

Carpet mills operating under a license agreement with Lowe’s include Dixie, Mohawk, Shaw, and Phenix.

As Stainmaster has now been obtained by Lowe’s, they have stated customers can expect expanded carpet types, including new fibers and textures, through the brand.

Is Stainmaster Carpet Made in the USA?

Stainmaster have previously stated they are proud to be manufactured within the USA.

The majority of Stainmaster carpets are made within Dalton, Georgia, which has been dubbed the ‘Carpet Capital of the World’ due to their manufacturing credentials.

Is Stainmaster Carpet Good?

Stainmaster carpet has an excellent reputation as being a favorite amongst customers, both on the Lowe’s website and through wider reports online.

Stainmaster is perhaps best known for their PetProtect carpet, which is made of nylon fiber called SuperiaSD. Stainmaster PetProtect is known for being stain-free, odor-free, and color-safe, making it a favorite among customers.

Reports have stated that Stainmaster is one of the go-to brands when shopping for flooring, and that customers trust the brand due to its good reputation.

Lowe’s have further stated that Stainmaster carpet is one of the most recognized and trusted carpet brands on the market currently, which is why they have chosen to exclusively sell it within their stores.

Many of the best-selling Stainmaster carpets available for sale on the Lowe’s website have between 4 to 5 star ratings.

What Stainmaster Carpet Does Lowe’s Sell?

After having acquired the Stainmaster brand, Lowe’s have obtained the rights to several Stainmaster carpet options, including Stainmaster PetProtect, Stainmaster Signature and Stainmaster Essentials.

Lowe’s have stated their desire to expand the Stainmaster carpets high-performance characteristics into other products during their ownership of the brand.

The best-selling Stainmaster carpet available for sale on the Lowe’s website is the PetProtect Concord Mystical Charm Textured Carpet (priced at $2.52 per square foot), and rated at 4.5 stars.

Other best-selling Stainmaster carpet for sale at Lowe’s include the Essentials Notorious Gaucho Textured Carpet (priced at $1.79 per square foot) and the PetProtect Newbury Modest Textured Carpet ($2.46 per square foot).

Lowe’s sells a range of Stainmaster carpets and other flooring, which can be purchased per square foot, or as an area rug.

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While Lowe’s now own the brand Stainmaster, they do not manufacture the carpet themselves. Rather, Stainmaster carpet is manufactured by various companies within the United States for Lowe’s.

Stainmaster is an exclusive Lowe’s brand that cannot be purchased at other retailers. Lowe’s website indicates that Stainmaster is a favorite among customers, giving the brand a high rating.

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