Who Uses T-Mobile Towers? (List of Other Networks)

If you’re considering switching to T-Mobile as your cell phone network, you may want to know more details about the company. For example: who uses T-Mobile towers?

Well, I have been researching this topic and have found out which networks use T-Mobile towers, so keep reading to learn all about them!

Who Uses T-Mobile Towers?

1. Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile is a prepaid company owned and operated by T-Mobile that uses T-Mobile towers, and it will give you cheaper plans with affordable data options.

For example, Metro by T-Mobile offers Unlimited plans as low as $40 per month, and you get a lot of the perks of the T-Mobile network, but just in a prepaid plan instead.

2. Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile towers, and like T-Mobile, they don’t have overage charges. As well, they have plans that are under $30 if you’re on a budget.

However, even though the data plans are amazing deals, they don’t offer great streaming quality, which could be an issue for some people.

3. Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile will be using T-Mobile towers for the next 7 years.

This resulted from T-Mobile selling Boost to DISH to get their Sprint merger approved.

That being said, Boost Mobile offers many unlimited plans for cheap, which provide you with unlimited talk, text, and a hotspot.

4. Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile offers customers no-contract plans that start at $25 per month and you get 3 GB of data with that plan.

However, there are much bigger plans offered that even include cloud storage.

Furthermore, what’s cool about Simple Mobile is that it uses T-Mobile towers and the coverage is great in many locations throughout the country.

5. Tello

5. Tello T-Mobile

Tello is an MVNO that uses T-Mobile towers.

Tello offers unlimited calling to China, Mexico, and Canada, and you can get no data plans to unlimited data plans at great prices.

Also, one of the best Tello plans is around $40, an unlimited plan that gives you unlimited talk and text with 25 GB of data.

6. Ultra Mobile

Ultra Mobile uses T-Mobile towers so it offers great coverage.

You can get some plans for $15 per month, but they only offer 250 MB of high-speed data, while unlimited plans are $50 and up.

In addition, with Ultra Mobile, which is an MVNO, you can use almost any phone provided it’s compatible with GSM and is unlocked.

7. US Mobile

If you’re looking for a network that uses T-Mobile towers, you should know US Mobile also uses T-Mobile towers and it’s a good MVNO with quality and affordable plans.

For example, you can just get a plan with 75 minutes for $2 and begin offering unlimited plans at $45 if you want data, talk, and text, with the option to upgrade to add hotspot capability for $10.

8. Red Pocket

Red Pocket uses the T-Mobile towers and offers affordable plans starting at $10 for a 1 GB plan, which includes unlimited texts and 1,000 minutes.

In addition, you can get data-only plans, and you also can get data plans for global travel.

Overall, it’s a perfect option for both domestic and international travelers.

9. Google Fi

Google Fi uses the T-Mobile network and offers unlimited plans that start at $60.

As well, you can just get call and text plans for $20, so the company has a wide variety of options for customers.

Additionally, Google Fi can work on multiple carriers if you have specific Google Fi phones, and will switch between the networks to keep you covered regardless of where you live.

10. Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular offers plans with just minutes, data plans, and unlimited plans, so you can find something to fit whatever you need.

Also, if you’re an AARP member, you can get a 5% discount, a cheap MVNO for those that want to save money and live on a budget.

11. Gen Mobile

Gen Mobile offered unlimited talk and text for $30 per month, which also comes with 5 GB of data, and Gen Mobile runs off the T-Mobile towers to give you amazing coverage.

That being said, the main focus of Gen Mobile is to offer international texting at cheap prices, so if texting or calling internationally is your thing, then it’s a perfect choice.

12. Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless offers plans at $15 per month, and you’ll have both unlimited text and talk.

However, you don’t have data with this option, so it’ll require you to run on Wi-Fi.

Fortunately, you can get data included in the plans for just $20 per month, and you can pay $5 more to add a GB of data up to 15 GB, which can get pricey if you want a lot of data.

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Several networks use T-Mobile towers, although most of them are mobile virtual network operators, which are known as MVNOs.

For example, Boost Mobile, Mint Mobile, Republic Wireless, Consumer Cellular, Google Fi, Ultra Mobile, and Simple Mobile all runoff T-Mobile towers and offer cheap unlimited plans. However, T-Mobile also offers its own prepaid service with cheap plans called Metro by T-Mobile.

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