Why Does Apple Give You Stickers? (All You Need To Know)

If you’ve purchased an Apple product, then you know that Apple throws in some stickers, but have you ever wondered, why Apple gives you stickers?

Well, I have been looking into why Apple gives out stickers with its products and will tell you all you need to know below, so keep reading to find out! 

Why Does Apple Give You Stickers In 2024? 

Apple gives you stickers as part of its marketing strategy since it’s free advertising for Apple regardless of where you put them in 2024. For example, if you put Apple stickers on your car or iPhone, people are going to see it. Also, it’s a great way for consumers to show their brand loyalty to Apple.

Do you want to know even more about Apple stickers, such as what to do with them? If so, don’t stop reading because I have even more to share with you! 

What Can You Do With The Apple Stickers?

You can do anything you want with the Apple stickers and a lot of people online have commented about what they do with the stickers such as:

  • Put the stickers on the case of your iPhone
  • Place the stickers on your iPad or iPad case 
  • Place the stickers on the corner of your desk
  • Put stickers on your car 
  • Place the stickers on the case for your Apple device, such as your AirPods case 
  • Place the stickers on your school binder or notebooks
  • Put stickers on your mirror 
  • Place stickers on your dresser
  • Put them on the outer shell of your MacBook
  • Place the stickers on the charger
  • Keep the stickers in the original box
  • Throw the stickers away 
  • Sell them on eBay for some quick cash 

How Do I Get Apple Stickers?

How Do I Get Apple Stickers?

The easiest way to get Apple stickers is to purchase an Apple product since they all come with a few Apple stickers. 

However, you also can go onto websites such as eBay and purchase Apple stickers from sellers, although you’re going to be paying for them and it can get expensive after a while. 

In addition, you can ask your friends or family members that have Apple products if they kept their stickers and collect them that way. 

Do The Apple Stickers Come Off Easily?

The Apple stickers can come off easily depending on what you’ve put the Apple sticker on and how long it’s been there.

However, if they are giving you trouble, there are a couple of tricks to get the sticker off including:

  • Gently and slowly peeling it off with your fingernails
  • Use a hairdryer to heat the sticker and peel it off
  • Use a little bit of 70% rubbing alcohol to get the adhesive off 
  • Use a product such as Goo Gone to get rid of the adhesive left behind from the sticker
  • Depending on the situation, nail polish remover can help get the Apple sticker off 

That being said, if the sticker is on your electronic device, you should avoid getting liquid near the device and try to use your nails only to remove the stickers since liquid can ruin the device. 

Also, if you’ve placed the sticker on your car, you have to be careful since some removal techniques can strip the paint from your car, so try Windex or another safe cleaner on your car. 

How Much Are Apple Stickers Worth?

Apple stickers aren’t worth that much money, even if they are older; however, you may get anywhere between $2 to $10 for your Apple stickers. 

Therefore, it’s only worth trying to sell your Apple stickers if you have a lot of them since you’re only going to get a couple of bucks a piece. 

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Apple gives you stickers as a way to get free advertising for its products and brand, so it’s a marketing strategy in hopes that consumers will place the stickers on their cars or devices. 

Furthermore, it’s a great way for consumers to show their brand loyalty to Apple by placing stickers where others can see them and show off the fact they own Apple products. 

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