Why Does Walmart Play Music Outside? (All You Need to Know)

Depending on where you live, you may have noticed that some Walmart stores play music outside as you walk through the parking lot. This might surprise you and make you ask, why is there music?

If you have ever noticed music playing outside at Walmart and wondered why, keep reading to see what I discovered on the topic!

Why Does Walmart Play Music Outside In 2024?

While not every Walmart plays music outside, some do in order to create a happier atmosphere for customers as they arrive and leave in 2024. The music may also be for the purpose of giving the surrounding community a cheerful atmosphere, as music is known to lift spirits and can also affect how people shop.

For more information about the music Walmart plays outside, and other facts about music at stores, keep reading for more interesting facts!

Does Every Walmart Play Music in the Parking Lot?

Not every Walmart store chooses to play music outside, as the decision is left up to individual Walmart stores.

Possibly, some Walmart managers may decide music would be too loud for the neighborhoods nearby. Indeed, the idea of parking lot music at Walmart is not actually the most popular idea with some customers.

However, with other people, it’s a positive experience. Hearing music as customers arrive at the store helps set the tone for a good store experience according to Walmart regulars.

For instance, one Walmart store decided to play music in the parking lot with positive results.

In fact, some customers who normally would shop at a Walmart in closer proximity began shopping at the store with music.

Music can and does have a good effect on people, as has been proven. Therefore, although not every Walmart plays outside music, it may not be long before more follow suit.

Does Walmart Use the Same Music Outside as Inside?

It’s very likely that the same music playing in the parking lot is what is playing inside.

Many stores install outdoor PA speakers, which would probably be connected to the same music in both locations.

On the other hand, it’s possible that some Walmart stores might choose to play different music inside as outside.

Does  Every Walmart Play the Same Songs?

Does  Every Walmart Play the Same Songs?

Every Walmart does indeed play the same music at each store. The songs which you hear at Walmart are actually streamed from the company-owned radio station, WMW.

Walmart’s radio station, which has been around for decades, has featured various djs over the years. 

Besides music, WMW plays news and other updates throughout the day, keeping store associates and customers informed and entertained.

The songs that Walmart radio plays vary depending on a number of factors, but the music tends to be pop style in general.

However, there is actually a number that customers can call to request songs- (1-800-925-7346).

Not only can Walmart radio be heard in stores, it can also be streamed online from home surprisingly.

All in all, other retail stores might do well to follow Walmart’s example and consider having a similar radio station model or something similar.

What Is the Best Kind of Music to Play in Stores?

Since music is a universal language, most people appreciate having some type of music playing while they shop, so it’s almost a given that retail stores will play music.

However, the reasoning behind what kind of music they play might be less certain.

Many stores, including Walmart, strive to choose music that helps create a positive, upbeat atmosphere which has been shown to make shoppers want to stay, and the longer shoppers stay the more they will probably spend.

Why Else Might Stores Play Music Outside?

While Walmart appears to play outdoor music to bring a cheerful, positive atmosphere for customers, there may be other reasons. In fact, some stores play music for very different reasons outside.

In some convenience stores, such as 7-11 stores, the reason for playing music outside has more to do with keeping loiterers away.

Some convenience stores blare loud, classical music, which might be pleasant for a few minutes, but over time discourages people from loitering.

Walmart does not seem to play music for this same reason, but it is possible that the parking lot music helps with this same issue.

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While not every Walmart has chosen to add outdoor music, there are benefits to doing so. Creating an energetic, happy atmosphere may encourage shoppers to return to the store at a later date.

Walmart’s radio station plays a good mix of mostly well-known music that has appeal to a variety of demographics. Both inside and out, playing music in stores such as Walmart is a tool that has been proven to encourage customers to continue to shop.  

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