Walmart Cheer (What Is It, What Does It Mean, Who Made It + More)

Walmart Inc. is a giant retail store widely known for its outstanding service to the communities it serves, which is achieved by Walmart ensuring that its employees are well motivated to serve customers.

For instance, the infamous Walmart cheer ensures associates get prepared to serve customers better and work together as a team. However, most people are not familiar with the deeper meaning of Walmart cheer and might ask, “What is the Walmart cheer?” Here’s what I found out!

What Is The Walmart Cheer In [currentyear]?

The Walmart cheer is a part of Walmart’s rich and varied culture in which employees chant the spelling of the word Walmart, and proclaim their ownership and value for customers in [currentyear]. As a way of encouraging Walmart associates to stand by their values, weekly meetings and shift change meetings start and end with the Walmart cheer.

If you’d like more information about the Walmart cheer, including more details of what it is, what it means, where it originated from and more, keep reading!

What Does The Walmart Cheer Mean?

The Walmart Cheer is a motivational chant among Walmart associates conducted before and after morning routine meetings to encourage a positive customer service atmosphere.

This cheer involves a lead associate spelling out the company name (W-A-L-M-A-R-T) including a little jiggle between the L and the M.

The rest of the associates in the room shout back the initiation as instructed and juggle at the hyphen between L and M.

Overall, to continually motivate and encourage associates to treat customers as a priority, the Walmart cheer is included in most Walmart meetings.

Where Did The Walmart Cheer Originate From?

The Walmart cheer was initiated in 1975 by Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart Inc.

Sam Walton developed the idea of a Walmart cheer when he visited a Korean tennis ball factory and found out that the workers began their day with a company cheer.

Sam liked the idea so much that he borrowed it and introduced a Walmart cheer to be chanted during the associates’ routinely morning meetings at the start of the day.

Currently, Walmart’s associates have proudly and enthusiastically taken up to the task as they recited the Walmart cheer on a daily basis.

What Is The Walmart Employee Song?

What Is The Walmart Employee Song?

The Walmart Employee song is a motivational chant spelled out in most Walmart meetings and the daily pep rally.

The Walmart Employee song is as follows:

Give Me a W!

Give Me an A!

Give Me an L!

Give Me a Squiggly!

(Here, everybody does a jiggle to represent the hyphen)

Give Me an M!

Give Me an A!

Give Me an R!

Give Me a T!

What’s that spell?


What’s that spell?


Whose Walmart is it?

It’s My Walmart!

Who’s number one?



Currently, all training sessions and meetings conducted at Walmart include the historic cheer as a routine activity.

Why Does Walmart Have A Cheer?

Walmart has a cheer because the founder, Sam Walton, saw the idea as a great way to start shifts and meetings, and it’s become deeply embedded in Walmart’s history and is part of the company policy.

Do You Have To Do The Walmart Cheer?

According to the company policy, it’s mandatory to recite the Walmart cheer at the beginning of different shifts and in routine meetings.

However, most Walmart associates have reported that the Walmart cheer is more common in the morning routines than in the afternoon or night shifts.

Therefore, depending on the store you work in, the manager could request frequent Walmart cheers or just a few in the morning meeting before the day starts.

Can The Walmart Cheer Be Translated Into Different Languages?

The Walmart cheer can be translated into different languages depending on the location of the store.

With several stores across the world, Walmart has store locations in countries that don’t consider English as their first language and thus have the need to translate the chant.

For instance, stores in Argentina are likely to recite the Walmart cheer in Spanish, those in China would recite the cheer in Chinese, Japan stores in Japanese, and Brazil stores in Portuguese.

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The Walmart cheer is a chant by Walmart associates to remind them of the spirit of teamwork, good customer service, and their role in the company.

The Walmart cheer is recited at the beginning of shifts, at the start and end of meetings, and during training sessions.

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