Why Is Apple Bad? (11 Reasons Why)

Apple is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, but some people can’t stand Apple as a company. Therefore, have you been wondering, why is Apple bad and why people hate it? 

Well, if you’ve been asking yourself, why is Apple bad, continue reading as I’ve been researching this question and have several reasons that help explain this topic! 

Why Is Apple Bad In [currentyear]?

Apple is bad because it maintains a culture of fear in its workplace where employees could be subject to devise confiscation if details about products leak in [currentyear]. Furthermore, Apple will often give new employees fake projects until the employee has shown loyalty and discretion. Additionally, Apple locks proprietary apps so you can’t set other apps as the default. 

Are you looking for the full list of reasons why Apple is bad? If so, don’t stop reading because I have the top 11 reasons why and more details below! 

1. Culture of Fear 

Apple is bad because the company has created a culture of fear in its employees in regard to leaking product or project details. 

For example, Apple will go into lockdown if something is leaked out that shouldn’t have been, and will confiscate phones and other devices of employees to find the leaker. 

Also, Apple will put locks on walls it builds to keep employees out of areas where certain projects are being developed, and will not tell employees details even if they are in on a project. 

Therefore, there is a constant fear among Apple employees as keeping everything the company does under wraps is very important. 

2. Apple Employees Work Very Hard For Their Money 

Apple is bad because even though the company pays employees well, employees have to work very hard for that money, and often have to work a lot of overtime. 

Furthermore, many Apple employees are required to come in on weekends during certain times and must spend many hours at work, so the salary isn’t quite as good as it appears. 

3. Apple Doesn’t Allow Third-Party Apps To Be Default 

One bad thing about Apple is that you cannot use third-party apps as the default option on your device, regardless of whether you have an iPhone or iPad. 

For example, Safari is locked as your default browser since it’s a proprietary app, but you can download Firefox and use it, although you can never make Firefox the default. 

Consequently, it brings the user experience down a little since you cannot control which apps are set to your default and have no way to get around that. 

4. iCloud Isn’t Nearly As Good As The Competition 

Apple isn’t great when it comes to cloud storage and that makes the company bad in the eyes of some because iCloud is built into all Apple devices. 

However, most people don’t use iCloud so having all of your files backed up into it makes it difficult since it doesn’t have the same sharing abilities as other services such as Google Cloud. 

5. Apple Lacks Communication To Users 

Apple is bad when it comes to communicating with users.

For example, there was a battery scandal around 2016 where an update led to older iPhones running slower, and the story became about Apple trying to brick older devices on purpose. 

Consequently, it became a huge story in the media when the real issue was that Apple was trying to keep older devices running and prevent shutdowns caused by older batteries. 

Therefore, had Apple just communicated the reason the update led to older devices slowing down, none of the controversies with this update would have happened. 

6. Apple Voids Warranties If Smoke Causes Computer Damage 

Apple Voids Warranties If Smoke Causes Computer Damage 

One reason Apple is bad that you may not know about is that Apple will void your warranty if you smoke near your computer and it leads to internal component damage. 

Also, if you go into an Apple store with your computer and they smell smoke, they will not help you because it’s a condition of your Apple warranty not to smoke near Apple devices. 

7. Apple Censors Multiple Apps 

Apple isn’t great when it comes to freedom of speech, and the company has censored multiple apps through the years, such as Playboy and WikiLeaks. 

Furthermore, Apple even rejected an app called NewsToons, which was satire, since it ridiculed various public figures, but ended up reversing course and approving it later on. 

8. Apple Puts New Employees On Fake Projects 

Working for Apple can be a bad experience and makes the company look bad.

This is because Apple will often put new employees on fake projects until they’ve shown loyalty to Apple. 

In addition, employees need to prove that they can be discreet and can be trusted before they are put on any real projects, which is a little scary. 

9. Apple Uses Foxconn For Production 

Apple is bad because the company uses Foxconn for production, an electronics manufacturer in China known for using child labor and has a horrible work environment. 

For example, 18 people tried to kill themselves by jumping off the roof of the Foxconn building in 2010.

Furthermore, when Apple investigated, it used the terminology “student interns” to describe child labor. 

10. Expensive Products 

While some see Apple as a luxury brand and a status symbol, it’s the high prices and expensive products that make Apple bad because they are not affordable to millions of people. 

Furthermore, even if you can afford the newest iPhone, you have to buy a charger if you don’t have one and other accessories, so it gets very expensive to own Apple products. 

11. Siri Is Misleading & Doesn’t Work Very Well 

Apple has made Siri out to be useful, intuitive, and functional in commercials, but Siri is misleading in these advertisements as the helper doesn’t work nearly as well in real life. 

Also, Siri is built into everything Apple makes which means you’re getting a subpar digital assistant that only works when it wants and often can’t recognize terms correctly. 

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Apple is bad because the company is known to censor apps and misleads customers on how useful and intuitive Siri is. Also, Apple products are expensive and not affordable for a lot of people. 

Beyond that, Apple uses Foxconn for its production which has very questionable business practices, including using child labor to assemble devices. In addition, Apple employees don’t get paid nearly enough for the hours they work.

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