Why Is Apple So Successful? (11 Reasons Why)

Apple is one of the biggest tech companies in the world and makes billions each year, but have you wondered, why is Apple so successful? 

If so, continue reading as I dive into the factors that have driven Apple to become the successful business that has made itself a household name! 

Why Is Apple So Successful?

Apple is so successful because the design of its products is simple yet intricate, and has maintained consistent branding so that people recognize and understand Apple products in [currentyear]. Also, Apple has made itself a strong tech company in China, that’s almost unheard of for American tech companies. Beyond that, Apple fine-tunes existing technology to create better products. 

Do you want to know the full list of reasons why Apple is so successful? Well, don’t stop reading yet because I have the complete guide below, so read on to learn what makes Apple successful! 

1. The Design Of Its Products 

One reason why Apple is so successful is that a lot goes into the design of each Apple product, from the device to the packaging and the writing on the package. 

Furthermore, the design goes beyond the products, and if you’ve ever been to an Apple store, you’ll see the amazing design and detail that sets Apple apart from other brands. 

On top of that, the designs are not intricate, but they are simple and very calculated to create beauty, which was one of the most important factors to Steve Jobs. 

2. Apple Has A Strong Market In China 

Apple has managed to do what many other big companies, including Amazon, couldn’t do, which was create a market for itself in China.

This is important to note as this is almost impossible for tech companies to do. 

Also, not only has Apple managed to get into China, but the company has developed a customer following in the country, including selling more than $7.9 billion in products in 2020. 

3. Apple Develops Products For Themselves 

One reason Apple is successful is that Apple develops products for itself, so they know what they want and look for in products and use that to create devices. 

For example, Steve Jobs was a customer of Apple himself, and created products he wanted and would use, so the company doesn’t build products for the sake of building them. 

Therefore, the products Apple puts out are designed to be useful and have a level of functionality that those who created it wanted and found to be important in a tech product. 

4. Apple Devices Are Easy To Use 

Not only does Apple design products with beauty and simplicity, but it also creates devices and products that are easy to use, which makes Apple great for people of any age or experience. 

In addition, Apple has created a lot of valuable tools to help people navigate the technology as it continues to advance, so even more complicated tasks seem easy. 

5. Apple’s Range Of Devices & Accessories 

Apple has become successful because it has produced a variety of products over the years, such as phones, computers, watches, speakers, iPads, and so much more. 

That being said, Apple doesn’t create new technology, but they utilize the technology to develop new products that consumers will want and will want to use with their devices. 

6. Apple Is Ahead Of The Competition 

Apple Is Ahead Of The Competition 

Apple maintains its success because it stays ahead of the competition when it comes to designing new products and getting them to consumers. 

Therefore, competitors are constantly trying to keep up with Apple in releasing new products, but continue to lag behind Apple when it comes to engineering and development.

7. Consistency in Branding 

We all know what Apple products are going to give us, which is an intuitive product that is user-friendly and simple.

Furthermore, it is consistency in branding that has helped Apple stay successful. 

For example, Apple has the same design and look on its iPhone, whether we are talking about an iPhone 7 or iPhone 12, and most of the design and interface has stayed unchanged. 

Therefore, having consistency in branding has helped Apple not only in America but all over the world since it makes Apple products recognizable.

8. Amazing In-Store Customer Experience 

Apple offers an amazing in-store customer experience which has helped the company become and stay successful, as the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. 

Also, Apple staff wants to help you find the product right for you based on what you want to do, instead of just asking a question about how the staff can help you. 

Moreover, Apple staff knows their products inside and out and can not only point you to what you want but tell you how to use it even if you’ve never used an Apple product before. 

9. Apple Just Makes It Better 

While Apple doesn’t develop new technology, the company has become successful in taking technology and making better products with the latest technology. 

For example, while MP3 players existed years ago, Apple turned around and made the iPod, and that is part of Apple’s core strategy. 

Further, Apple’s strategy is to only make a product if the company can develop a better product than what exists already, and expanding upon existing technology is where Apple has excelled. 

10. High-Quality Products 

You know when you purchase an Apple product, you’re getting a high-quality product that is going to keep running for years. 

In addition, when it comes to iPhones and other devices, you’re not going to be worried about popups or malware attacks, because these issues hardly happen to Apple products. 

Specifically, since Apple is making a product based on existing technology, the company puts a lot of research into how to fine-tune the technology and eliminate common issues with it. 

11. Apple Continues To Improve 

What sets Apple apart is that it continues to improve its products with each new release, from the iPhone to the iPad or Mac. Apple doesn’t just keep releasing the same thing over and over. 

For example, when a new iPhone is released, it contains hardware or software that wasn’t a part of the previous iPhone, and the improvements entice people to purchase it. 

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Apple is so successful because it creates products out of high-quality materials that are built to last and improve upon itself every time. 

In addition, Apple has consistent branding and marketing which allows you to recognize Apple products because of their similar design and look from one model to the next. 

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