Why Is Hobby Lobby Closed on Sundays? (Complete Story)

Unlike other retailers of its size, Hobby Lobby does not open on Sundays. By the company’s own admission, this decision has impacted its financial performance, but

If you’re wondering why they remain closed on Sundays and how the owners of the retailer influenced this decision, this article will look into that.

Why Is Hobby Lobby Closed on Sundays In 2024?

Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays mainly due to religious reasons. Its owners are very religious and they observe Sundays as their day of rest, so this is applied to the company as a whole. They also say that this allows for their employees to focus on things outside the job on their day off.

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Is Hobby Lobby Still Closed on Sundays?

Hobby Lobby is still closed on Sundays, and according to the company website, the decision has a negative impact on its financial performance, but it is in place in order to give both the employees and customers more time to focus on “worship and family.”

According to current and former employees of the company, this policy is very popular regardless of religion.

This is because it means that every employee has a guaranteed day off every week and doesn’t have to worry about being called in to work for too many days in a row, as has been reported in other companies.

What Religion Is Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby operates on Christian beliefs that reflect those of its owner and CEO and has had an impact on a lot of areas of the company’s operations.

This question often comes up when people find out that the stores don’t open on Sundays, as is the case with a company like Chick-Fil-A.

This isn’t a secret either; on the Hobby Lobby website, the decision to close on Sundays is intended to give the employees “more time for worship and family.”

In fact, the company won a case in 2014 where the supreme court decided that they could deny an employee contraceptives under their health insurance due to their religious beliefs.

To this day, Hobby Lobby still doesn’t use a barcode system at the registers, something that also hurts its performance by slowing down the checkout process.

Several people have speculated it’s because the owners of the company see barcodes as “the mark of the beast,” a concept in certain Christian denominations.

What Day Is Hobby Lobby Closed?

What Day Is Hobby Lobby Closed?

Hobby Lobby is always closed on Sundays, which is a company-wide policy that seeks to give every employee time to focus on attending church and other activities.

The company has different rules for different holidays if it falls on a day other than Sunday. If a holiday falls on a Sunday, the store is closed the whole day by default.

For example, Hobby Lobby doesn’t open on Thanksgiving, but operates as usual on the Friday and Saturday after the holiday.

On Christmas Eve, the stores are open as normal, at 9 in the morning, but are closed earlier than usual, i.e. at 5:30 p.m, and don’t open at all on Christmas Day.

The company is open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

During holidays like Easter Sunday, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, that fall on Sundays, Hobby Lobby is closed despite it being potentially beneficial to the business.

When Does Hobby Lobby Close?

Hobby Lobby usually closes at 8 pm on Mondays to Saturdays, but there are exceptions as are established in the section above.

Is Hobby Lobby Closed Today?

If you’re looking this up on a Sunday, then Hobby Lobby is definitely closed. If the day is a holiday that doesn’t fall on a Sunday, then there’s a chance that it might be open but that it closes earlier than usual, i.e. at 5:30 instead of 8.

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Hobby Lobby does not open on Sundays because the company’s religious Christian owners have set it aside for the employees to focus on “worship and family.” 

This policy is popular among the workers because they have a guaranteed day off every week.

Hobby Lobby has said that the decision impacts its financial performance but it will remain unchanged. The stores are always closed on Sundays even during important holidays that fall on that day, whether or not staying open would be good for business.

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