Hobby Lobby Dress Code (Shoes, Tattoos, Hair + More)

Hobby Lobby provides a good starting place for someone without a lot of experience in the workplace.

However, if you’re looking to join the team but aren’t sure of how you’re required to dress at Hobby Lobby retail stores, read this article to see what I learned on the subject!

What Is the Hobby Lobby Dress Code In [currentyear]?

Hobby Lobby has a dress code in place for its employees as of [currentyear]. You don’t have to wear formal clothing but you can’t go too casual. Employees can be seen wearing khaki pants, skirts, dress shirts and blouses. Some locations allow colored hair, piercings and tattoos but that’s mostly the decision of the manager at that branch.

To learn everything you need to know about Hobby Lobby’s dress code, including the specifics of clothing, hair, jewelry, tattoos and uniform, read on for more facts!

What Is Hobby Lobby’s Dress Code?

Hobby Lobby hasn’t made its employee handbook available to the public, but according to information from current and former employees of the retailer, we have some idea of the dress code.

Hobby Lobby doesn’t make its employees dress overly formal, but staff members aren’t allowed to dress too casually.

Most employees at Hobby Lobby stores are seen wearing khaki pants, beige slacks or skirts with little to no patterning or bright colors. Additionally, denim is not allowed.

Employees can wear blouses or dress shirts, with or without a tie. T-shirts are also allowed if they don’t contain offensive graphics or phrases.

In regards to shoes, there doesn’t seem to be much restriction as to what you can wear. Sneakers, flats, loafers and dress shoes are permitted, but Hobby Lobby may have a ban on certain types of open shoes like sandals, which is standard for most retail companies.

People who’ve worked at Hobby Lobby recommend wearing comfortable footwear such as tennis shoes, because you’re likely going to be walking a lot during your shift.

However, whether you can have accessories like bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry on the shift depends on your manager.

You won’t need a jacket, blazer, coat or other similar type of clothing because, on top of the stores being temperature controlled, you’re required to have your uniform on at all times.

The uniform you’re required to wear might be a vest or apron that identifies you as a store employee. You might also need to wear a polo shirt as part of your uniform.

Can I Have Colored Hair at Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby’s allowance for coloured hair is unclear, but according to former and current employees, some locations will let you work with moderate to extensively dyed hair.

One former employee stated that they worked at a Hobby Lobby store for three years with different vibrant hair colors, including purple, pink, mint green and a combination of pink and orange.

However, a superior above their district manager took issue with this employee’s hair color, and they were ultimately told that they needed to revert the hair to its original color or lose their job at the store.

Other employees have stated that they could comfortably have subtle dye in their hair like streaks and patches.

Based on this information, it’s reasonable to conclude that whether or not you can have colored hair at Hobby Lobby depends on your manager.

Does Hobby Lobby Allow Piercings?

Does Hobby Lobby Allow Piercings?

Like colored hair, having piercings at Hobby Lobby varies per manager and store location, but it isn’t as flexible as the rules of colored hair.

Most people who have experience with the Hobby Lobby dress code state that the most generous they’ve been with piercings is a maximum of two in each ear and only for women.

In other words, if you have other types like lip or nose piercings at Hobby Lobby, you have to take them out during your shift.

Can You Have Tattoos and Work at Hobby Lobby?

You can have tattoos and work at Hobby Lobby but only if you cover them up during your shift.

Like most things in the dress code, this is dependent on your store manager, so you might end up with one that doesn’t allow tattoos at all no matter their location.

Tattoos that can’t be covered, like ones on your neck, hands and face, are likely going to work to your detriment.

What Should I Wear to an Interview With Hobby Lobby?

When interviewing with Hobby Lobby, you should keep your attire simple but not too casual. A good outfit would consist of slacks, a button-up shirt or blouse, and dress shoes. Suits are also acceptable attire but not considered necessary.

What Do Hobby Lobby Employees Wear?

Hobby Lobby employees need to wear simple outfits. They shouldn’t be flashy but should aim to provide comfort because of the requirements of the job.

Standard clothing includes khaki pants or slacks, skirts, dress shirts or blouses and t-shirts without any offensive content printed onto them.

Employees also receive vests, aprons or polo shirts as part of their uniform that makes them easily identifiable as part of the staff.

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Hobby Lobby’s dress code allows employees to wear skirts, blouses, dress shirts, khaki pants and t-shirts without offensive messages. Employees are encouraged to have comfortable footwear like tennis shoes for long shifts and extensive walking through the stores.

Colored hair, tattoos and piercings at Hobby Lobby depend on the kind of manager you have. Those last two are more restricted so you should hide them if you can starting from the interview and during your shifts.

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