Why Is Shein So Bad? (10 Reasons Why)

Despite being one of the most popular online retailers, Shein is known for their terrible quality and customer service. In fact, many consumers see it as a bad brand. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at ten reasons why shoppers think Shein is so bad, so keep reading to learn more. 

Why Is Shein So Bad in [currentyear]?

1. The Quality of Their Clothes Is Terrible

One of the shoppers’ biggest complaints about Shein is that the quality of their clothes is terrible. 

In fact, many people say that the clothes Shein sells are “disposable” and only meant to be worn a few times before being thrown away.

This is likely because Shein sources its clothes from low-cost manufacturers in China and other countries with lax labor laws. 

As a result, the company is able to sell clothes at very low prices. However, this comes at the expense of quality.

2. Shein’s Customer Service Is Terrible

Another common complaint about Shein is that the customer service is terrible. 

Overall, this is likely because Shein is located in China, and getting in touch with a real person can be challenging when you have a problem.

3. They’ve Been Caught Selling Counterfeit Products

Shein has also been caught selling counterfeit products on multiple occasions. 

Recently, Shein was caught selling counterfeit Stussy products and was forced to issue a recall. In addition, in 2019, they were caught selling fake designer handbags.

This is a serious problem because shoppers could be unwittingly supporting counterfeit products. 

As well, it reflects poorly on the Shein brand and makes it difficult for shoppers to trust them.

4. They Use Unethical Labor Practices

Unfortunately, Shein has also been accused of using unethical labor practices, such as employing child labor. 

In fact, it was reported that Shein was using children as young as 14 years old to make their clothes.

Obviously, this is a severe problem. Child labor is illegal in many countries, and it’s something shoppers should be aware of before purchasing from Shein.

5. The Products Have Been Found to Contain Harmful Chemicals

The Products Have Been Found to Contain Harmful Chemicals

Another serious complaint about Shein is that its products have been found to contain harmful chemicals. 

In 2015, it was reported that Shein’s clothes were made with toxic chemicals that could cause cancer. 

And, in 2018, it was discovered that Shein’s makeup products contained lead and other harmful substances.

Since these chemicals can be extremely harmful to your health, you must be aware of them before you purchase from Shein.

6. Their Return Policy Is Difficult to Navigate

Another common complaint about Shein is that its return policy is difficult to navigate.

Many people have said that getting a refund or returning an item is nearly impossible, even if it’s damaged or the wrong size.

This can be extremely frustrating for shoppers, especially if they’re unhappy with the product they receive and makes it challenging to trust the company.

7. They Constantly Send Out Spam Email

Another complaint that shoppers have about Shein: they constantly send out spam emails. 

Many people have said they receive multiple emails from Shein daily, even if they’re not subscribed to their mailing list.

Since this can be extremely annoying, it’s likely to cause people to unsubscribe from their emails. 

8. They’re Not Transparent About Where Their Clothes Are Made

Sometimes, Shein isn’t very transparent about where their clothes are made. 

This is likely because the company sources clothes from low-cost labor countries, such as China and Bangladesh.

However, this lack of transparency makes it difficult for shoppers to trust Shein. It also means that shoppers might inadvertently purchase products that were made in an unethical manner.

9. They Have a History of Using Fake Reviews

In the past, Shein has also been caught using fake reviews. In 2016, it was reported that they were using fake positive reviews to boost their ratings.

Fake reviews are misleading and can cause shoppers to make purchase decisions that they wouldn’t otherwise make. As well, it’s likely to damage Shein’s reputation in the long run.

10. They Don’t Offer a Lot of Size Options

Finally, another common complaint about Shein is that they don’t offer many size options. 

Many people have said that Shein’s clothes run small and that it’s challenging to find clothes in larger sizes.

This can be extremely frustrating for shoppers, especially if they can’t find clothes that fit them well.

These are just a few of shoppers’ many complaints about Shein. 

So, if you’re considering making a purchase from them, you should be aware of these issues before making your decision.

What Are Some Alternatives to Shein?

If you’re looking for affordable fashion, plenty of other retailers out there are better alternatives to Shein. Some of our favorites include H&M, Forever 21, and ASOS.

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether Shein delivers on weekends, how to become a Shein model, and whether Shein restocks returns.


Overall, it’s clear that there are plenty of reasons why Shein is a bad company. From their poor quality products to their unethical business practices, it’s best to avoid them altogether. Finally, many other retailers are great alternative options for affordable fashion!

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