How to Become a Shein Model (All You Need to Know)

Do you have what it takes to be a Shein model? If you’ve ever been curious about how to become a Shein model, look no further! 

This blog will cover all the basics of what you need to know to apply to be a Shein model. Plus, we’ll give you a few tips on how to make your application stand out, so keep reading to learn more!

How to Become a Shein Model in [currentyear]

Shein offers modeling opportunities to models between the ages of 16 and 25 in [currentyear]. For its website campaigns, Shein hires models of different ethnicities and sizes. Models gain industry experience and can be paid up to $20/hr and get perks like clothing discounts, exposure to the latest fashion trends, and opportunities to travel.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to start your journey towards becoming a Shein fashion star, from the application process to the modeling requirements!

What Is the Age Requirement to Become a Model for Shein?

As you can see from Shein’s website, there is a unique mix of models of all ages, genders, and races.

Although there are child models on the website, we could only find an age requirement of 16-25 years of age.

Therefore, it’s possible Shein acquires models for the children’s section more exclusively.

How Tall Must I Be to Become a Shein Model?

Again, there is no specific height requirement to be a Shein model.

However, most models range from 5’8” – 5’11”. If you are outside of this range, don’t worry! Shein allows all applicants to submit their photos regardless of height.

What Size Do I Have to Be to Model for Shein?

Likewise, there is no specific size requirement to become a Shein model. However, most models are encouraged to be fit and in good shape.

Remember, Shein’s clothes are meant to look great on all types of bodies.

How Do I Apply to Be a Model for Shein?

How Do I Apply to Be a Model for Shein?

If you meet the requirements listed above and think you have what it takes to be a Shein model, the next step is to set up a profile on social media and email

Be sure to include your contact information, as well as several recent photos of yourself.

Once Shein receives your application via email, one of the hiring team members will review it and get back to you if they think you might be a good fit for the brand.

What Happens After I Apply to Be a Model for Shein?

If your application is successful, you’ll be contacted by one of Shein’s team members to set up an interview.

Remember, this is your chance to tell them more about yourself and why you want to be a Shein model.

Tips to Help You Stand Out at Your Interview

  • First, always be on time and communicate any delays in arrival.
  • Next, exhibit how committed you are to being a model
  • Finally, always strive to stay positive and willing to take constructive criticism

After the interview, they’ll let you know if you’ve been selected to move forward in the process.

From there, Shein will arrange a photoshoot so the team can get to know you better and see how you look in Shein clothing.

Finally, if everything goes well, you’ll be officially welcomed to the Shein modeling family!

Does Shein Give Models Free Clothing?

One of the draws to modeling is the possibility of getting free brand clothing.

As such, if you’re selected to be a Shein model, you will receive free clothing from its collection to wear during photoshoots.

In addition, you’ll also have the opportunity to purchase items at a discount for your personal use.

How Much Are Shein Models Paid?

As a Shein model, you’ll be compensated for your time and effort. Depending on the type of modeling assignment you book, your pay can vary.

For example, runway shows typically pay more than photo shoots.

In general, Shein website models can expect to make $15- $20/ hr for their work.

Although this amount is a bit lower than what modeling agencies pay, it is generous for models just starting out and wanting to grow their portfolio of experience.

What Are the Perks of Being a Shein Model?

In addition to getting paid to model Shein’s latest fashion, being a Shein model also has some great perks.

You’ll get to travel to different cities, meet new people, and see the world from a different perspective. Plus, you’ll get to see the latest trends before everyone else.

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In order to become a Shein model, you must have a social media profile and email your application to

During the interview, we recommend you to stay confident, be yourself, and have fun with the process. If you’re selected, you can expect to earn between $15-$20/hr for photoshoots, and you’ll have the opportunity to obtain free clothing, travel experience, and gain connections.

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