Why Is The “n” In 711 Lowercase? (All You Need To Know)

711 is an international convenience store brand that is pretty well-known. The stores are franchised, so each is owned independently. However, the brand’s name and image are driven by the corporation.

Therefore, the 711 logo is the same everywhere. While this logo has changed, some things have stayed the same, like the lowercase “n.” For more information on why this decision was made, keep reading!

Why Is The “n” In 711 Lowercase In 2024?

No one exactly knows why the “n” is lowercase in 711’s logo as of 2024. However, there are many different theories. The primary theme is that the “n” makes the logo look more balanced and less critical. Whether or not this is true has never been verified. In all likelihood, we will never know why this decision was made.

If you’re looking for more information on 711’s logo, take a look at the information below!

No one knows who designed the 711 logo. However, there have been many theories over the years, but multiple people likely had a hand in it.

That said, most larger company logos go through several people and edits before they are finally approved. Therefore, it is likely that the 711 logo also went through several editions.

Furthermore, the 711 logo has gone through many changes. Additionally, the passed logo has been used for inspiration.

For instance, the company has never spelled “eleven” with a capital “n.”

What Was 711 Originally Called?

The store was initially called “Tote’m”. However, in 1946, the name was changed to 711 to reflect the company’s extended hours.

Back then, most stores had fairly restricted hours. But, 711 was open from 7 AM to 11 PM, hence the name.

Also, the company was open every day of the week, which was unusual for the time.

The company’s corporate name wasn’t changed until 1999. It was originally called “The Southland Corporation,” but it is now known as “7-Eleven Inc.”

Today, while the store’s not actually open from 7 AM to 11 PM, it’s still called 711. Furthermore, its main focus is still on convenience, though the exact branding has changed over the years.

Why Is It Named 711?

Why Is It Named 711?

711 changed its name to reflect its hours of operation in 1946. That said, when most stores were only open during usual business hours, 711 extended its hours from 7 AM to 11 PM.

Essentially, 711 changed its name to set the company apart from other stores to reflect this.

Since before this name change, this company has primarily been focused on convenience. That said, 711 has essential items that people often need, such as toilet paper, snacks, and gas.

So, while the company’s no longer open during these hours, 711’s name has never been changed to reflect this because it’s simply too recognizable.

Who Is The Owner Of 711?

Currently, 711 is owned and operated by Seven & I Holdings, which has owned this company entity for some time.

Once upon a time, 711’s corporate name was “The Southland Corporation.” However, it changed it to “Seven-Eleven Inc.” sometime later after the store was rebranded.

With that, the corporation has been purchased by a few different businesses over the years. However, many of its stores are owned by independent, local individuals as a franchise.

What Is The 711 Slogan?

The current 711 slogan is pretty new: “Take it to Eleven.” Further, this slogan is born from the idea that customer obsession has driven the company for the most part.

For instance, just about everyone knows what a Slurpee is, even if you don’t commonly drink them. However, the company has had several different slogans over the years.

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711 has been around for a very long time and has changed substantially over the years, but the “n” in its logo has been around for a while.

Overall, the public doesn’t know exactly why this design element was chosen. However, it is likely that someone simply decided that it looked best.

Today, the lowercase letter looks like it is here to stay.

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