Why Is Walmart’s EBT Not Working? (Why, Potential Fixes + Other FAQs)

One of the great things about shopping at Walmart is that the company accepts several different payment methods at each of its stores. For example, Walmart accepts major credit and debit cards, cash, checks, and EBT or SNAP benefits.

If you frequently use EBT at Walmart, but the payment method isn’t working, you might be asking, how do I fix this situation? There have been several reports of EBT not working at stores, so I looked into the matter and found everything you need to know!

Why Is Walmart’s EBT Not Working In [currentyear]?

EBT won’t work at Walmart if the card is expired, the items don’t qualify for EBT funds, your EBT card isn’t connected to your Walmart account, or the EBT isn’t activated as of [currentyear]. Uninstalling the Walmart app, connecting to WiFi that’s strong, and reviewing your items qualify for delivery are ways to fix EBT issues.

If you want to learn more about using EBT at Walmart, other common problems EBT users face, and much more, keep on reading! I’ve researched all there is to know on the matter!

Can You Use EBT Online At Walmart?

Walmart’s online platform accepts EBT as a valid payment form; all you have to do is fill in the required information, and your EBT benefits will automatically apply.

Additionally, you can use EBT in-store at Walmart if you wish.

Why Is Walmart EBT Online Not Working?

There are a number of reasons why your EBT funds aren’t working at Walmart, either online or in a physical store.

However, the most popular explanation is that the EBT card (which is similar to a debit card) is expired.

That said, your EBT card won’t work if it is expired, and Walmart won’t accept the funds as a form of payment.

Regarding online shopping, the most common reason EBT doesn’t work is that Walmart’s online server is down.

Keep in mind that Walmart makes millions of online sales every day, and occasionally the platform experiences lags and glitches.

How Do You Fix Walmart EBT?

How Do You Fix Walmart EBT?

If you try to use EBT on Walmart.com and the payment method isn’t working, you can take a few quick steps to resolve the problem.

1. Check That Your EBT Card Is Connected To Your Account

This is a pretty easy fix and a common reason why peoples’ EBT cards aren’t working while shopping online at Walmart.

That said, make sure your EBT card is connected to your Walmart account (which only takes a few moments to do).

2. Make Sure Your Items Are Eligible

Since EBT funds are government-provided, there are restrictions when it comes to what you can and cannot buy using the money.

Therefore, if some of your Walmart online shopping cart items do not qualify, you cannot use EBT to pay for them.

So, it’s best to double-check your cart and ensure you are only purchasing eligible products with EBT.

3. Activate Your EBT Card

Another popular reason EBT doesn’t work at Walmart is that the card itself has not been properly activated.

If you do not activate your EBT card, you cannot purchase items anywhere, including Walmart.

To activate your EBT card, there should be instructions to set a unique PIN associated with the card.

4. Check Your Internet Connection

If Walmart.com isn’t allowing your EBT payment to go through, check your internet connection.

If you are shopping with a weak or nonexistent internet connection, your EBT payments will likely be denied or stuck processing.

Therefore, it’s always best to shop online at Walmart when you have safe and reliable WiFi access.

5. Uninstall The Walmart App

One easy quick-fix strategy to solve EBT issues is uninstalling the Walmart app. Fortunately, the items in your cart won’t be deleted, so you can uninstall and reinstall the Walmart app.

After doing so, try to use your EBT funds to pay for items again.

Often, the Walmart app experiences slow download and processing speeds because of its size and the number of people who use it.

6. Check Your Time Slots

If you set a specific time slot for your Walmart delivery and your EBT payment isn’t working, the items may have become unavailable while you were shopping.

Although this doesn’t happen often, it will prevent your payment method and order from processing.

So, make sure you check the time slot associated with your order and edit the items if necessary.

How Do You Use EBT On Walmart Online?

Recently, Walmart began accepting EBT for online purchases. So, if you want to use your EBT funds to buy items from Walmart, follow these steps to get started:

  • Sign in to your Walmart delivery account
  • Click on “Payment Methods” (you should see an option to add your EBT card to your account if your local store accepts EBT)
  • Add your EBT card information
  • Click on “Save Card”

After these steps, you can shop on Walmart.com, knowing your EBT funds will cover qualifying items.

That said, your cart will automatically indicate the total for EBT-eligible items and the amount that requires an alternate payment.

What Can You Buy With EBT At Walmart?

Fortunately, several items qualify for EBT and are also sold at Walmart. With that, here is a list of the qualifying items that EBT funds cover:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meat, poultry, and fish
  • Dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese)
  • Bread and cereals
  • Snack foods (granola bars, crackers, etc.)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages; and
  • Seeds and plants

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Fortunately, Walmart accepts EBT to pay for qualifying items. However, if you experience an issue using EBT at Walmart, don’t panic. With that said, one of the most common reasons EBT isn’t working at Walmart is because the card is either expired or hasn’t been activated yet.

Additionally, make sure you’re using EBT to pay for qualifying items because Walmart won’t accept the funds if the products don’t meet federal requirements.

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