Why Isn’t FedEx Delivery Manager Working? (7 Reasons Why)

FedEx Delivery Manager is a free tool that gives you more control over when, where, and how you receive packages being shipped to your home. When it works, you can make plans to be at home for delivery or you can request that your package be held until later.

However, when this doesn’t work, all kinds of frustration ensues. So, in this article, we’ll share 7 reasons why the  FedEx Delivery Manager isn’t working and what to do to fix the issue!

Why Isn’t FedEx Delivery Manager Working in 2024?

Most FedEx Delivery Manager issues are related to the address you’re trying to register in 2024. You may experience problems if you’ve only lived at your current address for a couple of months or if the address on your driver’s license doesn’t match your current address. Problems may also arise if the FedEx verification code is incorrect or expired.

There are even more reasons why you’re not able to use FedEx Delivery Manager, so make sure to keep reading to find out what they are!

1. You Haven’t Lived at Your Current Address Long Enough

If you’ve recently moved to a new place and are eager to get your mailing needs sorted out, it can be annoying when FedEx Delivery Manager won’t let you register.

Unfortunately, this will happen if you’ve lived at your residence for less than 3 months.

The Delivery Manager’s verification won’t work if you’ve lived somewhere for a shorter period of time.

Some sources even state that the Delivery Manager signup process won’t work if you’ve lived somewhere for less than 1 year and haven’t received any FedEx Deliveries during that time.

To resolve this issue, try waiting a few months, then registering again. It may also be helpful to receive a FedEx delivery during this time to help you establish residency.

2. Your Driver’s License Doesn’t Match Your Current Address

For the Delivery Manager to work, you need to show that your current address matches the address listed on your driver’s license.

If the two addresses don’t match, the verification process won’t work and you won’t be able to register.

Fixing this issue is easy; simply head to the DMV and get your license updated.

3. Your Address Isn’t Listed in the FedEx Database

If you recently moved to a newly constructed house, you may have issues registering for FedEx Delivery Manager.

This is because FedEx uses a map system to register addresses.

This system is only updated once every few years, so new addresses don’t show up right away (and may not show up for several years).

Contacting Customer Support may help get your address registered more quickly, but there could still be a waiting period of several months.

4. Your Name Is Associated With Another Delivery Manager Account

4. Your Name Is Associated With Another Delivery Manager Account FedEx

Another reason you may be blocked from registering for a Delivery Manager account is that your name is associated with another account at a different address.

This can happen when you created an account in the past and forgot about it before moving.

You can try to recover your account using the lost password tool.

Otherwise, you can try registering for a new account with the name of someone else living at your address (e.g. a child or a spouse).

5. You Entered an Incorrect Code

In order to complete your Delivery Manager registration online, FedEx will text you a code. After you receive the code, you must enter it into the website.

Because this code is used for verification purposes, you’ll run into problems if you enter the wrong code.

Before doing anything else, check to make sure that you entered the code correctly.

It seems silly, but a small typo could be the only thing preventing you from registering for a Delivery Manager account.

If you’ve double-checked the code and are still experiencing problems with registration, try requesting a new code to see if that resolves the issue.

6. You Entered an Expired Code

Just like entering the wrong verification code will prevent you from registering for Delivery Manager, so will entering an expired code.

That’s because this code is only valid for 10 minutes. So, if you try entering it later than that, you’ll need to request a new code.

7. FedEx’s Systems Are Down

Just like any website, FedEx occasionally runs into technical issues. Sometimes these issues affect customers’ ability to register for Delivery Manager.

You’ll know an IT issue is behind your registration woes if you receive a message saying “we are unable to process your request at this moment.”

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to resolve this issue on your own. Your best bet is to wait for FedEx to correct the issue.

If you’ve waited several days without any luck, you can contact FedEx Customer Support to move the process along. 

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As you can see, there are many explanations for why you’re not able to access FedEx’s Delivery Manager tool. Most are related to address and verification code issues. However, it’s also possible that a FedEx server is down.

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