Will IKEA Furniture Fit In My Car? (Must Know Before Going To IKEA)

IKEA is beloved among shoppers for its great prices and variety of self-assembly furniture, from small items to couches, bed frames, and more.

But you might be wondering about how to get the larger furniture at home—will IKEA furniture fit into your car? Read on to find out more!

Will IKEA Furniture Fit In My Car?

Even if your car is small, the compact nature of IKEA’s furniture packaging means that you will likely be able to fit the flatpack furniture items in. If you can’t fit all IKEA furniture items into your car, IKEA’s delivery service will get the furniture to your door for a flat fee of $49.

So, how can you best fit IKEA furniture into your car? Here’s what I found out about it.

How Do I Fit IKEA Furniture In My Car?

To get more furniture from IKEA to your house in one trip, completely clear out your car’s trunk and back seat areas, and if possible, fold down the back seats for extra space.

Then, make sure to stack the boxes as efficiently as you can, utilizing all space.

If an item is a bit too big to allow the trunk to close fully, you can use a bungee cord system to secure the boxes and tie down the trunk hatch, letting the longer boxes stick out.

Ask IKEA’s customer service desk for a colorful flag to put on the exposed box to draw other drivers’ attention to it.

Additionally, don’t forget to see our related post on how big IKEA furniture boxes are so you can be sure they fit into your car!

How Does IKEA Make Items Fit In Your Car?

IKEA’s products are in pieces, and one piece of furniture often comes in multiple boxes of varying sizes.

Because of this, their boxing is compressed and flat, which means you can stack them easily in your car. IKEA experts recommend that you fit smaller boxes in with the large ones to maximize your usage of car space.

If you look at the packing process as a kind of Tetris game, you should be able to squeeze in more items than you think!

To learn more, you can see our guide on how many boxes of furniture come in at IKEA.

What Kinds of IKEA Furniture Will Fit In My Car?

After some experimentation, some large IKEA furniture items will fit into a typical hatchback-style car with the back seats folded down. Here are 12 items that will fit in a small car:

  •  “Karlstad” Sofa
  • “Strandmon” Wing Chair and Footstool
  • “Bjursta/Börje” Dining Set
  • “Poäng” Chair and Footstool
  •  “Hemnes” Bed
  •  “Billy” Bookcase 
  •  “Kallax” Shelf
  •  “Micke” Desk
  •  “Malm” Dresser 
  • The IKEA “Baby Room Set”, including crib, mattress, rug, cabinet, and wall lamp

If you are yet to purchase your IKEA products, you can see my guide on how long IKEA furniture lasts so you know the lifespan of various products.

Conclusion: Will IKEA Furniture Fit In My Car?

IKEA furniture can definitely fit in your car. While you may not be able to fit some of the larger pieces if you have a small vehicle, IKEA makes their packaging as transport-friendly as possible, with compact, flat boxes designed to fit into your car like solving a puzzle. But if the item is just too big, you can rely on IKEA’s delivery service to bring it straight from store to door.

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