Will UPS Print My Label? (All You Need to Know)

Modern shipping companies have provided customers with many new conveniences, one of which is the ability to print your label at home.

But what if you can’t or don’t want to print your own label- will UPS print your label for you, and what do you need to know before you ask? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Will UPS Print My Label In [currentyear]?

UPS will print your label for you if you can’t print your own. Most UPS stores charge a fee to print your label, typically around $5 in [currentyear]. If you’re unable to visit UPS, you can also arrange for your courier to bring the label and shipping paperwork to you when your package is picked up.

If you want to learn more about what goes into printing a UPS label and what your options are if you wish to avoid printing your own, read on!

How Much Does UPS Charge to Print a Label?

Generating a UPS shipping label on the UPS website is free. However, you do need to plan to pay for postage and any other additional features like delivery signatures you may have added to your package.

If you’re looking to have UPS print the shipping label for you rather than doing it yourself, most UPS locations charge a small fee of around $5.

If you’re looking to avoid paying this fee, but don’t have a way of printing out a label at home, you can always use the printers at local libraries or office supplies stores.

Can UPS Drivers Print a Label for You?

Can UPS Drivers Print a Label for You?

While your neighborhood UPS driver certainly doesn’t have a printer in the passenger seat of their car, there are ways you can have UPS print your shipping label for you while you stay at home!

When you’re shipping a package with UPS, but aren’t making a trip to a UPS location, the first step is to visit the company website.

From the UPS homepage, you can click “ship” to put in all of your package’s necessary info such as it’s weight, where you’re shipping from, and where you’re shipping to so you can see what shipping services are available and work best for your needs.

After you select a shipping service, you can schedule a pick-up window for your local UPS driver to come to grab your package for you and pay for it- no label printing required!

When your UPS driver comes to pick up the package, they’ll come with all of your shipping paperwork and verify that your package’s weight and dimensions match those on the label before affixing it to your package and loading it onto their truck.

How Do I Print a UPS Label with a Tracking Number?

This question can mean two things: is there a way to print a UPS label using only the tracking number, or is there a way to print a UPS label with a tracking number on it? If you’re looking to print a UPS label with a tracking number on the label itself, you’re in luck!

UPS automatically prints a package’s tracking number on the label, located above the bigger barcode and under the shipping service being used (ie UPS Ground or UPS 3 Day Select).

If you were trying to find out if you can print or reprint a UPS label using the tracking number, the answer is yes, although only in certain circumstances.

You can only print or reprint a UPS shipping label using a tracking number if you have or make a UPS My Choice account, which you can create for free here.

Once you create or log in to your UPS My Choice account, you’ll be able to see all packages associated with your address in one place.

From there, you can either find the package whose tracking number correlates to the number of the package whose label you need to print, or you can visit the “Shipment History” and reprint your package’s label from there.

If you want more in-depth instructions on how to reprint a label using the “Shipment History” page on UPS My Choice, you can visit this page on the UPS website.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on whether or not UPS updates tracking, if UPS laminate, and if UPS delivers on Sundays.


UPS does offer options for customers who can’t or don’t want to print their own labels at home. You can either visit your local UPS store and have an employee help you print your label for a small fee of $5, or you can opt to have your UPS driver bring your shipping paperwork with them when they come to pick up your package.

You can only use your tracking number to print or reprint a UPS label if you have or create a UPS My Choice account- from there, you can either match up the tracking numbers on the “track a shipment” page, or reprint it from the “shipment history” page.

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