Working at Advance Auto Parts Auto Parts (Is It a Good Job, What Staff Like & Dislike, Pay + More)

When looking for a job, it’s important to know how a company operates and what the work environment is like to determine whether it’s a good fit for you.

That being said, Advance Auto Parts employs more than 60,000 employees in its stores. But, is it a good place to work? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Working at Advance Auto Parts Auto Parts In [currentyear]

Some employees say that Advance Auto Parts is a good place to work because they gain knowledge about auto repair and sales, there are flexible working arrangements, and the team is fun and productive. On the other hand, other employees point out that the retailer offers poor pay, long working hours, and poor management in [currentyear].

Before sending in your application to Advance Auto Parts, read about whether it’s a good job, what staff like and dislike, and the average pay to expect!

Do Employees Feel Advance Auto Parts Is a Good Place to Work?

According to reviews by past and current Advance Auto Parts employees, the retailer gets an average rating of 3.4/5 on Glassdoor and Indeed.

These reviews show that 59% of the staff would recommend the retailer to their friends, and 64% approve their CEO.

Therefore, before applying for a job at any of the Advance Auto Parts stores, you can compare the reviews by employees to identify some of the negative issues.

What Do Staff Like About Working at Advance Auto Parts?

Based on the reviews and comments listed on sites such as and, there are mixed reactions about whether Advance Auto Parts is a good place to work.

Let’s look at some of the reasons staff like working at this company:

Gain Knowledge on Auto Parts and Repairs

If you are interested in learning more about auto parts, accessories, and repairs, Advance Auto Parts looks like the best place to start.

Since the company specializes in this area, you could gain more skills if you are mechanically inclined and if you want to expand your knowledge about working on cars.

Fun Place to Work

According to Advance Auto Parts employees, this store is a fun place to work because you can collaborate with other professional team members.

Additionally, the culture is friendly, which is a plus for most employees because they are able to feel at home while working.

Flexible Hours

Employees have flexible hours and shifts, making it easier to deliver on their daily tasks.

Therefore, if you are working part-time, you can get an opportunity to go to work and schedule other activities.

Employee Benefits and Discounts

Current Advance Auto Parts employees say that they receive a 20% discount on parts that are not already on sale.

This discount applies if you buy the items in person at the Carquest or Advance Auto Parts stores.

What Do Employees Dislike About Working at Advance Auto Parts?

What Do Employees Dislike About Working at Advance Auto Parts?

While Advance Auto has positive reviews, there are also some negative comments about the working environment. Here are some of the things that the staff dislike about this retailer:

Poor Pay

There are many comments and reviews about the poor pay at Advance Auto Parts. On average, Advance Auto Parts pays $11.48 an hour to its employees.

Among all the roles, delivery drivers, sales associates, customer service associates, and cashiers are the lowest-paid staff at Advance Auto Parts.

While cashiers earn $9.42 an hour, customer service associates get paid $10.37, and sales associates make $11.96.

If you compare the different departments at Advance Auto Parts, the sales and retail sections make less money than the management.

Directors and branch managers make more money, but the amount varies based on the experience level and location.

Staff members don’t like this because they are expected to go above and beyond while the pay is quite low, which is demoralizing.

Poor Management

Advance Auto Parts employees have an issue with the management team. Based on reviews, the management doesn’t communicate with the rest of the team efficiently.

In addition, some of the managers and team leaders micromanage the employees too much, making it hard to deliver on their tasks.

Because of the poor support from the management, most Advance Auto Parts employees don’t feel well supported.

Limited Career Advancement

There’s a limited chance of growth once you get employed at Advance Auto Parts. Most of the staff don’t move to upper-level management for several years, which can be demotivating.

Part-Time Employees Don’t Recieve Benefits

Benefits at Advance Auto Parts are given to full-time salaried team members after 30 days of employment.

Therefore, this policy exempts most part-time employees from the company benefits. This is one of the negative reviews about the work environment at Advance Auto Parts.

Does Advance Auto Parts Pay Well?

Generally, Advance Auto Parts employees are paid according to their roles and ranks.

While staff in the management level make more money, the lower level staff such as cashiers and drivers earn less money.

In addition, the pay varies depending on the location of the store.

According to the reported salaries, Blasdell, NY, has the highest average salary, with employees earning an average salary of $46,833.

Furthermore, Advance Auto Parts staff are paid biweekly; therefore, you should have this information before getting employed at one of these stores.

You might need to work more hours to make more money if you are just starting out because the pay is quite low. However, as you advance, the pay increases.

What Are the Benefits of Working at Advance Auto Parts?

Apart from the regular salary, employees at Advance Auto Parts enjoy various employment benefits.

Advance Auto Parts offers a comprehensive health and wellness benefit program for the staff and their families.

Once you’re employed, the benefits include a 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan, paid maternity leave, and a company-provided Basic Life Insurance.

Keep in mind that you’ll become eligible for these benefits after 30 days of employment if you are a full-time salaried team member.

In contrast, a full-time hourly staff member becomes eligible after 90 days of employment.

In addition, employees receive different health plans, with a range of coverage levels and costs.

These include medical, vision, dental, health savings accounts, prescription drugs, and medical and dependent flexible spending accounts.

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Some employees say that Advance Auto Parts is a good place to work because they gain knowledge about auto repair and sales, there are flexible working arrangements, and the team is fun and productive.

On the other hand, other employees point out that  Advance Auto offers poor pay, long working hours, and poor management. As a new employee in lower management, the pay might be too low, but it improves as you advance in the company.

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