​​Family Dollar Dress Code (Shoes, Hats, Tattoos + More)

Starting a new job can be exciting. But, it can also be slightly stressful. There’s the excitement of earning a paycheck and having new experiences paired with the nervousness about following all the rules and policies.

Any new employee has one common question: What is the dress code? If you’re starting a new job at Family Dollar and are wondering about the dress code, look no further. Here’s what I discovered about the matter!

Family Dollar Dress Code In 2024

Family Dollar employees wear a red polo shirt and dark colored or khaki pants as of 2024. Also, workers must have good hygiene and be presentable in appearance. Additionally, most Family Dollar stores don’t allow employees to wear hats. At some Family Dollar stores, employees can have tattoos, piercings, and unnatural-colored hair.

For more information about Family Dollar’s policies on employees’ appearance, including if Family Dollar makes employees pay for their uniforms, keep reading!

Can Family Dollar Employees Wear Hats?

According to Family Dollar’s employee handbook, there isn’t a “no hats” policy in place. However, according to some workers, hats are not permitted at Family Dollar.

Again, if unsure about your store’s hat policy, it’s best to ask your manager.

Do Family Dollar Employees Have To Tuck In Their Shirts?

Because Family Dollar asks workers to have a neat appearance, it’s best to tuck your shirt in while you’re on the clock.

However, some workers report they can leave their shirts untucked while working.

In reality, whether tucked in or not, a Family Dollar store associate’s shirt must fit correctly and not be wrinkly or dirty.

Overall, a neat appearance is far more important than whether you tuck your shirt in or not.

Does Family Dollar Provide Uniforms?

The uniform at Family Dollar is quite simple, consisting of a plain red polo shirt and neat, dark-colored pants or capris. Unfortunately, Family Dollar doesn’t pay for these clothing items.

Instead, Family Dollar expects employees to buy their own red polos, which might be available for purchase directly from the company.

Otherwise, workers can simply purchase a plain red polo from elsewhere.

Either way, workers are asked to pay for their shirts and pants. However, if this is a hardship for you, definitely make this known to your manager as soon as possible.

Can Employees Have Tattoos At Family Dollar?

While tattoos were generally not permitted or asked to be covered at Family Dollar, this doesn’t appear to be the policy anymore.

At present, many store employees have noted that tattoos are allowed while working at Family Dollar.

In general, many businesses don’t allow employees to have face tattoos. Also, obscene or offensive tattoos will almost certainly not be permitted.

Further, any other questionable or objectionable tattoos may be prohibited as well.

Still, if you are worried about whether or not you can leave your tattoos uncovered, it’s best to ask your Family Dollar manager before showing up to work.

What Type Of Shoes Can I Wear To Work At Family Dollar?

What Type Of Shoes Can I Wear To Work At Family Dollar?

At Family Dollar, employees’ shoes must be non-slip and comfortable. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be an official policy on shoes at Family Dollar.

Tennis shoes or other comfortable footwear are likely the most popular option, but flats may also be an acceptable alternative.

Does Family Dollar Have A Policy About Dyed Hair?

While Family Dollar used to say no unnaturally dyed hair, many store associates have said they’re now allowed to have various hair colors.

If in doubt, it would be smart to check with your store manager to see if your hair color is acceptable.

Also, it’s important to note this policy only refers to unnatural hair colors, like pink, blue, or green.

So, if you choose to dye your hair from blonde to brown while working at Family Dollar, that won’t be a problem.

Does Family Dollar Allow Employees To Have Facial Hair?

At Family Dollar, employees must have a neat appearance, which extends to facial hair.

So, while people are permitted to have facial hair, it must be neat and cared for while they’re on the job.

Further, employees are absolutely within their rights to have a beard, mustache, or other types of facial hair.

But, while they’re working at Family Dollar, it simply must be well-groomed and clean with proper hygiene.

Can I Have Piercings While Working At Family Dollar?

Multiple piercings may be discouraged for Family Dollar workers. Again, if this policy isn’t clear, definitely check with your manager before showing up to work.

As for traditional ear piercings, there doesn’t seem to be any policy prohibiting this type of jewelry at Family Dollar.

However, multiple rows of ear piercings may not be allowed, so double check on that with your store manager.

To sum up, body piercings are sometimes discouraged at customer service-type jobs.

Still, Family Dollar’s official stance on the matter isn’t set in stone, so find out whether or not you can leave piercings in while at work.

Can Family Dollar Employees Wear Shorts To Work?

Yes, at Family Dollar, shorts may be allowed in particular weather or situations. However, any shorts worn must be neat and not too short in length.

Also, Family Dollar requires that shorts, or pants for that matter, must be free of rips or excessive fading.

In general, shorts are only allowed during the hot summer months at Family Dollar. Otherwise, they’re not permitted.

Most of the year, long pants are required at Family Dollar, although, in some instances, capris are allowed.

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For workers at Family Dollar, the uniform policy is a basic red polo that’s clean and neat in appearance. Additionally, pants must be dark-colored or khaki and free of rips or fading.

Regarding shoes, they should be non-slip and comfortable as you may be on your feet for long periods.

Further, any tattoos must be tasteful with no obscene or offensive pictures or language.

As always, if you’re uncertain about a dress code or appearance policy, ask your Family Dollar manager and take time to review any employee handbook.

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