15 Things To Know Before Visiting Walmart Printing (Services Available, Online Ordering + More)

One of the many benefits of shopping at Walmart is that, not only can you find all the physical products you need, the retail giant also has several services available, like printing.

If you need to print a large number of business cards, wedding invitations, or promotional materials, you might consider using Walmart’s printing services. Therefore, here are 15 things you need to know before using Walmart’s printing services!


15 Things To Know Before Visiting Walmart Printing In 2024

1. FedEx and Walmart Have a Business Partnership

Walmart offers printing services in a partnership with FedEx Office.

Further, some Walmart stores have FedEx Offices located inside the store, making printing services much more convenient.

Unfortunately, not every Walmart location has a FedEx Office inside the store, so make sure you check before heading to the store (see below).

2. Several Printing Jobs Available

With Walmart’s printing services, there are endless products you can customize and print. Also, the prices for printing services are reasonable for the quality products you receive.

That said, here are some of the more popular orders Walmart’s printing center receives:

  • Mounted posters (24″ x 36″ ): $49.99
  • Color flyers: 25 for $14.99
  • Color brochures: 25 for $24.99
  • Banners (indoor and outdoor, 3′ x 5′): $29.99 each
  • Yard signs (one-sided, 18” x 24” on corrugated plastic): $19.99 each
  • And much more!

Also, since Walmart partners with FedEx Office to provide printing jobs, you can place your order in-store or online using FedEx’s website.

3. FedEx Also Offers Other Services

In addition to top-quality printing jobs, FedEx Office also provides other office-related services.

For example, some of the other helpful services FedEx Office has available through Walmart include:

  • Paper shredding: $0.99 per pound
  • Self-serve scanning: $0.25 per page
  • Passport photos: two for $12.99
  • Resume printing package: ten resume copies and a folder for $3.99
  • Shipping boxes: $1.75 per box

4. Easy to Find the Closest In-Store FedEx Office

Because not every Walmart store has a FedEx Office available in-store, Walmart makes it very simple to find the nearest one.

By using Walmart’s store locator, you can see where the closest in-store FedEx Office is located.

To do so, simply type in your zip code, and click on “Details” by the Walmart location you’re curious about.

Additionally, you can use the store locator on FedEx’s website to find the closest FedEx Office, whether it’s inside a Walmart store or not.

5. You Can Place a Printing Order Online

One convenient aspect of using FedEx Office is placing an order entirely online. So, if you know exactly what you’d like to order, the FedEx Office website makes it simple to place an order.

Additionally, the website will occasionally have deals or coupon codes to help you save even more money!

6. FedEx Office Accepts Multiple Types of Files

Another way FedEx Office and Walmart make printing jobs even easier is by accepting several different types of files for both images and text.

For example, FedEx Office accepts the following types of files for documents:

  • .pdf (Adobe Acrobat)
  • .doc (Microsoft Word)
  • .ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • .xls (Microsoft Excel)
  • .kdf (FedEx Office)
  • .rtf
  • .txt

Further, FedEx Office allows you use the following types of files for images:

  • .pg
  • .ps
  • .gif
  • .jpeg
  • .jpe
  • .dib
  • .jp2
  • .jff
  • .tiff
  • .tif
  • .bmp
  • .png

Also, FedEx Office recommends using files under 150 MB that are high-resolution PDFs or JPEGs for the best printing results.

7. You Can Save Unfinished Online FedEx Office Orders

7. You Can Save Unfinished Online FedEx Office Orders Walmart

As previously noted, FedEx Office allows you to place printing jobs online and later pick them up at a Walmart store.

However, to make the process even more stress-free, the FedEx Office website allows you to start an order online and save your progress before it’s complete.

Further, after you sign in to your FedEx Office account, the website will automatically save your documents periodically.

8. You Cannot Print Copyright Files

Before using FedEx Office, one important thing to know is that you cannot print any type of copyright material.

Further, FedEx prohibits the printing of any materials that are the subject of or which infringe upon the following:

  • A patent
  • A trademark
  • A trade name
  • A trade secret
  • A copyright
  • A right of publicity
  • A moral right
  • Any other intellectual property right of another person or entity

9. There Are Numerous Template Designs

If you’re not sure where to start in regards to your printing job, FedEx Office has got you covered!

That said, FedEx Office and Canva have a business partnership that offers customers endless amounts of templates for your design.

So, whatever you plan on printing (business cards, yard signs, promotional posters), there’s a template out there to help you get started!

10. FedEx Office Hours Vary From Regular Walmart Store Hours

Before heading to the FedEx Office at your local Walmart, it’s essential that you check on the store hours, as FedEx Office hours vary from Walmart’s regular store hours.

Fortunately, you can learn the FedEx Office store hours by using the Walmart store locator. Usually, in-store FedEx Office hours run from 9 am to 6 pm, but this can vary by location.

11. Walmart’s Photo Center Provides Printing Services

Walmart’s Photo Center is a perfect alternative if you’re printing photos or other things for leisure and not for business.

Also, if your local Walmart doesn’t have a FedEx Office in-store, it will likely have a Photo Center so you can take care of all your printing needs.

Further, Walmart Photo Centers let you print the following things:

  • Regular photo prints (multiple sizes and finishes)
  • Invitations (birthday parties, weddings, religious ceremonies)
  • Customizable content (blankets, calendars, mousepads)
  • Home decor
  • And much more!

12. A Lot of Options for Photo Prints From Walmart

Photo prints at Walmart come in a variety of sizes and a couple of different finishes, glossy or matte. For example, Walmart Photo Centers print pictures in the following sizes:

  • Four by six inches
  • Five by seven inches
  • Eight by ten inches
  • 5 by 3.5 inches
  • Four by 5.3 inches
  • Four by four inches
  • Five by five inches
  • Eight by eight inches

13. Pick up Photos in as Little as an Hour

Like FedEx Office printing jobs, you can order prints from the Walmart Photo Center entirely online.

Then, after placing an order online, you can pick it up at the closest Walmart in as soon as an hour if the products qualify!

In fact, the Walmart Photo Center website has an entire section, entitled “Pickup Today,” dedicated to products you can pick up the same day.

14. Print Pictures Directly From Your Phone

Another convenient aspect of printing photos through Walmart’s Photo Center is that you can use an app on your phone. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Download the One-Hour Photo or Same Day Prints app (available on the Apple app store and Google Play)
  • Open the Walmart photo app and choose your pictures to print (the app is automatically connected to your photo library)
  • Select your sizes, quantities, and pick up location
  • The app will give you a notification when your order is ready to pick up

15. You Can Return Personalized Photo Prints 

At Walmart, every product and service falls under the company’s satisfaction guarantee.

So, if you’re not happy with your photo prints, personalized items, or any other photo products from Walmart’s Photo Center, you can return them.

However, you must return the products within 90 days of the initial order.

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Walmart prints business cards, if Walmart prints photos, and if Walmart laminates documents & cards.


There are several printing services available at Walmart, either through an in-store FedEx Office or with Walmart’s Photo Center.

When you print through FedEx Office, you can place an order online and pick it up at a Walmart store. Also, FedEx Office allows you to print things like marketing materials, cards, yard signs, posters, and much more!

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