15 Things To Know Before Visiting Walmart Photo Center

At Walmart, millions of customers shop online and in-store to purchase all the products they need, including groceries, small appliances, home decor, and much more. In addition to these products, Walmart also makes it easy to print photos from your phone or computer.

But if you’ve never printed photos at Walmart before, you may have some questions. So, here are 15 things you need to know before utilizing Walmart’s Photo Center!

15 Things To Know Before Visiting Walmart Photo Center

1. Finding The Closest Walmart Photo Center Is Straightforward

If you’re not sure whether your local Walmart has an in-store Photo Center, the Walmart website makes it easy to find the closest one.

That said, with Walmart’s store locator, you can see where the nearest Walmart Photo Center is.

After opening the store locator, type in your zip code, and the website automatically generates the Walmart stores nearby.

Then, click on “Details” to see whether or not the Walmart store has a Photo Center under “Services At This Store.”

2. Photo Center Hours Vary From Regular Store Hours

Usually, the Walmart Photo Center hours vary from the regular store hours. That said, normal Walmart Photo Center hours begin at 10 am and close at 8 pm.

However, the hours vary based on location, so check with your local Walmart to see when the Photo Center is open.

Further, you can identify the Walmart Photo Center hours using the store locator.

3. You Can Print Photos In-Store At Walmart

At the Walmart stores with in-store Photo Centers, you can upload and print your photos at the self-serving kiosks.

With that, Walmart Photo Centers allow you to upload pictures from your phone, SD card, or a jump drive.

Then, you can print your photos within minutes, so you don’t have to worry about extended wait times.

4. There Are Several Same-Day Printing Options

Through Walmart’s Photo Center, there are two ways to print and pick up your photos; in-store or via the online Photo Center portal.

That said, even if you order photo prints online at Walmart, you can still pick them up the same day you place the order.

For example, here are some of the same-day items you can print at Walmart:

  • Regular photos
  • Passport photos
  • Wallet prints
  • Collage prints
  • Seasonal cards
  • Wall art (only available for some products)

After you place the online order, you can send it to the nearest Walmart location and pick it up at your convenience.

5. Walmart Sells Customizable Blankets

Similar to other photo printing companies like Shutterfly, Walmart allows customers to customize items like blankets with their own photos printed on the item.

In fact, Walmart’s customizable blankets are one of the more popular items the Photo Center sells. Further, some of the types of blankets you can buy at Walmart include:

  • Fleece blankets: Start at $25.00
  • Plush blankets: Start at $30.00
  • Sherpa blankets: Start at $35.00
  • Woven blankets: Start at $59.96

Regarding the prices, there are added fees if you decide to create a photo collage or add text to the design.

6. Walmart And Photo Prints Plus Have A Partnership

In an attempt to make printing photos simpler, Walmart and Photo Prints Plus developed a partnership.

With that, Photo Prints Plus allows you to download pictures directly from your phone and send the order to your nearest Walmart.

Further, Photo Prints Plus is an app that’s compatible with iPhones and Androids, letting you select pictures directly from your phone’s library and transfer them onto the app.

Additionally, photos from Photo Prints Plus are usually ready within an hour.

7. Photo Prints Are Inexpensive At Walmart

7. Photo Prints Are Inexpensive At Walmart

One reason so many people print photos at Walmart is the prices. That said, printing pictures at Walmart starts at only $0.09 for a four-by-six-inch photo.

From there, the prices increase as the size of the image gets larger. For example, here’s a list of the prices for photo prints from Walmart:

  • Four by five print: $0.19
  • Four by four print: $0.25
  • Eight by ten print: $2.84
  • 12 by 12 print: $7.86
  • 24 by 36 print: $20.86

As you can see, when you pair Walmart’s low prices with convenient pickup and delivery options, it’s clear why the Photo Center is so popular.

8. You Can Create And Customize Cards

On top of standard photo prints, Walmart’s online Photo Center also allows you to customize and print cards for a variety of occasions.

For example, you can customize the following types of cards at Walmart Photo Centers:

  • Seasonal cards
  • Invitations
  • Christmas cards
  • Graduation cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Business cards
  • Address labels
  • And much more!

9. Order Photos Online And Pick Them Up In-Store

Sometimes, when you order pictures from Walmart’s Photo Center online and deliver them to your house, there’s a shipping fee added to your total.

However, if you place the order online and ship it to the store, it’s an easy way to avoid shipping charges.

Then, the Walmart Photo Center will send you a notification to your email or phone when your order is ready to pick up.

10. Shutterfly Offers Cheaper Photo Prints

Although printing photos at Walmart’s Photo Center is very inexpensive, sometimes, you can save money by ordering photos through Shutterfly.

At Shutterfly, you can print your pictures on almost anything you can imagine.

Also, when you create a Shutterfly account, the company consistently sends you deals and discounts, like free shipping or money off your total purchase.

Additionally, customers note that the photo quality from Shutterfly is a little better compared to Walmart.

11. Walmart Photo Center Charges Delivery Fees

As previously mentioned, when you order photos through Walmart’s online Photo Center and have them shipped to your house, there are shipping fees.

That said, all Walmart Photo Center orders are subject to a $4 shipping fee. However, Walmart offers free shipping if your order totals over $35 before taxes. 

12. Create A Walmart Photo Center Account

Another benefit of creating photo projects through Walmart’s Photo Center is that you can save your progress and return to the project later.

So, if you’re not sure what pictures you want to use for your wedding invitations, you don’t have to worry about making the right decision immediately.

That said, all you have to do is create an account with Walmart’s Photo Center, and you can save your progress on projects.

13. Track Your Walmart Photo Center Order

Like other online Walmart orders, you can track your Walmart Photo Center orders. That said, to track your Walmart Photo Center deliveries, follow these steps:

  • Choose “Account” at the top of the Walmart webpage
  • Sign in to your account
  • Select “Track Orders”
  • Find your recent order and select “See Order Status” next to the order number
  • Select “Track Shipment” (which will appear if your order is still processing)

14. You Can Add Text To Photo Products

With Walmart’s Photo Center, not only can you customize items with pictures of your choosing, but you can also add text.

To do so, click the “T” icon below the product description and move the box to place the text where you want.

15. Walmart Photo Center Has A Satisfaction Guarantee

At Walmart, there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee that applies to every product, including photos.

That said, if you’re not entirely happy with your photos from Walmart, visit the customer service desk and request a refund.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Walmart prints photos, if Walmart takes passport photos, and things to know before visiting Walmart printing.


Printing photos at Walmart is a convenient and inexpensive way to get all the pictures from your phone or computer into your hands.

Also, Walmart offers same-day photo pickups and delivery options. Finally, Walmart’s Photo Center lets you customize items like blankets and calendars with your pictures.

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