Ace Hardware Dress Code (Hats, Leggings, Hair, Tattoos, Shorts + More)

Ace Hardware is the largest cooperative hardware store in the world, specializing in providing services and items such as tools and raw materials. With over 7500 current employees, Ace Hardware can be a great company to work for.

If you’re considering working for Ace Hardware, you may be wondering what their dress code is. After doing some digging, here is what I have learned!

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The dress code at Ace Hardware usually consists of a plain t-shirt, with cargo pants, shorts, or smart jeans. Shoes worn at Ace Hardware include tennis shoes or steel-toed shoes depending on your department. The uniform at Ace Hardware is a uniform logo t-shirt or vest, as well as a name tag that is worn alongside your radio.

For more information about the dress code at Ace Hardware, including what you cannot wear and if you are permitted to have tattoos and piercings, then keep reading!

What is the Dress Code for Ace Hardware?

The dress code for Ace Hardware is usually smart casual. Employees should be well-covered and not inappropriately dressed.

Usual work attire at Ace Hardware includes a t-shirt, shirt, or long sleeve shirt underneath an Ace Hardware work vest or apron, or an Ace Hardware shirt.

Pants worn at Ace Hardware include plain jeans, cargo pants, and modest shorts.

Additionally, Ace Hardware employees are also required to wear closed-toed shoes, such as tennis shoes. Depending on your department at Ace Hardware, you may be required to wear steel-toed shoes to protect your feet while working.

What is the Ace Hardware Uniform?

There are several options for a uniform at Ace Hardware. Most Ace Hardware employees will wear the red Ace Hardware vest with their name badge attached, or an Ace Hardware t-shirt or polo shirt with a name badge.

If you are a senior employee at Ace Hardware, you may be expected to wear more formal attire such as a shirt underneath your Ace Hardware vest.

The department you work in at Ace Hardware may have variations on the uniform, including protective equipment such as helmets, steel toed-shoes, and more.

As Ace Hardware is a franchise, each store will have its own variant on the uniform policy, therefore it is important to ensure you check with your manager or supervisor about the specifics of the uniform.

Can I Wear Jeans at Ace Hardware?

Can I Wear Jeans at Ace Hardware?

As well as khaki pants or cargo pants, you are permitted to wear jeans at Ace Hardware.

The jeans worn for work at Ace Hardware should be denim jeans in the colors black or blue, and must be plain with no holes or tears.

Additionally, it is required that Ace Hardware employees wear belts to prevent drooping pants.

Can Ace Hardware Employees Wear Hats?

Ace Hardware employees are allowed to wear hats on their shifts. The hats worn at Ace Hardware must display the Ace Hardware logo, or be Stihl or plain hats.

Also, hats worn by staff members at Ace Hardware must be worn forward-facing, and should not be worn at an angle.

Your manager has the final say of whether you are permitted to wear a hat at Ace Hardware. If you are working in a position like the checkout at Ace Hardware, you may not be able to wear a hat.

If you work in the warehouse or somewhere similar at Ace Hardware, you may be required to wear a helmet to protect yourself and therefore cannot wear a hat.

Can Ace Hardware Employees Wear Leggings?

Employees at Ace Hardware are not permitted to wear leggings, joggers, or other informal pants during their shifts.

It is expected that Ace Hardware employees will be dressed in a smart-casual manner, wearing pants such as plain jeans and cargo pants.

Can You Have Tattoos at Ace Hardware?

The tattoo policy at Ace Hardware varies depending on the store you work for, as the brand is franchised and different managers may enforce different dress code policies.

Ace Hardware usually recommended that tattoos be covered with clothing. If the tattoo is visible, it is at the discretion of your Ace Hardware manager to permit you to work.

Tattoos should not be offensive, political, or have similar inappropriate themes at Ace Hardware.

Can You Have Dyed Hair at Ace Hardware?

As with tattoos, the policy for dyed hair at Ace Hardware varies from store to store due to the business being franchised.

Naturally dyed hair is usually permitted in most workplaces, and your manager at Ace Hardware will have the final say on colored hair.

Can You Wear Shorts at Ace Hardware?

Shorts are permitted at Ace Hardware when they are seasonal.

Male store associates are able to wear shorts between May and September at Ace Hardware, but they must be denim, black, or khaki and be no more than two inches above the knee.

Management at Ace Hardware is not permitted to wear shorts.

Ladies are permitted to wear capris at Ace Hardware, and if a skirt is worn it must be knee-length or longer.

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The Ace Hardware dress code requires employees to dress in a smart casual manner, with closed-toed shoes and modest clothes. The Ace Hardware uniform consists of a red vest, red polo shirt, or a red t-shirt.

It is expected that Ace Hardware employees will wear khaki or cargo pants and jeans when working, with shorts permitted during the summer months.

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