Aldi Candles (Types, Prices, Quality, Scents + More) 

Candles are the perfect way to brighten a home, whether it’s getting rid of yesterday’s dinner smell or making sure everything is perfect before your guests arrive.

But major purveyors of fine-scented things can charge you an arm and a leg for a nice one. 

Aldi has a reputation for ultra-low prices on kitchen and pantry staples, but they have also upped their game in the home goods department with offerings like essential oils and affordable candles. How do they stack up? Let’s take a look. 

What Types Of Candles Does Aldi Sell? 

Aldi sells candles as part of both their Everyday and Aldi Finds collections. The candles come in three, two, and one-wick options, with three-wick candles most often part of the Everyday line of goods. Aldi Finds candles come in many different shapes, sizes, and scents and change seasonally. Three-wick Aldi candles start at $3.99. 

Let’s break this down further and get into detail about some of the popular types of candles Aldi sells (or has sold). 

Huntington Home Three-Wick Candles 

I have some really good news for the Bath and Body Works candle fans of the world: Aldi’s Huntington Home three-wick (14-oz) candles are total dupes for the $24 three-wicks that B&BW sells.  

That’s right: for a fraction – literally, one-sixth – of the price, the Huntington Home (HH, from here on out) collection, which currently features scents like Rosewater Sangria and Blood Orange Persimmon, to name a few, can go toe-to-toe with the best. 

In fact, Aldi announced via their social media accounts that the HH three-wicks would now be in stores all the time. 

Huntington Home Three-Wick Candles 

Some shoppers (me among them) didn’t realize they weren’t already since they had been on shelves so regularly for months, but they were happy to hear that they wouldn’t have to worry about them disappearing.  

Now, the HH candles also appear in the Aldi Finds aisles on a regular basis, too.

Different scents align with different seasons and holidays; for example, around Mother’s Day, Aldi released a Rose Bouquet scent, and in the fall, you can expect things like spiced pumpkin. 

Huntington Home Luxury One-Wick Candles 

Aldi fans over in the UK were going nuts a few years ago over the HH Luxury one-wick candles, which come in a glass jar that is taller than it is wide and features a silver lid with a black bow. 

They were going so nutty because the HH luxury candles were a total knock-off of Jo Malone London candles – which sell for almost $70 (or £50).

Aldi’s line included scents like English Pear & Freesia and Pomegranate Noir and sold for only $7 each in the US. 

Huntington Home Luxury One-Wick Candles 

These luxury one-wicks are Aldi Finds only, so they are not in stock daily.

You’ll have to keep an eye out on the circulars and Aldi’s website for the next time they’re in stock – and get to stores early! UK residents reported lines out the door for a new release in 2017. 

Huntington Home Large Jar Candles 

Occasionally Aldi releases larger jar candles by Huntington Home, which mimic the types of jar candles you might find in Yankee Candle, Bath and Body Works, or any upscale department store.

Sometimes these come with a “Signature Huntington Home” label. 

Huntington Home Large Jar Candles 

These come in different sizes, shapes, and scents but are distinguishable from the Everyday HH candles by their typically not being in clear glass jars.

Some past examples include opaque but glossy pastel glass, ceramic jars, or even ultra-wide, low three-wicks in what look like bowls. 

Huntington Home Small Jar or Tin Candles 

Additionally, Aldi releases HH candles in little jars, commonly in packs of three. During the holidays, these might come in decorative tins, or in spring; they might feature geometric and colored glass jars in a few different colors. 

Some recent and very popular examples include the frosted glass jar macaron-inspired candles.

Sold in sets of three, one set includes scents like caramel, lemon, and sea salt & vanilla, for only $7.99. 

How Much Are Aldi Candles?

How Much Are Aldi Candles?

While Aldi candles come in a range of prices, one thing that unifies them is that they are much less than their name-brand dupes. 

HH three-wicks (the Everyday line) are only $3.99 each. Larger jar candles can sell for anywhere between $5.99 to $12.99 (and might go a bit higher, depending, but I don’t think I’ve seen one more than that). 

The HH Jo Malone dupes are only $7 each, nearly one-seventh the price of the luxury brand’s product. 

You can expect to pay between $2.99 and $7.99 for the little jar sets, depending on the size and number of jars in the package. 

Are Aldi Candles Any Good? 

For the most part, even a skeptical public comes to embrace Aldi’s candles as delicious-smelling. 

Some of the highlights include the aforementioned English Pear and Freesia (this is a personal favorite of mine; I burned this one down to the bottom!), Red, White & Blueberry, and Rosewater Sangria. 

However, some people have found the candles to be too strong or the scents disagreeable. One set, in particular, a winter-themed quartet headed by It’s Snow Joke, received two big thumbs down from the Internet. 

Redditor who sniffed it said it made them “literally gag.” 

It’s all a matter of personal preference, of course, and no one will look at you funny for taking your time and sniffing everything. 

Aldi shoppers also comment on the quality of the candles, particularly the HH three-wicks. Not only are they a fraction of the price of B&BW, but also reports that they burn evenly and not too quickly, making your $4 investment even better. 

I can attest; I have a Rosewater Sangria from a few months ago that is still about half-full, with occasional use. 

Where Are Aldi Candles Located In-Store? 

Where Are Aldi Candles Located In-Store? 

Navigating to the Aldi candles in-store will take you two to a few different aisles. 

First, the HH three-wick Everyday candles are located in the household aisle, with the paper goods (think: toilet paper, paper towels). Of course, I’ve only seen them on the top shelf, nestled in their shipping boxes. 

They’re easy to spot because of their gleaming, silvery lids. 

Aldi Finds candles will of course be located in the Aldi Finds aisle, but don’t expect them all to be displayed in one place. Aldi tends to spread them out, so if you’re looking for a specific type, you’ll have to peruse with intent.  

Does Aldi Sell Wax Melts? 

Candle-adjacent wax melts are a popular flameless option, and Aldi sells them occasionally but not every day, which is unfortunate because their wax melts are just as good as their candles. 

Look out for them in the Aldi Finds section, with different scents to match the seasons, or write to Aldi and let them know you’d like them full-time in stores!

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Aldi fans know that shopping at these stores is something of a treasure hunt, and the candles are no different.  

The company mixes things up and keeps their candle variety interesting, fresh and typically very on-trend, while selling high-quality scents with long-lasting wax that cost only a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere.  

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