Aldi Complaints (How to Make One, Common Types of Complaints + More)

Aldi has been one of the most reputable grocery stores in the US and beyond, adhering to several policies and guidelines that uplift the company’s business operations.

For this reason, one might be curious about the company’s complaint procedure or may wonder how Aldi handles and receives complaints. Here’s all you need to know!

How Does Aldi Handle and Receive Complaints In 2024?

Aldi accepts complaints raised by customers in-store or online in 2024. Customers can make complaints by speaking to the in-store customer service team or remotely. Typically, Aldi’s customer service team reviews complaints that shoppers raise. If not satisfied with the outcome, a Retail ADR can review the complaint.

If you want to find more information on how Aldi handles and receives complaints, how to make one, the common types of complaints against Aldi, and much more, keep reading!

What Are Common Complaints Made Against Aldi?

According to Aldi’s customer service website, the store receives three common types of complaints, which are as follows:

  1. Complaints on online orders: covers complaints on orders, deliveries, returns, Click & collect.
  2. Complaints on Aldi’s products: covers complaints on product quality, availability, and inquiries.
  3. Complaints on Aldi’s stores: covers complaints on the overall shopping experience as well as customer service

How Do I Make a Complaint to Aldi?

If you have complaints about Aldi’s product and service offerings, you can make a complaint by visiting, writing to, or calling the store, and describing your complaint.

Suppose you are contacting Aldi to complain about a product; it’s advisable to have information on the brand, the product’s name, and the receipt available for faster action.

Furthermore, Aldi strongly advises that customers should have the batch number, barcode, and the product’s Use by Date/ Best Before Date, if applicable.

In case you are making a complaint on an online purchase, you should have the order number, email address, and postcode available for faster review and complaint resolution.

How Do I Contact Aldi to File a Complaint?

For Aldi US, you can make complaints through the following channels:

For Aldi UK, the contact channels include the following:

For Aldi Australia, the contact information for filing a complaint is as follows:

  • Phone number: 13 25 34
  • Email:
  • Support Form: Aldi Support Form
  • Aldi complaint website:
  • Tweet: @aldiaustralia
  • Corporate Head Office Address: 1 Sargents Rd, Minchinbury NSW 2770

For all the above options, the associate involved will give you a directive on how the complaint will be handled. 

What Is Aldi’s System of Receiving Complaints?

What Is Aldi’s System of Receiving Complaints?

Aldi’s system of receiving complaints is having the customer call the customer service desk, send a message, an email, or complete the complaints form available on the company’s website.

Of all these methods, the complaints form helps the company gather as much information as possible to speed up the review and resolution process.

Through directives provided on the online form, customers making complaints should indicate their personal details, including their name, address, and contact information.

Additionally, the customer is supposed to provide specific details and comments on the complaints.

For instance, if the complaint is about a store, the customer should indicate the store’s location.

Likewise, if the complaint is about a product, the customer should give specific descriptions.

Once a customer selects the type of complaint they are sending, the online form automates sections that guide the customer on how to give accurate and detailed information.

How Does Aldi Deal with Complaints?

Normally, complaints sent to Aldi are reviewed and sorted by the customer service team.

However, if the customer service team cannot resolve your complaint, or you’re dissatisfied by the outcome of the complaint, you can consult a Retail ADR to review the issue.

The Retail ADR refers to a certified Alternative Dispute Resolution provider. Aldi will take up any complaints referred by the Retail ADR and investigate them further.

Alternatively, if your complaint is about a purchase for Aldi online stores, and you are dissatisfied with the resolutions offered by customer service, you can push for further investigation.

For further investigation of your online shopping experience, you should consult the EU Online Dispute Resolution platform at

It’s important to note that submissions sent to the EU online platform are directed to the Retail ADR before being forwarded to Aldi for further review.

How Effective Is Aldi at Addressing Customer Complaints?

Fortunately, Aldi has been recognized as one supermarket that effectively handles customer complaints.

According to research documented by BBC, Aldi customer satisfaction is at 78.25%.

The good score is highly contributed by competitive pricing and the company’s effectiveness in handling customers’ complaints.

Does Aldi Give Vouchers for Complaints?

Aldi does not have vouchers for complaints but offers its customer’s gift vouchers. The gift vouchers are spent like money on in-store purchases.

What Are Aldi Service Hours?

The customer service hours at Aldi are as shown below:

  • From Monday to Saturday, customer service is open from 8 am to 8 pm
  • For Sundays and Bank Holidays, customer service is open from 10 am to 4 pm

During these hours, customers can call the store and expect immediate responses from Aldi’s associates.

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Aldi accepts complaints on the company’s products, physical stores, and online orders. Customers can make their complaints to the customer service team by calling them, emailing them, or reaching out via the website and social media platforms.

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