Aldi Return Policy (No Receipt, Refund Process, How Long You Have + Other FAQs)

Some retailers have you jump through hoops to make a product return, while others have an easy-going, no-questions-asked policy that makes refunds a breeze.

These differences can make or break whether you become a return customer or never spend a penny there again.

With their super low prices and a big emphasis on customer service, you might be wondering about Aldi’s return policy. I’ve got all the details you need.

What Is Aldi’s Return Policy?

Aldi’s return policy is called the Twice As Nice Guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with a product you can return it for both a refund and a replacement. It does not apply to non-food ALDI items, some types of alcohol, name-brand items, or for non-quality reasons.

Curious about how long a refund takes or how to get one? Want to know what you can return or if you can get a refund without a receipt? Read on!

How Do You Get A Refund From Aldi?

Getting a refund from Aldi is a straightforward process, just like shopping at their stores.

Make sure you have whatever is left of the item, it’s packaging and your receipt, and take this to an open register. (If you are returning an electronic, make sure all the original contents are accounted for and present.)

You do not need to seek out the store manager right away; any cashier is trained to manage the return. If a manager is needed, however, the cashier can easily request one.

If you have an item that you would like replaced, you can shop for it before heading up to the register. Aldi stores value efficiency, especially at the registers, and this will help keep the line moving.

Otherwise, you end up returning the item and then either holding up the line while you go get a new one or having to go through check-out a second time with a completely new transaction. Save yourself (and everyone else) some time.

How Long Does An Aldi Refund Take?

How Long Does An Aldi Refund Take?

If you have your receipt and just want a refund on an item, it can take as little as one minute.

Like so many things, Aldi has streamlined the process so that it doesn’t take up too much of your time or theirs.

However, if you are wondering when you’ll get your money from the refund, it’s a little more complex.

If you’re receiving cash back or you paid with a gift card and are having it put back on the card, the refund is instantaneous.

Additionally, if you are having the money put back on a credit or debit card, it’s up to your financial institution how long until you see the money in your account.

Think about how long deposits usually take at your financial institution. But according to an employee, you can be assured that Aldi processes the transaction that same day.

How Long Do You Have To Make A Return At Aldi?

Great news! There is no term limit, except on electronic items, for returns on Aldi products.

Electronic items, such as computers, come with a 90-day window for returns, but they are the only products to have one. Bring your receipt to show proof that you are within the timeframe.

Even better news: there is no time limit on returns without receipts, either.

Does Aldi Always Refund You With Cash?

Does Aldi Always Refund You With Cash?

Aldi’s policy is to refund your return with the same form of payment you used to make the original purchase, provided you have a receipt.

Again, if you paid with a credit or debit card and you are not seeing the refund after a few days, you should contact your financial institution to find out why.

However, some stores may deviate from the company policy and give all refunds in cash by default. If you would prefer the money go back on a card, make sure to ask before the cashier opens the register to complete the transaction.

Can You Return Something To Aldi Without A Receipt?

Even if you don’t have your receipt, you can make a return and get a type of refund. There are a few caveats, however.

First of all, returns without a receipt are not eligible for the Twice As Nice Guarantee. So if you don’t have your receipt, you cannot expect a cash refund and a product replacement.

Second, no matter how you paid when you purchased the product initially if you don’t have a receipt and you want a refund, you will instead receive an Aldi Merchandise Gift Card that is loaded with whatever the current price of the item.

Other than that, though, Aldi’s return policy without a receipt is quite accommodating, even allowing returns at any point after purchase, with no time limits.

Can You Return Something To Aldi Because You Didn’t Like It?

Maybe you were tempted to try a new chip in the Aldi Finds aisle, but ended up not enjoying the flavor at all and now you want a refund. Will Aldi give you your money back just because you didn’t like it?

As a matter of fact, they will. However, if you can’t prove that there was anything wrong with the product (i.e., in the case of vegetables, they were wilted, or in the case of bread, you found mold), then the Twice As Nice Guarantee will not apply.

Instead, though, you can bring it back to the store and receive a refund or a replacement item (but not both).

Can You Return Alcohol To Aldi?

Can You Return Alcohol To Aldi?

When it comes to returning alcohol to Aldi, the stores are beholden to your state’s laws, or sometimes even your county’s or city’s laws.

A good source and starting place for finding out if your Aldi accepts returns of alcohol is this site.

Also, if you ordered your alcohol from Aldi through Instacart, per their website, all sales are final. You will not be able to return and get a refund for that purchase, no matter your state’s laws.

If You Ordered Groceries From Aldi Through Instacart, Can You Get A Refund?

If you used the popular grocery shopping app Instacart, with which Aldi has a partnership for pick-up and delivery orders, you’re in luck: You have two different avenues for returning products and receiving a refund.

If you notice bruised fruit or moldy bread while you’re unpacking, you can use the Instacart app to request a refund (Instacart is very responsive; it should take them no more than a few hours to get back to you).

However, if you need bread that day, you will, unfortunately, have to make the trip and go in-store.To go in-store and make a return, bring your phone with the order information, along with the product.

The order information in the app acts as your receipt, and the cashier can get everything squared away, providing you with a full refund and product replacement on Twice As Nice-applicable products.

Can You Return Something To A Different Aldi Store?

Yes, you can return something to one Aldi that you bought at another!

Many cities have multiple Aldi locations, or perhaps you bought something in one store while visiting family in another state.

Aldi makes the return process easy in those instances by allowing you to return any Aldi items to any Aldi location.

Even better, you can make returns without a receipt, too; instead of a refund by cash or credit, you’ll get a gift card.

Is There Anything Aldi Won’t Refund?

Despite an extensive search, I can’t find anything that Aldi won’t take back and at least give you a gift card for the current price. They are simply devoted to customer service.

In fact, this ultra-generous return policy has caused chatter on the Internet, about how it leaves the stores open to fraudsters and serial returners. Some cashiers even claimed they gave refunds but felt uneasy about it because it wasn’t a quality issue.

Bear in mind, if you are considering profiting off Aldi’s return policy, you will likely get caught, as stores pay attention to that kind of thing and will take notice of the pattern.

Can Aldi Refuse A Return?

Can Aldi Refuse A Return?

In 2020, at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic in the spring, Aldi briefly halted many returns to their stores and suspended the Twice As Nice Guarantee.

Instead, they offered shoppers a refund or a replacement (but not both) with receipts, but shoppers were not to bring the unwanted items back inside the store.

If they wanted to return something (non-perishable) eventually, they were to hold onto the receipt and keep the item in its original packaging, then return it once stores resumed their normal return policy.

Aldi locations returned to the normal policy in July 2020, and nothing like it has been seen before or since.

Barring any future pandemics, it is highly unlikely that Aldi will refuse a return or a refund on any item that proved unsatisfactory, especially for quality reasons. However, Aldi is under no legal obligation to accept a return if they don’t want to, either.

If you believe your store has refused a return unfairly, you can contact them via email, regular mail, or call their customer service line at (800) 325-7894.

How Do You Get a Refund For Recalled Items At Aldi?

Sometimes Aldi must recall a product for a variety of safety reasons, and they do so from this page.

Notice that when you click on each individual link it will take you to a product-specific page, with information like UPC code and expiration date.

Ensure those codes and numbers match before taking your product. You will receive a full refund.

Bring the recalled item into the store with you if possible; it doesn’t look as though a receipt is necessary, and the full refund applies to name-brand items, as well.

How Do You Claim An Aldi Warranty?

Sometimes ALDI Finds don’t last as long as they should, but many are covered by a warranty. A warranty is a good alternative to a return if you want to see if you can get the item working again.

These warranties are automatically included with the purchase of the item and include a variety of fixes for items that stop working within the prescribed warranty period.

This might mean replacement parts (e.g., for a slow cooker lid that broke) or a full refund.

To claim a warranty you should be prepared for a bit of a process, and you can help yourself in that by saving the warranty information that comes with the product, as well as your receipt.

If you can paper clip those together and put them in a drawer or file somewhere, all the better.

All the individual Aldi store brands each have their own warranties, and they can be searched and found here. (If you tossed a user manual and need it, you can find that there, too!)

After you locate the product, the information page includes information like warranty period, model number, and, most importantly for you, contact info.

The Aldi Reviewer recommends using the email address first to make contact. Different brands will have different response times, so be patient and, if the matter is really important to you, persistent.

You might have to contact the brand numerous times, using a few different methods, and you also might even have to put a bug in Aldi’s ear to get the results you want.

Remember, though, that even if you do not get the desired results via the warranty, there is no “return by” date at Aldi. You can take the item back and at least get store credit for it.

If you want to know more about Aldi’s store policies, make sure to check out if Aldi takes credit cards, checks, and if Aldi sells gift cards.


With its generous return and refund policy, even through Instacart and even for items without a proof of purchase, Aldi continues to prove that they are always putting the customer first.

And remember, if you have any issues with returns or refunds, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask your store manager for assistance.

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