Amazon Chime Not Working (10 Potential Fixes + Other FAQs)

Are you trying to use Amazon Chime for an important meeting and you’ve realized it’s not working? Do you want to know the potential fixes that will solve this issue?

If so, keep reading, as I’ve been researching this topic and found some great fixes that could allow you to get Amazon Chime working again!

Why Isn’t Amazon Chime Working In [currentyear]?

If the Amazon Chime app isn’t working, you can wait a few minutes and try again since it could be that the Chime servers are overloaded at the moment you’ve tried to log in to your account. Additionally, if you’re on a mobile device, you can try to restart the device to see if that fixes the errors in [currentyear].

Do you want to know more fixes that could solve Amazon Chime’s issues? If so, continue reading further, as I’ve got even more possible answers for you below!

1. Restart Your Device

If Amazon Chime isn’t working, one of the easiest ways you could try to fix the issue is by simply restarting the device you’re using, whether it’s a PC or a mobile device.

Furthermore, restarting your device could clear out memory issues or other problems, which could be causing Chime to stop responding or not load properly on your device.

2. Wait a Few Minutes & Try Again

Sometimes, you’ll run into issues with the Chime servers being overloaded, which is especially true if you’re using the Chime mobile app.

Therefore, a potential fix that could work for you is to just wait it out a few minutes and try to log in 5 or 10 minutes later to see if the servers are a little less busy.

3. Confirm Login Details

If you’ve noticed Amazon Chime isn’t working, it’s always a good idea to check your login credentials and confirm you’re entering the right information.

For example, maybe you mistyped your work email address or the meeting ID, so double-check the information and try entering it again.

4. Check Your Internet Connection 

Whether you’re using a PC or a mobile device, you’re going to need a good Internet connection to run Amazon Chime.

Furthermore, if you’ve found it’s not working, then you may want to check to make sure you’re connected to the Internet and that your signal is strong.

5. Reboot Your Router

If you’re at home and using your wireless connection, you may want to try to reboot your router to see if that fixes the issue if Amazon Chime isn’t working.

For example, there could be an issue with your router that’s messing up your connection, and refreshing the router by rebooting can fix a lot of common connection issues.

6. Refresh Your Browser

Amazon Chime may not be working simply due to a timeout issue or error within your browser if you’re using the desktop client.

Therefore, a great potential fix is to just refresh your web browser, whether you’re using Google Chrome, Opera, or Firefox.

7. Disable Your Firewall

7. Disable Your Firewall Amazon

Amazon Chime may be blocked because of your firewall if you’re running one in the background, so disable the firewall and try to load Amazon Chime again.

Additionally, you have the option of adding Amazon Chime to a trusted sites list that the firewall will ignore, so you can choose that over disabling it if you prefer.

8. Disable Your Antivirus

Whether you’re using a laptop, desktop, or mobile device, you may find Amazon Chime isn’t working if you have antivirus software installed, so disable it to see if that fixes the issue!

In addition, most antivirus software has a setting where you can add a website or app to the trusted list, so you can choose to add Amazon Chime to that instead of disabling the antivirus.

9. Clear Your Cache

If you can’t get into Amazon Chime and you’re using the app or desktop client, you should go through the browser and clear your cache or clear the app cache.

While this doesn’t always work, if there is a memory issue happening, clearing out the cache can often fix the issue.

From there, you would just need to reload the webpage or close out the app completely and reopen it to see if that fixes the issue.

10. Amazon Web Services Is Down & Amazon Will Fix It

Since Amazon Chime runs on the Amazon Web Services Cloud, there are times when the issue is with AWS and there is nothing you can do about it.

Therefore, you should check a website like Down Detector to see if Amazon Web Services is functioning properly, and if it’s down, you’ll have to sit back and wait for Amazon to fix it.

How Do I Know If Amazon Chime Is Working?

If you want to know if your device can run Amazon Chime and everything is ready to go, there is an Amazon Chime Readiness Checker available for you to use.

Furthermore, this checker will ensure that the application will work on your desktop, checks both in and out audio, and video, and makes sure it can run in your browser as well.

Can You Use Amazon Chime on iPhone?

You can run and use Amazon Chime on your iPhone, as well as an Apple Watch and iPad, and it works with a variety of iOS devices, and you can download it through Apple’s App Store.

In addition, you also can have your lock screen on and perform a variety of quick actions right from that screen.

Does Amazon Chime Work on Mobile?

Amazon Chime does work on mobile devices including iOS, Amazon, and Android devices, and it will also work on Mac and Windows too for even more flexibility and options.

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If you’ve found Amazon Chime isn’t working, you should restart your device to see if that fixes the issue, clear your cache, check your Internet connection, and check your login credentials.

Additionally, you may want to check Down Detector to see if Amazon Web Services is down or wait a few minutes and try logging in again to see if the Amazon servers were overloaded.

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