What Is Amazon Chime? (How It Works, Similar To Zoom + More)

Have you heard of Amazon Chime through friends, family, or co-workers, and have been wondering: what is Amazon Chime, and how does it work?

If so, continue reading below to learn more about Amazon Chime, since I’ve been researching this topic and have found a lot of information I think you’ll enjoy!

What Is Amazon Chime In [currentyear]?

Amazon Chime is considered a communications service that you can use for online meetings, and it allows you to attend video conferences, take phone calls, chat, and attend online events in [currentyear]. It’s secure and runs on Amazon Web Services Cloud to keep all information in one place and allows you to easily share content.

Do you want to know additional details about Amazon Chime, such as if it’s like Zoom and more? Well, keep reading and I’ll answer all of your questions!

How Do I Get Amazon Chime?

If you want to use Amazon Chime, you’ll need to download the Amazon Chime web app or mobile app and then follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose “Sign In” and enter your work email address
  2. Select “Create New Amazon Account”
  3. Enter your work email address, name, and password
  4. Select “Create Your Amazon Account”
  5. Choose “Allow” to allow your Amazon account to access Chime
  6. Verify your account through your email address and click the link in the email

How Does Amazon Chime Work?

Amazon Chime gives you the option to communicate in the way that fits your lifestyle, whether it’s business calls, meetings, or chats, and it’s an all-in-one communication service.

Furthermore, you can do all of this using one app that’s secure and user-friendly, so you can collaborate anytime you want and then move from a business call to a video within seconds.

On top of that, Amazon Chime uses a pay-per-use model, which means you’re only paying for the features that you are using and only on the days you’re using them!

For example, you can use the free Amazon Chime service, which has just basic features, and if you need to upgrade to the paid Pro model, you can do that anytime you need to or want to!

Additionally, you can share your screens, invite more colleagues into the meetings, and even get calls from Chime to your devices so that you’re on time for your meetings!

Is Amazon Chime the Same as Zoom?

Amazon Chime is similar to Zoom and they both have similar features, so when you compare Zoom and Amazon Chime, you’ll find they are almost identical.

For example, Zoom and Amazon Chime are both audio and video conferencing solutions that you can use for personal or business use and both have the following features:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Screen haring
  • Instant Messaging
  • Private and Group Chats
  • Whiteboard
  • Meeting Recordings

However, Zoom also has breakout rooms, file sharing, and host controls, whereas Amazon Chime features chatbots and a roster so you can see the status of each participant.

That being said, Zoom is the most popular option for remote business activity, and it’s better for large-sized companies that need more collaboration features and services.

Does Amazon Chime Have a Time Limit?

Does Amazon Chime Have a Time Limit?

Amazon Chime does not have a time limit since you can use Amazon Chime Basic for free as long as you want.

Additionally, you can use Amazon Chime once without entering a credit card or even making an Amazon Web Services account, and you will get the Pro version free for 30 days to try out.

If you rather choose the Pro version for your video and audio conferences, you can pay the $3 per day you use it or a maximum of $15 per month, or you can just continue using it for free.

Do I Need to Download Amazon Chime?

If you decide to use the web application you do not need to download any software, and you also won’t need to make an Amazon Web Services account.

However, if you want to use Chime on your mobile device, including your smartphone or tablet, you should download the Amazon Chime app for that specific device.

Do You Need an Amazon Chime Account to Join a Meeting?

You do not need to have an Amazon Chime account to join a meeting, and you can even join anonymously!

For example, you can just download and open the Amazon Chime app, select “Join meeting without an account” and then enter the Meeting ID in the space to join!

You can add a name that will show up in the meeting room, select how you’d like to dial into the meeting, and select “Continue in the Amazon Chime app.”

Is Amazon Chime Easy to Use?

Amazon Chime is easy to use but that’s because it has a very basic interface, so it’s not loaded down with all of the features that Zoom has.

Therefore, the more basic setup is why it’s not as ideal for in-depth collaboration, but if you just need some basic video or audio conferencing, you’ll find navigating Chime is simple.

However, there are times when syncing between your devices can take a minute, and you may not get notifications right away, with other application features sometimes slowing down too.

How Do I Make a Call with Amazon Chime?

It’s simple to make a phone call with Amazon Chime since you can do it either from the Amazon Chime app or the desktop client.

To illustrate, you can select “Dial a phone number” and then enter the country code and phone number complete with the area code. Select “Dial” and it will call the number.

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Amazon Chime is a video and audio conferencing app that works similar to Zoom in that you can join meetings, share your screen, record meetings, chat or place video or audio calls.

Additionally, Amazon Chime has a free version you can use, but it lacks other features that would be useful for business meetings, so you may want to go with the Pro version.

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