Amazon Canada Not Working (13 Potential Fixes + Other FAQs)

Are you trying to log in to Amazon Canada and have realized the website isn’t working? Do you want to know the potential fixes to Amazon Canada not working?

If so, continue reading below since I’ve been researching this topic and have found some great fixes that could help you!

Why Isn’t Amazon Canada Working In 2024?

If Amazon Canada isn’t working, you can try to load the website on another browser to see if that fixes the issue in 2024. Additionally, you can try a different device, such as moving from a computer to a mobile device to see if that’ll get Amazon Canada to work. You also can check the status of your Internet connection.

Do you want to know the full list of how you can fix Amazon Canada? Well, keep reading, as I have more tips and tricks that could solve this problem!

1. Try Another Browser

If you can’t get Amazon Canada to work, then you may want to try another browser on the device you’re using to access the website.

For example, if you normally use Google Chrome to access Amazon Canada, then try to use Firefox or Microsoft Edge to see if that fixes the problem.

2. Disable Add-Ons

Running add-ons within your browser can cause websites not to load properly or interfere with the coding on websites, such as Amazon Canada.

Therefore, you should disable your add-ons, restart your browser if needed, and try to load up the website again, and it may fix Amazon Canada’s issues.

3. Clear Your Cookies

You may need to go into your browser and clear your cookies, which can help resolve issues if you can’t get Amazon Canada to load.

To do this with Firefox, simply go into “History” and select “Clear Recent History” and make sure the cookies box is checked. Hit “OK” or “Clear Now,” and you should try to reload the website.

4. Clear Your Cache

Another common browser issue that could cause Amazon Canada to not work is cache issues, which can be solved by clearing your cache within your browser.

Similar to cookies, you can go into “History” and select “Clear Recent History,” and then make sure you check the box for “Cache.” Hit “OK” or “Clear Now” and reload Amazon Canada.

5. Check the “Is It Down Right Now” Page

You can check Is It Down Right Now to see if Amazon Canada is down for everyone or if the issue is just on your end.

Furthermore, checking this site will tell you information, including when the site was last down, so if it’s down right now, then you just have to wait for Amazon to fix it.

6. Issue Could Be Amazon & You Have to Wait It Out

There are times when the Amazon Canada website isn’t working because of an issue with Amazon Web Services, which can take all of Amazon down or just parts of it.

However, when it’s an issue with Amazon Web Services, there is nothing that you can do to fix the issue and you’ll need to wait for Amazon to fix AWS before you can load the site again.

7. Try a Different Device

If trying another browser hasn’t fixed your issue, then you can always try to load Amazon Canada on another device to see if that solves the problem.

For example, if you have been trying to load the page on a laptop, you may want to try the Amazon app or try a tablet or desktop PC to see if it’ll work from there.

8. Force Close Amazon App & Reopen

8. Force Close Amazon App & Reopen

If you’re using the Amazon Canada app on your device, you should try to force close the app and reopen it to see if that fixes the issues, since sometimes restarting the app can help!

However, the process for force closing the Amazon app can vary by device but involves often swiping up or left to close the app since it’s running in the background.

9. Disable VPN

Amazon notoriously hates VPN services and products and will block you from accessing Amazon websites and services if you’re running behind a VPN.

Therefore, when you’ve noticed Amazon Canada isn’t working, you should disable any VPN you have running if you’re using one on your device.

10. Restart Your Device

Restarting your device, such as restarting a computer, can fix a ton of issues that are happening, including if Amazon Canada isn’t working.

Furthermore, restarting a computer or even a mobile device can clear out DNS issues, cache, or cookie issues, and can improve the overall performance of the device.

11. Delete & Reinstall the Amazon App

If you have the Amazon app installed on your device, you could try fixing Amazon Canada by deleting the Amazon app and reinstalling it.

12. Check Your Internet Connection

You may want to check your Internet connection to see if you’re connected to the Internet and make sure your connection is strong if you’re having trouble loading Amazon Canada.

13. Update the Amazon Canada App

App updates are important in making sure apps work correctly and have the latest features, so if Amazon Canada isn’t working, then you should check to make sure the app is updated.

For example, if you’ve turned app updates off, go into your app store or device settings and see if there is an update that you can download manually. This may fix your issue once updated.

Is Amazon Prime Working in Canada?

Amazon Prime does work and is available in Canada, and those in Canada can get the same services as those in the United States, including Prime Video.

Why Is My Amazon Canada App Not Working?

Several issues could be causing your Amazon Canada app to not work, but most app issues can be fixed by clearing the app cache, updating the app, or force-stopping the app.

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If Amazon Canada isn’t working, then you can try to switch devices, switch browsers, or just restart your device to see if that fixes the problem.

Additionally, you can clear your cache and cookies, delete and reinstall the Amazon app, and even just check your Internet connection to make sure you have a solid connection.

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