Amazon Clothing Return Policy (No Tags, Used, After 30 Days + More)

Amazon’s clothing selection is just as extensive as all the other product categories on the e-commerce site.

But if you buy an article of clothing that doesn’t fit or if you later realize you don’t like your purchase as much as you thought, you may be curious about the return policy.

Here is everything you need to know about returning clothes on Amazon!

Amazon Clothing Return Policy

Amazon accepts clothing returns within 30 days of delivery. The article must have the tags, be in its original condition, and include all the original packaging to return clothes at Amazon. There are multiple ways to return clothing at Amazon, but the most popular is to use the free shipping label Amazon provides.

To learn the step-by-step process for returning clothing at Amazon and more, keep on reading!

How Long Do You Have To Return Clothes At Amazon?

If you realize you want to return articles of clothing to Amazon, the company provides you with plenty of time to do so.

Amazon allows you to return clothing and other eligible accessories up to 30 days after the original delivery date.

How Do You Return Clothing At Amazon?

Returning clothing items, like sweaters, t-shirts, and pants, is easy as long as you know the specific steps to navigate Amazon’s website.

First, go into your Amazon account’s “Your Orders” section to view your recent orders. After you choose the article of clothing you wish to return, select “Return or Replace Items.”

Then, Amazon provides a dropdown menu of reasons to return an order for you to choose from.

When returning clothes and other accessories at Amazon, it offers you a few options on how you would like to process your return.

If you buy clothes from a third-party seller on Amazon, you will need to follow the “Submit Return Request” steps.

The most preferred return method at Amazon is printing the free return label Amazon provides.

After you print your shipping return label, you will need to attach it to the package and drop it off at the nearest UPS store.

Additionally, you can also drop off Amazon returns at Kohl’s even if you don’t have a shipping label.

What Return Methods Can You Use To Return Clothes At Amazon?

What Return Methods Can You Use To Return Clothes At Amazon?

At Amazon, you can return any eligible articles of clothing like socks, sweaters, or jeans using various methods.

Essentially, Amazon wants the return process to be as convenient as possible for its customers. The different ways you can return clothes at Amazon include:

  • Drop-off services at one of several convenient locations
  • Pickup options (usually for larger items)
  • Heavy-Bulky return options (handled by a specialty carrier team)
  • Locker, Locker+, and Amazon Hub Center locations (for small packages only)
  • Printing the free shipping return label
  • Dropping the box off at the Kohl’s Customer Service desk

Additionally, each package has differing return options.

If you want to view all the possible ways you can return something at Amazon, simply visit the “Your Orders” section of your Amazon account and click on the product you wish to return.

Can You Return Clothes Without The Tags At Amazon?

At Amazon, you cannot return articles of clothing if you remove the tags.

Additionally, when you return clothing at Amazon, the article must be in its new and unworn condition, with all the original packaging, tags, and certificates of authenticity.

According to Amazon’s return policy, any product returned without its original packaging and documentation will be rejected.

Also, any articles of clothing that have been resized, altered, or damaged after delivery will not be accepted for return.

Is There A Fee To Return Clothes At Amazon?

Some clothes at Amazon are eligible for free returns, which is indicated on the product page. However, sometimes there are fees to return a piece of clothing you ordered from Amazon.

With that, the only fee Amazon charges to return articles of clothing is the cost of shipping the product back to Amazon.

Depending on the shipping method you choose for your return, the charges associated with the return vary.

When you choose to ship the item back to Amazon, it deducts the costs of shipping and restocking fees from your refund.

However, if you’re returning an article of clothing due to Amazon’s error, it refunds your shipping costs up to a maximum amount.

What Types Of Clothes Can You Return To Amazon?

Almost any piece of clothing or accessory is eligible for return at Amazon. For example, some of the clothing products Amazon accepts include:

  • Shoes (sneakers, sandals, boots)
  • Jewelry (watches, bracelets, necklaces)
  • Tops (t-shirts, sweaters, blouses)
  • Bottoms (jeans, sweatpants, leggings)
  • Accessories (socks, belts, gloves)

Can You Cancel Clothing Returns At Amazon?

If you accidentally submit a return at Amazon and wish to reverse the process, the company allows you to do so in a few simple steps.

First, locate the “Returns Center” on Amazon and then select “Manage Returns.” The final step in canceling a clothing return is to select “Cancel This Return.”

The Amazon website will present a pop-up text box that confirms whether or not you want to cancel the return.

So simply select “Cancel This Return” again to cancel your clothing return officially.

However, if you’ve submitted an exchange or replacement or already received a refund for your return, you will need to follow a different series of steps.

Can You Track The Status Of Your Return At Amazon?

If you’re curious as to how long your return will take to process, Amazon also allows you to track the status of your return.

To track your return, simply click on “Your Orders” and then select “View Return/Refund Status” next to the relevant order.

Amazon then shows you the most up-to-date status of your clothing return submission.

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