Amazon Refund Without Return (How This Refund Method Works + FAQs)

Amazon is a global e-commerce leader, with millions of transactions processed every day in the U.S. and beyond.

While shopping on your phone or computer, you may be wondering if you can get an Amazon refund without a return. I was also curious about how this refund method works, so I took a closer look, and here’s everything I know now!

Amazon Refund Without Return Policy

In some cases, Amazon will refund the entire purchase amount without returning the product for wrong, damaged, or inexpensive orders. This is done as the time and money to return the product can be more than the return value. Customers can submit a refund without return under “problem with order” to see if their purchase or product is eligible.

Keep reading for all the details on getting Amazon refunds without returns, including how you can contact the company and how long refunds take to process.

How Can You Get An Amazon Refund Without Return?

Amazon usually requires you to send the item back before the refund is processed and hits your bank account. However, there are a few reasons why Amazon may give a refund without a return instead.

If the item is damaged beyond reselling or repair, it may not be worth it for Amazon to take it back. In that case, it’s better for Amazon to cut its losses and give you a refund without a return.

If you’ve received the wrong order and your correct order never showed up, Amazon may also issue a refund without a return.

The same goes for very small orders where the cost of shipping the item back, inspecting it, and integrating it back into the sales process would be more expensive than the value of the item itself.

To see if you can get an Amazon refund without a return, you will need to contact Amazon directly. Once logged into your account, navigate to your orders and find the item you want a refund on.

Next, select “problem with order” and complete the form, explaining what the problem was and why you want a refund without returning the item.

An Amazon associate will follow up with you to confirm the status and collect any more required information before making a call on the refund.

Does Amazon Ever Suggest Refunds Without Returns?

Does Amazon Ever Suggest Refunds Without Returns?

Many Amazon returns are straightforward and processed quickly. After all, Amazon’s goal is to focus on selling products and making money rather than losing out on returns.

Amazon also takes customer satisfaction and service very seriously, which is why the company offers flexible returns and refunds, to begin with.

Sometimes this policy goes to the next level as Amazon issues a refund without receiving the returned product back in the warehouse.

If Amazon offers you a refund without needing to return the item, it’s likely because the retailer knows it will cost more to process the return than to just refund your money.

If you have expressed disappointment or frustration with Amazon, they may also give you a refund without return as a way to make up for the problem, whether it be an issue with delivery or a misleading product description.

Some shoppers really appreciate getting to keep the item and receiving a refund when there’s been a mistake, and Amazon knows that.

How Do You Know If You’re Getting An Amazon Refund Without Return?

Amazon’s Conditions of Use confirm the company does not need to accept responsibility or ownership of returned items until they arrive at the fulfillment center.

In other words, Amazon is not required to process a refund until the item gets back to the warehouse. If Amazon decides to grant a refund without a return, you will receive a notification.

When Amazon decides you don’t need to send the item back before getting a refund, a notification should pop up in the Returns Center.

Otherwise, a customer service representative will contact you directly via email to let you know.

How Long Does It Take For Amazon Refunds To Process?

Amazon refunds are processed within 1-2 business days when the item arrives back at the warehouse. The refund may take a few more days to hit your account.

If you are getting a refund without a return, you can expect to see your money sooner, within a couple of days of initiating the refund.

When you speak to an Amazon associate about a refund without a return, they can give you an updated estimate of how long it will take to process. Once you complete all the required steps in your account, the refund should start processing.

If for whatever reason you do not receive your refund within a week, you may wish to contact Amazon just to inquire about the status.

If you are looking to learn more about Amazon’s return policy, you might also be interested in reading up on Amazon’s late delivery refund, Amazon return warning, and Amazon return policy after 30 days.


Amazon typically requires you to send an item you want to return to a fulfillment center, although every once in a while you may get a refund without return.

If the item is inexpensive, it may cost more for Amazon to ship it back, process the return, and handle it in the warehouse to hopefully get it back on the shelves to sell. In that case, Amazon may opt to just refund your money and move on instead.

If the item has significant damage and you’ve highlighted this in your correspondence with Amazon, it’s possible the retailer will also opt to refund your money without requiring the item to be shipped back.

Also, Amazon sometimes lets customers keep the item while also getting a refund if they had a negative experience, such as late shipping or an overcharge. When in doubt, log into your account and report a problem with the order to explain what’s wrong and why you would like a refund.

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