Amazon Exchange Policy (Can You Exchange, Process + More)

Amazon has a number of different policies that customers and staff members have to follow, such as how to properly process a return, how to refund a purchase and other similar requirements.

However, many customers wonder what Amazon’s policy is for making exchanges, as well as how to process one. If you’d like to find out, keep reading this article to see what information I gathered on this topic!

Amazon Exchange Policy

Amazon’s policy for making exchanges coincides with their return policy, which states that most items eligible for return or exchange must be processed for an exchange within 30 days after the day a customer has received their package in the mail. However, Amazon allows customers up to three months to exchange purchases during the holidays.

If you’d like to learn more about how to process an exchange on Amazon, what items can’t be exchanged on Amazon, where an item can be exchanged, and more, keep reading this article for more facts, tips, and information!

How Do I Process an Exchange at Amazon?

If customers would like to exchange a purchase from Amazon, they can do so by using the following method:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account and go to the Your Orders page.
  2. Choose the order containing the item you’d like to exchange and select the “Return or replace items” option.
  3. In the order, select the item you’d like to exchange and choose a reason from the “Reason for return” drop-down menu.
  4. Once selecting a reason, an exchange order will be created containing the same shipping speed as the original order
  5. Once confirming the exchange, prepare the package for order by using the return label provided on the original box.

Customers should note that they must process their order for exchange within 30 days of receiving the original order, otherwise, Amazon will not be able to exchange the order without charging customers for the replacement.

What Items Can’t Be Exchanged at Amazon?

Before customers decide to make a purchase through Amazon, they may be curious if the item they’re purchasing will be valid for an exchange.

Amazon does exclude certain items from its catalog that customers are allowed to exchange. Currently, customers are unable to exchange the following items:

  • Laptops, desktop computers, and Kindles after 30 days from the delivery
  • Select health and personal care items
  • Customized and/or handmade products
  • Digital music from Amazon Music
  • Gift cards
  • Hazardous materials
  • Live insects
  • Live plants
  • Pet food
  • Photos printed from Amazon Photo
  • Prepaid game cards
  • Prepaid phone cards
  • Products missing the serial code
  • Software and game downloads
  • Theme park tickets
  • Videos from the Amazon Prime Store

Customers should note that while they are unable to exchange these items, most of them will be available for a no-return refund.

Can I Exchange an Item from Amazon After 30 Days?

Can I Exchange an Item from Amazon After 30 Days?

During the regular shopping year, Amazon requires all of their merchandise to be returned for an exchange within 30 days of initially receiving the package unless an item is specified as having a later return date.

However, during the holiday shopping season (October 1 – January 31), items can be returned or exchanged at any point as long as they were purchased between October 1 and December 31, which is about three months instead of the normal 30 days.

Nevertheless, if customers attempt to exchange an item they purchased from Amazon after the allotted date has passed, Amazon will charge the customer for the item they exchanged their original purchase with and will not cover the shipping costs for the item being returned.

Can I Exchange an Amazon Purchase at Kohl’s?

Amazon has kiosks set up in Kohl’s department stores for customers to return their Amazon purchases.

However, because customers have to begin the return process through, there may not be a provision for them to bring the item they’re exchanging to Kohl’s.

This may, however, depend on the items that were purchased. Nevertheless, if customers are allowed to send the exchanged item through Kohl’s, the option will pop up on the window that displays their options for return.

Do I Have to Return an Exchange in Its Original Packaging?

Amazon usually requires all items to be returned or exchanged in the original packaging that it was shipped in.

Also, when making an exchange, customers are required to use the original shipping label to send the package back to the Amazon fulfillment center.

Therefore, customers who are concerned about needing to exchange an item they’ve purchased are recommended to keep the packaging for their item until they’re certain they would like to keep the item.

Do I Have to Return the Item I’m Exchanging to Amazon?

In most cases, Amazon does require that customers return the item they wish to exchange. If customers don’t return the item, they may be charged for the replacement package.

However, Amazon may allow a no-return exchange in some cases, such as if an item customers purchased is not able to be returned, such as a large mattress or a set of batteries.

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