Amazon Complaints (How To Make One, Common Types Of Complaints + Contact Information)

Amazon is an online intermediary that effortlessly connects buyers and sellers worldwide. Nonetheless, at times, customers encounter challenges when using the Amazon platform.

In such a case, lodging a complaint to Amazon is the only solution. Keep reading and learn how to contact Amazon and lodge a complaint and how the e-commerce company will handle your complaint.

How Does Amazon Receive And Handle Complaints In 2024?

Amazon receives customer complaints through calls, online chat, or social media pages as of 2024. However, customers have to log in to their accounts and provide detailed explanations of their complaints to get customized solutions. Once a customer lodges their complaint through either of these channels, the customer service team reviews the complaints and offers resolutions.

If you need more information about Amazon’s system of receiving complaints, how to make a complaint, the common types of complaints, and much more, keep reading!

How Do I Make A Complaint To Amazon?

You can make a complaint to Amazon by reaching out to the customer service team through calls, emails, live chats, or sending messages to the company’s social media platforms.

With that, if you decide to make a complaint through calls, you can call customer care directly or request a callback.

If you want to call Amazon directly, you can do so by dialing 1-888-280-4331. However, you will have to wait in line with this method due to the high number of calls.

Additionally, the customer service representative will have to send you a verification code via text message before explaining your complaint to them.

Alternatively, you can connect to Amazon customer service via callbacks. In this case, you can request that the team call you at your phone number.

To receive a callback from Amazon, you will have to log in to your account and click on the “Customer Service” section at the top of the page.

Once you open the customer service page, Amazon provides a list of frequently asked questions under different categories, potentially solving your issue without speaking to an agent.

However, if you’re on a mission to receive a call from the company’s customer service representative, click on the “Need More Help?” link available under “Browse Help Topics.”

In this section, click on “Contact Us” to open a window that provides a callback link, stated as “We can call you,” under the large orange chat button.

Then, you will be redirected to a window that prompts you to add more information on your complaint.

Once you enter the details, click on the “Phone” button, enter your number and click, “Call me now.”

To initiate an online chat with Amazon, click on the customer service section in your account, go to “Need More Help?” at the bottom of the page, and click on “Contact Us.”

That said, click the “Start Chat Now” to initiate the online chat, and the bot can help you fix the complaint or connect you to someone who will help you.

Furthermore, you can make a complaint to Amazon by sending an email to or messaging the company’s official Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts.

What Are The Common Complaints At Amazon?

The common types of complaints at Amazon include the following:

  • Complaints on orders
  • Complaints on refund requests or exchanges
  • Complaint on account information updates
  • Complaint on charges applied to debit, credit, or gift cards
  • Complaints on website issues
  • Complaints on Prime membership or services
  • Complaints on identity theft or fraud
  • Complaints on Amazon gift cards

How Do I Contact Amazon In Case Of A Complaint?

How Do I Contact Amazon In Case Of A Complaint?

You can contact Amazon through the following communication channels:

  • Call Customer Care at 1 (888) 280-4331
  • Visit Customer Care and request a callback or initiate a live chat
  • Email Customer Care at
  • Tweet at Amazon Customer Care or send a direct message
  • Tweet at Amazon or send a direct message

How Does Amazon Handle Complaints?

First, Amazon offers several possible complaints on its official website so customers can solve some issues without speaking to a customer service agent.

However, if you speak directly with the company’s customer service representatives or send direct messages to the official social media pages, a representative will give you immediate solutions.

If not immediately, they will give you directives on how the problem will be solved.

With that, the customer service team ensures that they review the complaint thoroughly, inform the customer on the necessary decisions exhaustively, and apologize for the faults.

How Can I Lodge A Complaint Against Amazon?

If you tried reaching Amazon to resolve your complaints and did not receive satisfactory solutions, you could escalate your complaint to a small claims court.

But, this option is only applicable if you tried all other options provided in the above sections without getting any results.

That said, if it is worth the time and the money to escalate your Amazon complaint to a small claims court, you’ll have to draft a demand letter notifying the company of your intentions to sue.

Additionally, when you complete writing the demand letter, ensure that you send a copy of the letter to Amazon’s legal department by certified mail.

Furthermore, a copy of the demand letter should be sent to Amazon’s executive officer, including the CEO, Jeff Bezos, and his assistant.

On top of that, your demand letter to Amazon should include essential details such as:

  • Your full name, address, and contact information
  • A clear explanation on the complaints (if the company owes you money, if an item was never delivered, or the item was damaged)
  • Clearly describe the circumstances under which Amazon failed to offer their services to you as initially agreed

If applicable, include any relevant document in the letter.

For instance, you can include a signed agreement to prove Amazon’s commitment to a specific deal in the form of a letter or email from the company’s customer service team.

Additionally, you could include receipts of the purchase.

In the closing section of your demand letter to Amazon, ensure that you let the company know that it has a certain number of days (about 30) to respond before you proceed to take legal action.

Alternatively, you can decide to lodge a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by the organization’s Fraud feature on the official website.

Ideally, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) handles complaints against e-commerce platforms and will help you resolve the issue and prevent Amazon from repeating the same mistakes.

Also, FTC investigates companies that engage in unfair business practices, like deliberately misleading customers on policies and hiding additional charges.

How Effective Is Amazon In Handling Complaints?

According to review websites, Amazon has a low rating for resolving complaints.

For instance, the Complaints Board offers the company a one star out of five since only 108 complaints out of 1,371 sent through the site have been resolved.

What Are Amazon’s Customer Service Hours?

Amazon customer service is available 24/7, so customers can report their complaints at any time of the day or night

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In conclusion, customers can send complaints to Amazon through calls, emails, or messaging the company’s social media pages.

In return, the customer service team reviews the complaints and offers appropriate solutions.

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