Amazon India Complaints (How To Make One, Common Types Of Complaints + Contact Information)

Amazon India is a world-class online shopping site offering a variety of products. However, customers are still prone to facing various challenges in the company’s product and service offerings.

Therefore, consumers might inquire how the company receives and handles complaints. Keep reading for more information on the Amazon India complaints department!

How Does Amazon India Receive And Handle Complaints In [currentyear]?

Amazon India accepts complaints emanating from its online services as of [currentyear]. Customers can report complaints by speaking directly to the customer service team through calls, emails, online forms, complaint sites, or social media. Once they submit their complaint, Amazon reviews them and works towards getting the most suitable solution.

If you want to learn more about how Amazon India receives and deals with complaints, how to lodge a complaint, the common types of complaints, and much more, keep reading!

How Can I File A Complaint To Amazon India?

You can make a complaint to Amazon India by visiting the Customer Services page on the company’s official website.

With that, this page helps you learn by interacting with various previous questions from other customers.

In some cases, you might find adequate information on your issue without speaking to a customer care representative.

However, suppose you must speak to someone. In that case, this option will give you directions on making a call to the customer service team or initiating a live chat.

On the Customer Service window on the official website, start by clicking on the “Customer Service” link provided at the bottom of the “Browse Help Topics” section.

Then, this action opens a section with a list of how you might need to contact the Amazon team.

After that, click on the “Contact Us” field to open a page where you can choose how to reach Amazon India Customer Care via callbacks or live chats.

After the opening window, you can either click the “Start Chatting” button to start an online chat or “Call me” to receive instructions on how to get a call back from Amazon India.

If you choose to start an online chat, a pop-up will appear for you to continue chatting with a bot. However, you may request to speak to a human who will give you details on sorting the issue.

Moreover, if you select the “Call Me” button, Amazon India will prompt you to give more details of the order, input your phone number, and wait for a customer service representative to call you.

Furthermore, if you wish to reach out to Amazon India via a direct call, you can dial 1 800-3000-1571 and speak to a representative.

Alternatively, you reach Amazon India to lodge a complaint by emailing the team at or sending direct messages to the company’s social media pages.

What Are The Common Types Of Complaints To Amazon India?

The common types of complaints at Amazon India include the following:

  • False Promises: Promises that don’t mature, resulting in a high level of disappointment amongst Amazon India customers.
  • Damaged Products: Complaints about damaged packages have been common among the clients relying on making orders online and waiting for delivery.
  • Low-Quality Products: Such complaints are common within Amazon India, with several cases of faulty items delivered to the customer.
  • Fake Products: Customers complained about having received a used item although they ordered brand new ones.
  • Wrong products: There have been cases of incorrect items delivered via the Amazon India Delivery Unit.
  • No Refund/Replacement: Complaints are made about a failure to receive a refund even after the item was returned and received by the company.
  • No Delivery But ‘Delivered’ Update: Clients have raised issues with no deliveries made even after the company has shown all the commitments.
  • Fake Discount Offers: These issues are common among customers who place their orders during discount hours but results in no discount.
  • No Customer Support: Customers have launched multiple complaints on services offered by the company. Claims of less concern by staff are rampant with the Amazon India support team.
  • Missing Items: Amazon India has received complaints about some products not reaching its customers after the order’s placed.
  • Fraudulent Activities: This complaint is made about the Amazon India Pay balance. Customers have raised issues of losing their funds while making payments using the Amazon India Pay balance platform.

How Can I Contact Amazon India In Case Of A Complaint?

How Can I Contact Amazon India In Case Of A Complaint?

In case of a complaint, you can contact Amazon India through the following communication channels:

  • Call customer support via 1 800-3000-1571 or 1 800-419-7355
  • Visit in and request a callback or initiate a live chat
  • Send an email to
  • Tweet at @AmazonHelp or send a direct message
  • Follow Amazon India on Facebook and send a direct message

How Can I File A Complaint Against An Amazon India Seller?

Amazon sellers can report a complaint about listing abuse or seller violations of Amazon’s policies and applicable law by visiting Amazon Seller Central and following the instructions provided.

However, it is important to note that this procedure is only applicable for Amazon India sellers and might require authorization to file a complaint.

That said, follow the procedure below to report your complaint against an Amazon Indian Seller:

  • Click “report abuse
  • Select the violation type on the window that opens
  • Indicate the Order ID or ASIN/ISBN

After these steps, give a detailed description of your complaint, and make sure you provide the following information:

  • Indicate the store/business name of the seller you are reporting
  • Provide the product title and the ASIN or ISBN of the item’s Detail Page
  • State the marketplace at which the violation has occurred
  • Provide a concise explanation of the violation based on the policy
  • Provide supporting documentation such as order IDs, related messaging, or receipts

How Can I Make A Complaint Against Amazon India?

If you are dissatisfied with the above mechanisms to resolve your concern, you can pursue a legal agency and sue Amazon India.

For example, you can choose to file a consumer complaint before the Consumer Court or Consumer Forum.

That said, here is the checklist you must complete while legally filing a case against Amazon India:

  • Your name
  • Description and address
  • Name, description, and address of the opposite party/parties
  • When and where the issue occurred
  • Documents in support of the facts contained in the complaint

How Effective Is Amazon India On Handling And Receiving Complaints?

Unfortunately, according to the Indian Consumer Complaints reviews, Amazon India is very slow in resolving the complaints.

On this forum, Amazon India has registered over 17,000 cases, and from this, only 1,274 complaints have been resolved, leaving a vast backload of 16,494 unresolved issues.

Despite the slow nature in resolving the cases, the company assures its customers of fast-tracking the issues and provides solutions as fast as possible.

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Amazon India admits and processes customer complaints and has laid out the procedures one needs to follow to register a complaint.

Additionally, the procedures include platforms such as direct phone call numbers, online platforms, and social media sites.

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