Amazon Dress Code (Shorts, Piercings, Tattoos, Hoodies + More)

Many retail companies across the U.S. enforce a dress code for employees to make it easier for customers to seek help and to protect workers from potential safety hazards.

So if you recently began working at an Amazon Fulfillment Center or are applying for a job at one, you may be wondering about Amazon’s dress code for employees. Here is what I’ve found out about it!

Amazon Dress Code

Amazon lets Fulfillment Center staff wear a wide range of clothing, including jewelry and piercings. However, it does not permit anything excessively revealing, offensive, or unsafe. For example, long necklaces and strings are prohibited. The same goes for high heels and any footwear with open toes.

If you want to learn more about the dress code of Amazon subsidiaries such as Whole Foods, what you should wear to an Amazon job interview, and much more, keep on reading!

Does Amazon Have A Tattoo Policy?

Amazon lets Fulfillment Center staff members have visible tattoos on their skin.

However, these tattoos must not send offensive or otherwise controversial messages that might upset co-workers.

Because of this, a supervisor may tell you to cover up a tattoo or piece of clothing that contains profanity.

Does Amazon Allow Piercings?

The company permits workers to have all types of body, ear, and facial piercings.

Since warehouse employees don’t interact with Amazon customers, managers are not particularly concerned about their appearance.

However, your supervisor could object to earrings that display political symbols of any kind.

Additionally, the dress code allows workers to wear some types of jewelry, such as rings and bracelets, except for items that have the potential to hang low and get caught in machinery.

Note that you should consider leaving all jewelry at home since it could trigger metal detectors or cause you damage as you perform fast-paced physical tasks.

Can You Wear Watches At Amazon?

Business Insider reports that Fulfillment Centers don’t permit wristwatches because the company does not want to make it easy for workers to steal watch products.

However, there are anecdotal reports of some supervisors allowing staff to wear smartwatches.

Can Amazon Employees Wear Shorts?

Fulfillment Centers sometimes reach very high temperatures with the potential to cause serious discomfort.

Because of this, Amazon allows workers to wear shorts as long as these aren’t excessively revealing (i.e., most of the employee’s thigh should remain covered).

Can Amazon Employees Wear Sweatpants?

Amazon permits employees to wear sweatpants, and numerous staff members wear them regularly.

Other than that, the dress code allows leggings as well but keep in mind that policies vary slightly depending on the specific Fulfillment Center and supervisor.

Can Amazon Workers Wear Hoodies?

Can Amazon Workers Wear Hoodies?

Employees at Amazon are allowed to wear hoodies (as well as t-shirts and tank tops) as long as there aren’t any hanging strings.

However, there have been some reports of Amazon Fulfillment Centers prohibiting sleeveless shirts.

Keep in mind that it’s usually safer for warehouse personnel to wear clothes that fit well and aren’t too baggy.

Can Amazon Workers Wear Hats?

Warehouse workers are permitted to wear most types of hats, with many employees wearing baseball caps every day.

However, the hats must not display any obscene, political, or racist images. Additionally, don’t be surprised if security personnel check to ensure that you aren’t hiding anything in your hat.

Does Amazon Let Employees Wear Gloves?

Amazon allows workers to use gloves, although it may or may not supply them (depending on the circumstances).

Gloves can improve safety by protecting your hands and helping you grip objects better.

At the same time, make sure they let you use your fingers well enough to perform all necessary tasks.

Can Amazon Employees Wear Headphones?

You might want to put on headphones to safeguard your hearing or make your job more interesting by listening to music.

Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow headphones, earphones, and earbuds in Fulfillment Centers.

However, the good news is that Amazon permits workers to use earplugs, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Earplugs help prevent alarms, engines, and machinery from causing permanent hearing loss. Note that some warehouses may supply them to employees, but you can also bring your own.

What Should You Wear For An Amazon Interview?

Amazon encourages job applicants to dress casually, and its employment website states that most members of the office staff wear “everyday” apparel.

Note that the ideal outfit may differ slightly depending on the specific job you seek since store employees need to be more presentable than warehouse workers.

What Is The Whole Foods Dress Code?

Whole Foods Market is an Amazon subsidiary, but the grocery chain has a separate dress code. Its rules recently became significantly more strict, according to Business Insider.

For instance, staff can no longer wear clothing supplied by the supermarket’s vendors. The same goes for apparel with patterns that look “busy” or “loud.”

However, staff members may wear jeans as long as the material does not have any visible rips.

Additionally, the updated code seeks to avoid controversy, and so Whole Foods employees must not wear shirts that display flags, emblems, political statements, or slogans.

Similarly, they aren’t allowed to attach any pins to their aprons.

What Is The Amazon Fresh Dress Code?

The dress code of Amazon Fresh, the grocery division of Amazon, is somewhat less flexible and varies depending on specific job responsibilities.

Many workers have company uniforms and wear protective suits that cover their entire bodies. Others put on long pants of their choice and wear a branded shirt supplied by Amazon.

What Is The Dress Code For Amazon Delivery Drivers?

Full-time employees drive Amazon-branded vehicles while wearing hats and shirts supplied by the company.

On the other hand, Flex independent contractors don’t have uniforms or a dress code, so they can wear anything they want.

In the past, customers have mistaken Flex delivery drivers for criminals, so keep this in mind when deciding how to dress.

To learn more about working at Amazon, you can see our other posts on the Amazon bereavement policy, how Amazon Flex works for drivers, and if Amazon Prime Now drivers get tipped.

Conclusion: Amazon Dress Code

Amazon generally has a relaxed dress code with comparatively few restrictions. At the same time, it forbids apparel that could distract other workers or compromise safety.

Certain employees have to wear uniforms, such as full-time drivers and Amazon Fresh staff. If you’re still unsure about an article of clothing, ask your manager for advice.

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