Should I Tip Amazon Prime Now Delivery Drivers? (If So, How Much?)

Amazon is one of the world’s top online retailers, with everything from home furniture to fresh groceries available for fast, stress-free delivery.

If you have looked into grocery delivery through Amazon Prime Now, you probably wondered how the delivery works and if you’re supposed to tip delivery drivers.

So, should you tip Amazon Prime Now drivers? Here’s what I learned about it!

Should I Tip Amazon Prime Now Delivery Drivers?

It is recommended to tip Amazon Prime Now drivers to thank them for their service, but it is not obligatory. A tip of $3-$10 makes a big difference to these drivers that deliver fresh groceries, household goods, gifts, electronics, seasonal items, and much more with free two-hour delivery, exclusively for Amazon Prime members.

If you want to learn more about Amazon Prime Now and its dedicated delivery drivers, then keep reading for all the details.

How Can You Tip Amazon Delivery Drivers?

Like many 21st-century service apps, Amazon has a built-in tip option when you’re ordering off Prime Now.

You can skip that option, of course, but otherwise, if you want to leave a tip and say thank you to the driver for speedy service and a job well done, you can enter it directly on your order.

The amount you tip is always up to you. A general rule of thumb for tipping delivery drivers is at least 10%-15% of your total order.

For example, for a small delivery of a few fruits and veggies around $25, leaving $3-$4 as a tip is a good place to start.

If you do all of your weekly grocery shopping through Amazon Prime Now and your bill is $100 or more, the tip should be closer to $10-$20.

Remember that you already pay a delivery fee to Amazon for the on-demand shopping and delivery service through Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market.

Additionally, the delivery fee varies based on how large your order is, but it does not include a tip.

If you want additional money to go directly to your driver, then leaving a tip in the app is the way to go, as Amazon’s official policies do not allow drivers to accept cash upon delivery.

How Much Do Amazon Prime Now Delivery Drivers Make?

How Much Do Amazon Prime Now Delivery Drivers Make?

In 2018 Amazon raised its minimum wage to $15 for U.S. employees. That’s just a starting point, as many seasoned delivery drivers see a pay rise as they get more experience.

Although Amazon’s minimum wage may be higher than other companies, drivers still greatly appreciate tips after driving around and picking up groceries as quickly as possible.

With Amazon Prime Now, you’re paying for the convenience and comfort of having goods delivered straight to your door, and a tip is an excellent way to acknowledge your appreciation for the delivery drivers that make it possible.

After all, they can save you the time and stress of going into the store and picking out a whole cartful of groceries.

Amazon Prime Now is designed to connect Prime customers with fresh food and timely delivery service that suits their schedule and their needs. Drivers must have a good safety and fulfillment record, too.

What Do Amazon Prime Now Drivers Do?

Available in select cities around the country, Amazon Prime Now allows for free two-hour delivery on thousands of household items from Amazon and fresh grocery delivery from your nearest Whole Foods Market.

Local Amazon Prime Now drivers are tasked with picking up your order and delivering it to you within two hours or another delivery timeframe that suits your schedule.

They usually have multiple deliveries at once and drive around large metropolitan areas to drop off groceries and goods near you.

Amazon Prime Now aims to give Prime members access to super-fast delivery on demand, with delivery service available 7 days a week from early morning to late evening.

Whether you’re running out of ingredients and in the middle of cooking, or you’re at home with the kids and don’t have time to go out, Amazon Prime Now delivery drivers take care of it for you.

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You don’t have to leave a tip for Amazon Prime Now delivery drivers, but it is a nice gesture after they rushed to pick up your order and deliver it within two hours.

It’s similar to other delivery or rideshare services – while a tip isn’t required, it does brighten their day and make them feel appreciated for good service.

If you have a few dollars to spare, leaving a $3-$10 tip is ideal for your Amazon Prime Now delivery.

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