What Is Amazon Flex? (Your Complete Guide + Other FAQs)

In addition to the Amazon Prime vans seen in towns and cities widely, the company hires a number of independent contractors to pick up the slack. 

So if you are a Prime Member curious about Amazon Flex or you are considering driving for this service, this guide is for you! Here is everything I discovered about Amazon Flex.

What Is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a delivery program that hires drivers to deliver Amazon packages to its customers’ doors. This program enlists drivers to pick up the packages in many cities across the US, using their own vehicle and a smartphone app for support. Drivers are paid on a contract basis and must pay for all gas and vehicle expenses.

Keep reading for your complete guide and answers to common questions about Amazon Flex! 

How Does Amazon Flex Work?

Think of other ride-share or delivery programs, such as Uber. Now consider Amazon Flex to be an Uber, of sorts, for Amazon merchandise.

Drivers are independent contractors that fill in gaps to meet the rising delivery needs of the company. 

By bringing packages to the buyer faster, you create more satisfied customers.

This is the overarching mission behind the program, and so far, it seems to be helping lighten the load on Amazon Prime drivers, too. 

So, how does it all work?

First, the driver informs Amazon of the days and times they want to deliver via an online platform. Amazon then assigns the driver a ‘delivery block,’ which equates to a shift in a distinct geographic locale. 

The driver’s role is to pick up packaged orders from the nearby Amazon warehouse or fulfillment center and then drive to the customer’s door to deliver the package.

Since most deliveries occur between the hours of 6 am and 10 pm, the ability for flexible scheduling and part-time shifts is great.

Income potential depends on the delivery blocks assigned and the hours the driver wants to put in delivering packages.

What Cities Is Amazon Flex In?

What Cities Is Amazon Flex In?

Amazon strives for the fastest shipping possible, investing billions in systems to shave time on deliveries- including drones.

Amazon Flex is available in 50 US cities currently, but with plans to incorporate more regions soon. 

Drivers have the potential for essentially unlimited income potential by taking on ‘delivery blocks.’

By taking these blocks, drivers are committing to delivering packages within the confines of their shift.

Who Delivers Amazon Prime Orders?

Amazon has many diverse offerings, so there are actually several different types of deliveries that you might make if you are a Flex driver. 

The biggest group of packages probably comes from the Amazon website orders and Prime packages.

Since time is of the essence when it comes to Prime shipping and delivery, many Flex drivers will be charged with delivering merchandise to Prime members. 

Prime members also are offered Prime Now, which is a feature of membership that ensures lightning-fast shipping of their orders.

The two Prime Now options for members include one and two-hour deliveries, which may incur a charge for this expedited service. 

The type of delivery that the driver makes is decided once the driver chooses their local fulfillment center since this is where they will be picking up the orders to be delivered.

Switching to a different fulfillment center presents challenges and requires the support of customer service, so choose your cache area wisely since you may be stuck with it for a while! 

What Types of Deliveries Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make?

What Types of Deliveries Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make?

If you drive for Amazon Flex, you may find yourself delivering a wide range of packages and provisions to Amazon customers.

This also helps to keep the job fresh and new, providing you with new opportunities daily and with each delivery block! 

Over time, drivers may be able to choose blocks based on the type of Amazon orders that they want to fulfill primarily.  

  • Flex drivers will deliver packages from fulfillment centers to the customers’ doors from Amazon.com. The deliveries and blocks depend on your local fulfillment center- as well as the proximity that you are to one of these hubs. 
  • Prime Now packages usually contain fresh food items from Whole Foods. The driver picks up the prepackaged grocery order and delivers it to the customer. If the order contains alcoholic items, you will be responsible for checking the customer’s ID at the time of delivery. 
  • When you deliver Amazon Fresh, you pick up at a designated site to bring the goods directly to the buyer. 
  • Store orders are also delivered by Amazon Flex drivers. These are packages picked up from local shops and retailers for the driver to deliver to the customer. 

While the products offered to vary, the process for the Amazon Flex driver is essentially the same, with some differences regarding pick-up location and protocols.

Different types of deliveries constitute varying delivery blocks and time spent on the shift. 

What Are The Requirements For Amazon Flex?

The job requirements for being a Flex driver include many that you would anticipate with any position.

Consider the following when contemplating whether driving for Amazon Flex is the right choice for you.

  • Drivers must be 21 years or older. 
  • Drivers must have a valid US driver’s license. 
  • Drivers must possess a valid Social Security number. 
  • Drivers must be able to successfully pass a background check, including criminal history and driving history check. 
  • Drivers must have a valid bank account in order to receive deposits for payouts. 
  • Drivers must own a smartphone with the Amazon Flex app ready to go! 
  • If using an Android phone, it must be equipped with a camera with flash, a GPS system, at least 2GB of memory, and a SIM card. 

Drivers with iPhones are usually found to be compatible with the Amazon Flex app as long as it runs on iOS 11 or a more recent operating system. 

What Vehicle Is Needed For Amazon Flex?

What Are The Requirements For Amazon Flex?

Because drivers represent the company, Amazon has some vehicle requirements for those considering driving for this program. 

First, delivery drivers must use their own vehicle, and it must be a four-door to ensure room for packages.

An exception would be a pickup truck, which must have a covered bed.

The vehicle must be at least the size of an average sedan, though bigger is better when it comes to delivering Amazon packages. 

Additionally, Amazon requires that drivers have their vehicles registered and insured under their own names.

Some states, like New York, may have additional driver requirements, including that drivers need commercial auto insurance to adhere to state law. 

What Does The Amazon Flex App Do?

The Amazon Flex app is how drivers know what they are doing and where they are going.

It is important for drivers to gain familiarity and comfort with this app- as it guides their every move during their shift or delivery block. 

Through this mobile app, the driver is able to accept assignments, see where to pick up, learn where to drop off, and scan the package being delivered.

This is why a compatible camera on your smartphone is essential for the job. Everything that an Amazon Flex driver needs to be successful can be found on the app. 

Deliveries typically occur seven days a week, so that means that Amazon Flex drivers have the option of working any day of the week.

The availability of delivery blocks depends on how many drivers are out there and the current delivery demands. 

As an Amazon Flex driver, you sign up for shifts and blocks that you want but will never be asked to deliver or fill in for other shifts or blocks.

This makes it a customizable gig that you can do in tandem with other jobs, responsibilities, or commitments. 

Amazon Flex drivers are paid twice a week by Amazon, and it is directly deposited to the driver’s bank account provided at the time of hire. 

How Old Do You Have To Be To Drive For Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex drivers must be at least 21 years of age. There are additional hiring requirements that are detailed on the Amazon website. 

How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Earn?

How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Earn?

You can expect hourly earnings of between $18 and $25 per hour, although drivers are not paid hourly based on the distance traveled to deliver packages.

That is, your earnings also are based on the service demand, location, and time that it takes to deliver the package.

Additionally, drivers often receive tips that are all theirs to keep! 

How Do You Know How Much A Delivery Pays?

Before you accept to deliver to a ‘delivery block’ through Amazon Flex, prospective drivers are shown an estimate of how much the delivery pays.

In addition to this, drivers are also shown an approximate idea of how long it should take you.

This helps figure out expenses, like gas and time. 

Do Amazon Flex Drivers Get Tips?

Yes, Amazon Flex drivers often get tipped, and these gratuities are theirs to keep. 

Does Amazon Flex Pay For The Driver’s Gas Or Other Expenses?

Amazon Flex drivers are considered independent contractors, so any on-the-job expenses, like gas or meals, are the responsibility of the driver.

Unfortunately, no job-related costs are paid for by Amazon.

Who Do Flex Drivers Talk To For Support?

Amazon Flex utilizes customer service through Amazon backs Amazon.

Drivers can call, email, or use an in-app help button for the support and help that they need.

The History Behind Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex originated in 2015 and is a program that utilizes independent contractors to drive and deliver Amazon packages.

This presents a fantastic opportunity for interested drivers in cities widely to be their own boss and make more money. 

Drivers are informed of what they will earn approximately for each delivery block, so they are never left unprepared, or in an area, they are uncomfortable with traveling.

Amazon Flex drivers play an important part in Amazon customers in the US getting the merchandise that they order in a timely fashion. 

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Amazon Flex is a delivery service of independent drivers that pick up Amazon packages and deliver them to the customer’s door.

These Amazon Flex drivers use their own vehicles for deliveries and are considered independent contractors by the company.

Interested in being a driver for Amazon Flex? Use this information to determine if this is a good fit for you- as well as what to do next if interested in joining the Amazon team. 

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