Amazon Prime Complaints (How To Make One, Common Types Of Complaints + Contact Information)

Amazon Prime membership focuses on offering affordable convenience to Amazon’s loyal customers, part of which is effectively solving their complaints.

Read on if you wish to understand how the Amazon Prime complaint resolution mechanism works to enhance convenience for its members.

How Does The Amazon Prime Complaint Resolution Mechanism Work In 2024?

Amazon allows its Amazon Prime members to launch complaints through various channels, including calling customer care, emailing, Amazon Prime’s Contact Page, social media, and even mail as of 2024. Amazon Prime customers can also lodge complaints using other channels like review sites, Consumer Protection Government Agencies, and legal options.

Stay with me to discover more details about how Amazon Prime members can make complaints to the company and how the complaints are handled.

Does Amazon Prime Have An Independent Customer Support System?

Amazon Prime is a section dependent on Amazon’s infrastructure to fulfill members’ needs, including customer support.

With that, members with complaints have to make them through avenues provided by Amazon for all its customers, with preferential treatment for Prime members in some instances.

How Can Amazon Prime Members Make Complaints?

Prime members can lodge their complaints using the Amazon customer support system or any of the following channels:


Amazon Prime members can reach customer care at 1 (888) 280 4331 toll-free at any time of night or day. There is some waiting time, though.

Also, your mobile device should be paired with your Amazon Prime account so that you can receive the verification code that will be texted to you.

Additionally, you should have all the details regarding your account and your complaint as they will be required.

Live Chat

While logged in to the main page, scroll to the bottom and select “Help” under the “Let Us Help You” column.

Then, there will be a “Browse Help Topic” on the page that will pop up; select the “Need More Help” field under it.

Afterward, select the “Contact Us” field, and a new page will open with a large “Start Chatting” button to prompt you to start chatting.

Alternatively, you can visit Amazon to sign in and start chatting.


You can email Amazon Prime at

Social Media

You can make a complaint on any of the following Amazon social media accounts:

Where Can I Lodge A Complaint About Amazon Prime Services?

Amazon Prime members can visit the Digital Services and Device Support page for all questions and complaints relating to their Amazon digital devices.

Further, the page offers both DIY complaint resolutions and the option to contact support for further assistance.

Moreover, chat assistance for all other Amazon Prime complaints is available on Amazon’s Help and Customer Service page.

For complaints with Prime Video, subscribers can file one online via, but you should be logged in to your account to use this option.

Where Else Can Amazon Prime Members Lodge Their Complaints?

Where Else Can Amazon Prime Members Lodge Their Complaints?

Amazon Prime members can make their complaints on platforms other than those belonging to Amazon, such as the following:

Consumer Protection Government Agencies

Several government agencies exist to protect consumers’ rights when dealing with goods and service providers.

In the US, these agencies operate at both the federal and state levels and include the following:

That said, Amazon Prime members can file a complaint against Amazon to these agencies for investigation and resolution.

Review Sites

On the other hand, Prime members can resort to review sites to make their case. Moreover, some even offer to pursue the claims on the members’ behalf.

Legal Options

In certain instances, it may be necessary to take legal action to have complaints resolved adequately.

For example, non-governmental consumer protection agencies, like the media, may also pursue complaints against Amazon Prime on behalf of members if one has a serious complaint.

How Can Amazon Prime Members Complain Against Third Party Sellers?

When it is necessary to complain to the third party seller directly, rather than Amazon Prime, you can follow this procedure:

  • Go to “Your Orders”
  • Find the specific order in the list and click on the “Problem with Order” field
  • A list is then displayed from which you select a topic
  • Select “Contact Seller” and then make your complaint

Additionally, you can contact Amazon Customer Care because the department handles complaints on all items eligible for Amazon Prime.

What Are The Common Complaints Against Amazon Prime?

Common Amazon Prime complaints include the following:

Quality Of Products

Many Amazon Prime members complain about the quality and condition of online products.

Usually, such complaints are directed to the third-party seller but will be handled by Amazon Prime for its members.

Issues With Delivery

Late, missed, and incomplete deliveries are the most common complaint about Amazon Prime.

That said, complaints about missed delivery are channeled in the same manner as other complaints.

Issues With Customer Support

Complainants on Amazon Prime often reference the time it takes to access human customer support.

Similarly, customers are aggrieved by the failure of customer support to follow up on customer complaints.

Difficult Cancellation Processes

Amazon Prime has been accused of unethically locking members into its subscription service by making it unnecessarily difficult to cancel it.

For example, members who wish to end their subscriptions are taken on twists and turns, with repeated nudging to continue membership to discourage them from leaving.

What Tips Can I Use To Get Better Responses From Amazon Prime?

Here are some tips you can use to improve the quality and effectiveness of your engagement with Amazon Prime over your complaints:

  • When you call, getting through to customer care may take you a while, so have everything ready before you make the call (account details, complaint details)
  • Emails are a good way to launch your complaint against Amazon Prime, as it forms a clear paper trail essential when you have to escalate your complaint.
  • Communicate effectively. Emotions get in the way of articulating your claim, so be precise, relevant, and clear.
  • Persistence pays. You may spend ages following up on your claim, but if you are persistent, you may win in the end.

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Amazon Prime offers several channels for its members to air their grievances. With that, Amazon monitors these channels since Amazon Prime is a department operating under the company.

Nonetheless, there are channels exclusive for Amazon Prime members depending on the kind of assistance one is looking for.

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