Amazon Furniture Return Policy (Furniture Types, Used, Damaged, Time Frames + More)

Customers who regularly shop on Amazon can find a variety of good-quality furniture. Items such as accent chairs, couches, table and chair sets, bureaus, and other similar items.

However, if customers have purchased a piece of furniture from Amazon that they wish to return, they may be curious about Amazon’s return policy for furniture. If you’d like to find out, keep reading this article!

Amazon Furniture Return Policy

According to Amazon’s furniture return policy, customers can return couches, chairs, and other furniture items to Amazon for any given reason as long as they do so within 30 days of receiving their shipment. Additionally, customers can contact the furniture manufacturer through Amazon in order to obtain warranty-related information for damaged or defective items.

If you’d like to learn more about how to process a furniture return to Amazon, if you require the original packaging to return furniture, and more, keep reading for more facts, tips, and information!

How Do I  Return Furniture to Amazon?

In order to return furniture to Amazon, customers must do the following:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account and head to the Your Orders page.
  2. Scroll through to find the furniture order you’d like to return and select “Return or replace items.”
  3. Choose the furniture pieces from the order that you’d like to return, and select a reason for return from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose how to process your return and then select the option for either a refund or replacement.
  5. Select your preferred return method and print the return label and authorization.
  6. Disassemble the furniture and place it in its original packaging.
  7. Add the return label to the packaging and pack the furniture securely.

Can I Return Used Furniture to Amazon?

 According to Amazon’s furniture return policy, customers can return their couches, chairs, bookshelves, and other furnishings for any given reason.

Therefore, customers may return furniture that has been lightly used as long as they do so within 30 days of receiving their shipment.

Customers should note, though, that while Amazon allows furniture to be returned for any reason, furniture that has been severely damaged due to use may be rejected at the returns center.

Amazon also retains the right to charge a restocking fee to customers if they return severely damaged furniture. Therefore, whether or not Amazon will take back well-used furniture may depend upon the circumstances.

Customers are then well ahead to contact Amazon customer service through their 1-800 number and ask a customer service representative about whether or not they are able to return their furniture by providing detailed information on the state of their items.

Customers are, however, advised to refrain from damaging their furniture during the returns window in case they need to process a return for their items.

Can I Return Furniture to Amazon Without the Original Packaging?

Can I Return Furniture to Amazon Without the Original Packaging?

If customers wish to return tables, chairs, or other pieces of furniture to Amazon, they must do so with all the original packing materials.

Additionally, if customers try to return their furniture without the original packaging, the Returns Center will reject it upon arrival.

Therefore, customers are advised to keep their furniture packaging until the 30-day return window has passed in case they have to process a return for the furniture that they have purchased.

Customers should also note that in addition to the original packaging, any documentation included with the furniture must also be included.

Can I Return Furniture from Amazon to Kohl’s?

If customers would like to return their purchased bureaus, desks, and other furnishings to Amazon, they can do so by bringing the packaged furniture to their local Kohls.

Kohl’s has Amazon fulfillment centers that will send items for return instead of customers having to process the return on their own.

In order to return Amazon furniture to Kohl’s, customers can do the following:

  1. Log in to and follow the return instructions on the Returns Center.
  2. When choosing how to send the return, select the “Kohl’s Drop Off” option.
  3. Check your email, and locate the QR code sent to you by Amazon.
  4. Bring your furniture to the Kohls in your area and show the store associate at the Amazon kiosk the QR code on your device.

Customers do not have to do as much work when preparing their furniture for shipment, as Kohl’s will pack and label the furniture for the customer.

Therefore, customers simply have to hold onto their packaging materials and bring them to their local Kohl’s location.

However, larger pieces of furniture such as couches or tables may be easier to package before bringing to Kohls, so customers are urged to use their discretion on how much pre-shipment work they need to do for their individual furniture pieces.

Can I Return All Types of Furniture to Amazon?

According to Amazon’s return policy, most furniture purchased is able to be returned for any reason. However, some items may not be able to be returned if they are too large or cannot be disassembled.

Therefore, if customers are concerned about not being able to return their furniture, they are recommended to phone Amazon customer service directly instead of filling out the Returns Center return request.

Do I Have to Return Furniture to Amazon to Get a Refund?

If customers find furniture such as sofas or bed frames to be too difficult to return due to the size or a similar obstacle, they may be able to request a refund and dispose of the furniture themselves.

Generally, customers can request a non-return refund if their furniture is damaged or defective.

However, customers should contact Amazon customer service to confirm whether or not they are required to return their furniture before receiving a refund.

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