Amazon Delivery Complaints (How To Make One, Common Types Of Complaints + Contact Information)

Amazon Delivery is the engine of the company’s e-commerce business and is subject to the largest number of complaints from customers.

So, read on if you want to know whether Amazon has established a delivery complaints system!

What Is Amazon’s Delivery Complaint Resolution Mechanism In [currentyear]?

Amazon Delivery complaints are made to Amazon customer support through various avenues, including calling, emailing, chat forums, and mailing as of [currentyear]. Alternative routes include review sites, government agencies, and the law. Complaints involve the delivery of the wrong item to the incorrect address, missed or delayed delivery, or incomplete deliveries.

Stay with me to understand better how Amazon customers can lodge their complaints about delivery services and how the company handles them!

How Can Customers Complain To Amazon About A Delivery?

Amazon customers can complain about delivery issues through any of the company’s channels, including calling, website chat forum, email, and social media.

However, customers should establish their delivery status by tracking the order before contacting customer support.

Further, here are Amazon Delivery’s customer support contacts:

How Can I Make A Complaint About A Missing Amazon Order?

Complaints about Amazon missing parcels depend on whether it was Amazon Delivery or a self-fulfilled delivery by a third-party seller.

Also, it depends on whether the item is eligible for Amazon Prime shipment. In case of doubt, file the complaint with Amazon Delivery, and they will guide you to the seller.

Still, this is the procedure to follow while reporting a missing delivery to Amazon:

First, check the delivery status through the Order History. If the item is delivered, check your home carefully and by your neighbor’s house too.

Sometimes, Amazon drivers will place your delivery out of sight for safety purposes.

Additionally, it would be best to verify your shipping address’s accuracy to confirm you gave the right information.

  • Contact the Carrier for further information or inquire where your delivery might be. If you do not receive it in the next 48 hours, contact Amazon Customer Service.
  • If the delivery is by Amazon Delivery, you can launch a claim for a refund by going to the Order List.
  • Click the “View/ File Claim” field next to the unreceived item.
  • Follow the screen prompts to select the reason for the claim. Remember to provide supporting documents.
  • If the claim is valid, Amazon will approve it and refund it.

In comparison, follow this procedure to report a missing delivery from a third party seller:

  • Contact your third-party seller for missed deliveries before making a claim. To do this, log in to the Amazon Pay website and select “Contact Seller.”
  • Wait for up to 24 hours before filing a claim.
  • File a claim at Amazon Pay by clicking the details next to the transaction with the complaint.
  • Select the “Where is My Stuff” option and send it to the merchant to report the issue and initiate a refund.
  • If the response is unsatisfactory, you can complain to Amazon Delivery using the procedure listed above.

Where Else Can Customers File A Complaint About Amazon Delivery?

Where Else Can Customers File A Complaint About Amazon Delivery?

Alternative ways to complain about Amazon Delivery include the following:

Government Consumer Protection Agencies

These agencies operate on federal and state levels in the US and nationally and locally in other Amazon areas of operation.

Further, the agencies protect consumers from unscrupulous business practices by receiving complaints, investigating, and ordering amends.

On top of that, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) deals with many of the problems in using Amazon Delivery services.

With that, the FTC receives complaints, investigates, and may even prosecute the cause.

Non-Governmental Consumer Protection Bodies

Non-governmental consumer protection bodies include both profit and non-profit organizations.

For example, the media and online review sites play a role in bringing complaints against Amazon Delivery services to light.

Therefore, if the potential for the negative press is real, Amazon Delivery is often forced to act to resolve the issue.

Legal Forum

Complaints against Amazon Delivery may also amount to a breach of a legal obligation by Amazon.

That said, if the customer deems it worthwhile, they can prosecute the complaint in a court of law.

How Do I Make A Complaint Against An Amazon Delivery Driver?

Amazon tracks Amazon Delivery drivers as they make deliveries.

Therefore, if you have a cause of complaint against one of them, note the time, delivery truck plates, and incident place to help with identification.

Then, you cancontact Amazon Delivery’s customer support via any channel, but the most popular are calling and the chat feature on the Amazon site.

Further, the chat support is accessible from the “Let Us Help You” column on the right side of the page or by searching it on the search bar.

However, if the conduct amounts to a breach of the law, for instance, reckless driving or theft, you may call the police as well.

What Are The Common Complaints Against Amazon Delivery?

Common complaints against Amazon Delivery include:

  • Items delivered to the wrong address
  • Delayed delivery
  • Undelivered items
  • Incomplete deliveries (some parts of an order are not delivered)
  • Poor customer service

What Are The Common Complaints Against Amazon Delivery Drivers?

Common complaints against Amazon Delivery drivers include:

  • Reckless driving (especially in residential areas)
  • Carelessly handling packages, resulting in product damage
  • Delivering to insecure places
  • Delivering packages to the wrong address
  • Neglecting to make the delivery
  • Poor attitude and a failure to help the customer

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Amazon Delivery offers customers options to air their complaints against the company and the delivery drivers.

Still, customers may lodge their complaints by reporting to government agencies, review sites, and even the law.

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