Amazon Medicaid Discount (How It Works, How You Can Save + More)

More than 80 million Americans are enrolled in Medicaid, a federal public health program run at the state level. Medicaid covers healthcare costs for people on low incomes with limited resources, and they may be eligible for other discounts.

If you or someone you know is on Medicaid, you may be wondering if Amazon has a Medicaid discount. I looked into this, and here’s what I found out!

Amazon Medicaid Discount

Amazon offers discounted Prime memberships for Medicaid recipients and EBT cardholders. Government assistance recipients can save 50% on Prime membership, so the monthly subscription comes down to $5.99. This discount gives Medicaid recipients access to attractive Prime benefits like a digital streaming service and free two-day delivery.

If you want to learn more about Amazon’s Medicaid discount, how to use it, and how much you can save, keep reading our full guide!

How Does Amazon’s Medicaid Discount Work?

Amazon’s discounted Prime offer extends to Medicaid recipients and other qualifying government assistance programs like EBT. The e-commerce giant just needs proof of a Medicaid or EBT card to approve the discount.

This discount program is Amazon’s way of giving more people access to Prime benefits, including senior citizens and low-income adults.

As long as the discount is used when first signing up for Prime, Medicaid cardholders can look forward to as much as four years of discounted Prime access.

Once the Medicaid discount is linked to an Amazon account, the monthly Prime charge remains $5.99 instead of the normal $12.99 per month.

How Much Do You Save With Medicaid Discount?

At $5.99 a month, Amazon’s Medicaid discount makes a Prime subscription only $71.88 per year.

This is a pretty good deal compared to the $119 per year for a regular Prime membership.

Of course, a discounted Amazon Prime membership helps Medicaid cardholders save a good chunk of money on delivery costs too.

Non-Prime members may need to pay $0.99-$12.99 for shipping in the U.S. and even higher rates internationally, depending on the item and location.

In comparison, Prime members can get free shipping on the vast majority of Amazon products, so Medicaid cardholders can have everything from groceries to household supplies and clothing delivered for free.

How To Sign Up For A Medicaid Discount On Amazon?

How To Sign Up For A Medicaid Discount On Amazon?

If you have Medicaid and you want to save money on Amazon, signing up for the discounted Prime offer is a simple process that just requires proof of eligibility.

To sign up for Amazon’s Medicaid discount on a Prime membership, just visit and select the get started option.

From here, you’ll be asked to verify your Medicaid card or another qualifying document.

Once you verify your Medicaid card, you will get the option of a discounted Prime membership, so you can finish signing up and start using Prime benefits right away.

What Are The Benefits Of Amazon Prime With Medicaid Discount?

Amazon Prime has over 200 million members worldwide, and the subscription program offers a wide range of benefits that help Medicaid recipients save money with great online shopping deals.

With a discounted Prime membership, Medicaid cardholders get access to all the Prime benefits that can save even more money over time.

This includes free two-day delivery on over 100 million items and shopping deals exclusive to Prime members.

Also, keep in mind that Amazon Prime offers discounts on baby food and diapers, as well as access to thousands of TV shows, movies, music, and Kindle books.

Instead of paying for this digital content separately, Medicaid cardholders can access it all with their discounted Prime membership.

In addition to free reading and streaming, a discounted Prime membership offers Medicaid recipients an easy and affordable way to get groceries online.

Prime members enjoy exclusive savings at Whole Foods Member and can get faster delivery with Amazon Fresh in select locations.

One other benefit of an Amazon Prime membership with the Medicaid discount is access to Amazon Key.

This Amazon app is exclusive to Prime members and gives customers the option to accept deliveries directly inside their house, garage, or car.

How Long Is Amazon’s Medicaid Discount Good For?

Medicaid cardholders can use Amazon’s discounted Prime offer for up to four years as long as eligibility is reverified every 12 months.

If you sign up for a discounted Prime membership using a Medicaid card, you will need to show proof of the card.

This should be a clear photo where your name and the issue or expiry date are legible. As long as you have this proof, you will be good to go for an Amazon Medicaid discount.

Amazon sends an email when it’s time to verify your documents again, and once the fourth year is up, you can either choose a different paid Prime membership or cancel it altogether.

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